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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Dear Friends
I would like to invite you to attend the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show this coming Saturday.

SHOW -DR. ANNE MARIE EVERS SHOW;  PLACE -; DATE -Saturday, Nov 5, 2016; TIME - 12 noon-1:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

I was so delighted to have my dear friend, Bobby O'Neal (aka Dr. Love) on the show. He is an International, Motivational Speaker and Author on the topic of love and relationships. He is the inventor of the award winning Syncrohearts Relationship Game and the Syncrohearts Love Game app in the App Store. He is the Author of the Love Book, Dr. Love's Prescription for a Romantic, Loving Man.

Dr. Love has been featured in National print, radio and television media. He appeared twice on Dragons Den, a Reality show in Canada. In 2011 he won the Best Idea  for Humanity Contest with his game Syncrohearts. In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Mom's Choice Silver Award and Family Review Gold Award for his game. His love mission supports a very worthwhile charity ZAJAC Ranch for kids with special needs.

Dr. Love has had numerous TV, Radio Appearances across North America, CBC'S Dragon Den; View from the Pew; Shaw's Fanny Keifer Show; (Oprah of the West Coast); the Kid Carson Show on the Beat 94.5 FM; Playboy Radio; America Tonight with Kate Delane and several times on the the Dr. Anne Marie Evers show on aired every Saturday at 12:00 noon.

Recently Bobby was diagnosed with throat cancer, had surgery and then received chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments. In an article that he wrote in the Christian ANEW Magazine in March 2016, Bobby shares his thoughts, feelings, fears and hopes.In this show he shares these with our listeners in a very loving, real and down to earth way. And both he and I, (who have walked the path of cancer diagnosis and chemo) say, "That if we can do it, anyone can. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going."

You will find this show very informative, loving and interesting and you will be able to step into, in a small way, the life of this wonderful, loving and courageous young man. Yes, you may shed a tear and I know you will feel the love that he showers on all of us.

See you there!
Love and Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie


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