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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Approximately 15 years ago I had a dream, more like a vision. I dreamed (saw myself) as a Hummingbird. In the vision I would fly over Niagara Falls, hover there while I was generating a great deal of healing energy and then I would fly over people that had some health challenges. When I glanced back I saw some of them throwing their crutches in the air, dancing and others were weeping and saying, "Its a miracle,I am healed! Thank you, thank you, thank you." All night I kept doing this, flying over Niagara Falls getting healing energy and then flying over people that were being healed.

Even though about 15 years have passed, the image was still so vivid and real that I can experience that great feeling of healing, love and joy washing over my entire body at this moment.

At the time, I was visiting a family member whom we had recently connected with, one that I had not grown up with. When I woke up in the morning, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. When I told the family member, she sorta of scoffed at me and said something like, "My we have a huge EGO don't we? Now you think you are healing people!" I felt as if cold water had been dumped on me and I said, "But no one knew who I was, I was a little Hummingbird." I allowed that negative attitude and those hurtful words to dampen my excitement and thought I will keep it to myself. So I did -- I buried it deep within!

Then on Friday March 23rd of this year 2012, I had occasion to speak with Janine Kimmel, who was a guest on my Saturday Talk Show, the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show. Janene is a registered nurse, transpersonal therapist and wellness counselor, teacher, artist, author and much more. She also teaches her concept of 'Initiation Art,' which connects change and experience with self-created sacred art as ritualized initiations. She has studied with famed cross-cultural anthropologist and noted author/educator, Angeles Arrien for many years and has extensive training in conflict resolution and more.

During this conversation Janine shared a story about a client of hers and how she had a dream about a Bluebird and how that bluebird dropped a feather into her hands which became a beautiful flower. Janine encouraged her to do Initiation Art (the process of creating images from within) and how by doing this her client received great benefit.

Something inside of me stirred and came alive! All of a sudden I remembered my vision and it came back in such vivid color, detail and feeling that I gulped. Then I told Janine my story about the Hummingbird and that we would talk about it on the show the next day. In the meantime I would find out more about Hummingbirds. At this point I knew absolutely nothing about them except they were little birds and their little wings moved very fast when eating from the Hummingbird Feeders. So I started doing some research on Hummingbirds and following is some of what I learned.

Hummingbirds are very persistent and they create important balance on the planet by spreading pollination on flowers, etc. much like the honey bees. And there are more than 300 species in the world. Their wings make 'hum' sound during flight. Also they are the only type of bird that can sustain long-term hovering (while feeding). They are acrobatic flyers and can fly backwards and almost instantly change direction. Also they can cross 800 km (500 miles) over the Gulf of Mexico on a non-stop flight. The Hummingbirds, like other birds preparing to migrate, store up fat to serve as fuel thereby augmenting its weight by as much as 100% and hence increasing the bird's flying Time! One might wonder how a tiny bird could be so powerful?

So after speaking with Janine and hearing her insights,I realized the following:--

That this vision was actually fore-telling my future. It encouraged me to be strong and have sustaining power and focus and even though I am just one tiny piece of a greater puzzle that I could and did make a difference by teaching the power of properly done Affirmations via Radio/Internet Talk Shows, Internet, by my many Published Books, E-books, Personal Coaching, Affirmation Products, Blogs, Columns, Articles and Writings.

Also that sometimes I may have to fly backwards or change direction in what I am doing or how I am presenting what I have and am learning. It also taught me to learn as much as I can about the power of properly done Affirmations, Positive Thinking, Forgiveness, Thoughts, Mind Power, Creative Visualization, etc. and then share that information with those who wish to learn as well. Sort of like sprinkling Magic Affirmation Rain Droplets . . . .

I was totally amazed when Janine told me that Medical men (Shamen) in the past used feathers from the Hummingbird in powerful healing ways and methods. This vision also teaches and encourages me to raise my vibration to higher levels and help more people. When I read the many hundreds of testimonials that I receive from people worldwide who are so very thankful for the information I have and am sharing with them-----I KNOW it is all worth it, every single moment!

Janine also shared with me that in the powerful rays of the sun the Hummingbird looks like a precious jewel shimmering with gorgeous colors of green, blue and other colors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Janine for helping me first of all to take possession of this wondrous, precious gift (Vision) and then to use it the highest good of all mankind.

Should you wish to check out Janine's website

Many Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers


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