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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sending and Receiving of thoughts - - messages without word or telepathy. Thought passes from mind to mind through the great electronic sea around us. It is an electrical  movement originating in the brain and vibrating the ether. Thought is not only a dynamic force, bit it is a real thing as real as any material object. We cannot smell or taste a thought as we cannot smell or taste pure air. Thought sends out vibrations as light and heat, but they are of higher intensity.Thoughts may be  projected instantly regardless of time or space. The inborn ability of each and every one of us to do this is like a Mental Telephone or Thought Wave Sender. What kind and type of thought are you sending out? If you do not like what you discover, you and only you, have the power to change those thoughts (after all you created them in the first place!)

Love and Blessings
Anne Marie

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I had a question about money and how to increase and improve money consciousness. I looked back at some of my earlier books, writings, etc. on money and I would like to share just a couple of ideas that worked for me in the past and for other readers. (hmmm I think I will put some of them into practice myself!)

With these ideas you really need to have huge doses of faith and expectancy and to live in an attitude of gratitude for your blessings and gifts. Being thankful in advance is very powerful. I believe it obligates the planet for more and opens the flood gates of Heaven for even more blessings.

1. When you are waiting for someone at a coffee shop, etc. spend your time waiting . . . doodling Dollar ($$$) Signs. This way you are focusing on something positive and not 'fuming' about the person being late. Put love, faith and expectancy into every Dollar Sign you scribble on that paper.
2.Take your current bank statement and photocopy it. Then white out the amount printed there and put in the amount you wish to see there. This gives your subconscious mind an exact figure upon which to focus on and make it a reality in your life.

3. Place some paper money under your pillow with a note thanking it for multiplying 10 or 100 fold. Be certain it is an amount that your mind can and will believe and make it happen.Always remember to use the Safety Clause, 'to the good of all parties concerned,' and this of course includes you.

Have fun and please let me know what happens for you when using these simple, ideas and concepts.
Love and Blessings
Anne Marie

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


DATE:     Saturday, August 6, 2016 
TIME:      12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

SPECIAL GUEST: Kornelia Stephanie.
Kornelia lives in La Conner, Washington and she has just written her book 'PEACE' the Flip Side to Anger. She is an Intuitive Mystic; Passionate Speaker; Powerful Living Coach; Creator of  Universal Wholeness Coaching Program and more. She has successfully facilitated 8 Divine Retreats in La Conner during the past 4 years. She is also Founder of 'Empower' Network and is known as a Transformer, a Lighting Rod with Laser Beam Focus taking full responsibly for everything in her life and empowering others to do the same. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for yourself and others. She shines her light brightly as a courageous example of self-love; fearless compassion; and leadership.
She shares important information  about  many things including --'The 3 Top Ways for Creating Inner Peace and claiming your power in the Midst of Turmoil; The 21 Day Pace Practice and much more. I found Kornelia to be a very interesting, informative and delightful guest. We share much of the same interests, concepts and beliefs in our combined work. Please check out her website @ and email her at
Affirmation Blessings,
Anne Marie

Sunday, July 31, 2016


FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Spend each day wisely and decide to finish tasks (or . . not); start something new (or . . take a break); reflect on your past and congratulate yourself on how far you have come. It could be time to close your eyes and visualize stepping into the future. Contemplate and plan how to take your fondest dreams and make them reality in your life . . . and when all is said and done - - - - Perhaps TODAY . . you wish to just have FUN! As my friend Jack said, "When we start doing something it is in the present, (like writing this message) and now it has already slipped into the past and what we have left is the present and the future which is filled with wondrous possibilities, challenges and opportunities." It is up to us to decide HOW we spend our precious moments. Many Affirmation Blessings! Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was speaking with a client this morning and she asked me what my belief was about giving and receiving. So I thought about it and here is my interpretation of unconditional giving-- - - When we give unconditionally, without any thought of receiving, the seeds of love, which we planted will blossom with a harvest of their OWN KIND. Any thoughts on that? 

Also I decided today that I am giving grateful thanks for all the blessings I have received; the ones I am receiving; and the ones that I am about to receive.  When I started writing this it was in the present, and now it has slipped into the past and what we all have is the present and future which is filled with wondrous opportunities, challenges and life itself. 

I would love to hear from you. Please email me at 

With love and Affirmation Blessings
Anne Marie


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Anne Marie

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

DR. ANNE MARIE EVERS  DATE - Saturday, June 11th,  TIME - 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard PLACE SPECIAL GUEST - I. Jaret Rosen,, Author of Drowning in the Light ------ Memories of New Age. 
He was destined to live the life of the artist--he moved to lower Manhattan in the late seventies and began showing in galleries and performing in underground clubs in Soho and Tribeca. After leaving the art world, he pursued his quest for spiritual knowledge. From shamanic initiations in Peru with a traditional medicine man, to receiving a Masters degree in art therapy---Rosen delved deep into his own psyche. Pushing the envelope he introduced his own form of guided imagery and self-expression into psychiatric hospitals with populations ranging from children to the criminally insane.
On the other side, he developed and taught Whole Self Management Programs to Executives, and Executive Coaches in the U.S. and Australia.. Rosen is the co-author to the book Inner Security and Infinite Wealth (Select Books 2003) and the critically acclaimed book The Flip (Hampton Roads, 200), As a publisher and the founder of DreamSculptMedia, Inc. Rosen has produced dozens of digital media e-books for best selling authors, film producers and media channels as well as presented at venues ranging from the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco to TED X in Malibu, CA. He lives in Sonoma Wine Country with his wife.
See you There. Many Affirmation Blessings, Dr. Anne Marie

Monday, June 06, 2016

Hello Everyone. Recently, I was asked by a participant at one of my lectures why old, negative and sometimes 'nasty' memories hang around and seem to be so difficult to get rid of ? A N D I was thinking about it and I feel that we should allow those negative memories to be just that --- M E M O R I E S. It may be time to release those negative and/or upsetting feelings and energy that we have we attached to certain memories.What we put our attention on and focus on, takes root in the rich, fertile soil of our subconscious mind; grows and becomes our present reality. Like the tiny seed that we plant in the ground ---when taken care of--- becomes that plant, flower or vegetable (whatever that seed is programmed to manifest).

Through the Law of Attraction we have attracted that person, event or situation to us by our thoughts, words and actions.This Law of Attraction is always turned on; in fact your cannot turn it off! It is operating perfectly. It works for every one of us exactly the same with absolutely no exception as it is no respecter of person. Let us learn to work harmoniously with the wondrous Laws of the Great Universe and not against them and you can and will experience a sense of peace and joy you may not have thought ever possible

And as I say, "It is okay to visit the past, recall memories, remember and learn, but please refrain from taking up 'Life-time residency!'
Happy Affirming!
Love and Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers