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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Affirmation Challenge - Are You Up to It?

This is Dr. Anne Marie Evers and I have an 'Affirmation Challenge' for you!

But first of all for anyone just checking in or anyone who is unfamiliar with the process of doing affirmations and who may need a Quick Affirmation Refresher Course- Here goes. . . I would like to tell you just what an Affirmation is. Have you ever had a birthday cake with candles and blew out the candles and made a wish? If you answered 'yes', you have done an Affirmation! It is as simple as that.

Just what are Affirmations you may ask?

Affirmations are similar to prayers wishes or goals only they are more structured and specific. To Affirm is to make firm. Simply put, the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking.

I teach that we can all have whatever we want, be whoever we desire, and be all that we wish to be as long as we adhere to the Affirmation Rules.

The Affirmation Rules:
1. You never hurt or take from anyone.
2. What you are affirming must be to the good of all parties concerned and this includes you!
3. You need at least a 51% believability factor that your Affirmation can manifest as affirmed.
4. Ask, believe, accept and enjoy!

The Affirmation Process I teach has Five Building Blocks
BLOCK ONE Forgiveness
BLOCK FOUR Affirmations
BLOCK FIVE Creative Visualization

The Process of doing Affirmations can be likened to the planting of a garden (the 4 Step process).

Step One - Soil Preparation:

You prepare the soil of your subconscious mind by forgiving everyone and everything that has ever hurt you. Now the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind is ready to receive the seed or plant.

Step Two – Seed/Plant Selection:

Decide exactly what you wish to affirm for. Do you wish to affirm for that perfect, lasting successful career, abundant wealth, or that lasting, loving relationship? Now do your Master Affirmation.

Sample Master Affirmation For Career:

"I, (your name) deserve and now have the perfect, lasting, successful career for me. I earn in excess of $ _______ yearly (net or gross). I am happy and fulfilled in my work. My employers are very pleased with my excellent work and reward me accordingly. I enjoy pleasant, positive work conditions to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I fully accept Signed __________ Dated _______

When you date and sign your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with Your Higher Self, God, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.

Step Three - Watering and Fertilizing:

Take out your Master Affirmation every morning and evening and read it over.

Step Four - Anticipate the Harvest:

When you read your Master Affirmation, step ahead in your mind 3-4 weeks or months and actually see that affirmation taking place, Bring in the five physical senses, Hear, See, Smell, Feel and Taste. For more information and instructions on how to prepare your Master Affirmation and the Affirmation Process, see my 'Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness e-book on this website.'

The Affirmation Challenge:
Have you been doing an Affirmation for money/wealth (or any other Affirmation) and still have not received the desired results? If so please write your situation on this blog so I can answer your questions. You see you really don’t have to have a strong belief that your Affirmation will work, you just have to KNOW that this process works for you and everyone else who does it.

The Natural Laws of the Universe:

Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction, which says, “More gathers more, what you think about you bring about, what you are seeking is seeking you.” The Law of Attraction is always turned on- in fact you cannot turn it off. All the Laws of the great Universe work perfectly.

Affirmations manifest as affirmed when you do your Affirmations properly as set out in my Affirmation Books. The reason I love to suggest the methods I teach in my books is that these methods, exercises and Affirmations are tried and proven to work over and over by myself and thousands of my readers.

Sometimes Affirmations do not manifest as we think they should, or in our time frame. It is very important to affirm in the Now!

Now let’s see. . . you tell me that you have been doing an affirmation for money and nothing is happening. Please think about the following questions and answer them. Be as honest as you possibly can. Sometimes our conscious minds try to play tricks on us.

The Quick Check:

1. How do you really feel about money?

Be very honest here. Write down any limiting beliefs or ideas about money being evil or filthy or having it makes you a bad person. Do you have some beliefs that if you become very wealthy, you will change and become a snob? Go deep within and search for and find any negativity at all you have buried there. Now is the time to bring it to the surface and hold it up to the Light of Discernment. Find out if it really is true for you, or was it someone else’s beliefs or thoughts that you swallowed along the way and made them yours?

Did you discover that you have some forgiveness and releasing to do here?

Here’s a Process:

7-Day Magic Ring of Forgiveness:

SUNDAY Forgive yourself for being in lack
MONDAY Forgive spouse, family members, co-workers
TUESDAY Forgive friends & associates
WEDNESDAY Forgive negative beliefs & situations
THURSDAY Forgive nature
FRIDAY Forgive enemies
SATURDAY Forgive God

Then complete this exercise by saying, “I, (your name) now love, respect and approve of myself.”

2. Do you feel that you deserve what you are affirming?

This is a very important part of the Affirmation Process. If you feel that you are not deserving, your Affirmations will not manifest.

3. Do you have at least a 51% believability factor that your affirmation can manifest as affirmed? It is necessary to put your Affirmation so far out there that you have to reach for it, but not so far that it is unattainable to you.

4. Do you feel others need money more than you do?

Really think about this statement. If you do feel that way, I would like to ask you, “Who made you responsible for other people’s lessons here on planet earth?” Each person needs to take responsibility for his or her own thoughts, words, actions, financial situation and life.

5. Do you feel it is selfish to want things for yourself?

I can understand this one as I was brought up a minister’s daughter and taught it is better to give than to receive. Later in life I learned that you cannot give from an empty cup, so if you have given it all away you have nothing left for yourself or to be in a position to help others.

6. Do you feel other members of your family will want money when you have an abundance of it?

This could be quite normal as this usually happens. This will be a test to see how well prepared you are to use your powerful, ‘No.’ Of course say yes when you want to, but use your powerful tool (No) when you are being persuaded to do something you do not wish to do for any reason or that goes directly against your morals or beliefs.

7. Does the thought of having great wealth frighten you?
Examine your fear. One meaning of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. My interpetation of it is Find Enlightening Answers Readily. Fear only exists in your mind. Concentrate on you and your family being safe, happy and protected. Do not give fear any power to take root, grow
and to become.

8. Are you worried about the safety of your family and you?
Here again examine your fear and hold it up to the Light of Discernment. Use your own God-given common sense. Every day place a White Light (Dome of Protection) over you and your loved ones from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes, all day today and every day, all night tonight and every night and everyone and everything around you.

9. Do you compare your money situation to others?

This is never a good idea. There will always be someone richer, smarter or stronger than you. You are unique and your money situation is unique. Your value system could be totally different from theirs and probably is. It is never a good idea to fantasize about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. Instead fertilize the grass in your own yard.

10. Do you feel you have the money consciousness?

To develop this consciousness, go in to an Expensive Hotel, sit in the lobby, feel yourself sinking deep into the comfortable, expensive armchair, or go into their Coffee Shop and order a coffee. Sit there and feel how it feels to be among rich people. Watch them as they walk by. Go into the Expensive shops and try on expensive suits, jackets and outfits. Get into the Money Consciousness. When you have money, buy one item that is expensive and focus on it.

11. Do you feel secure about handling large sums of money?

Make it fun. Do My Money Affirmation Game as follows: Take monopoly money or take sheets of paper and place dollar amounts on them. Cut them up in the size of money bills.

You can do the Step Process if you are unable to believe you having large amounts of money, start small and then work your way up.

For those of you who have that belief factor, write $20, $50, $100, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000 on the paper money. Get a blank bank passbook and fill it in saying you have $1M in the bank.

Then pretend that you are buying and selling real estate, paintings, precious stones or whatever you desire. Start with a certain amount (make it way larger than you can ever imagine) and start handling it. See large amounts of money coming to you. Pay your employees, the rent, caterers, advertising, buy expensive furniture, buy expensive clothing, purchase the car of your choice, etc. You will learn some interesting and helpful information about yourself.

I know that when you finish answer all the above questions honestly and do the Money Affirmation Game, you will really feel different about money and your ability to handle it wisely and to the highest good of all.

12. Do you feel you are ready to accept, receive and manage Your Fabulous Money Empire?

Congratulations you are on the road to prosperity. Move over Donald Trump. You have arrived!

You really are a great Money Magnet. You already have what you are affirming; it just has not appeared in your physical reality as yet. Just a little reminder, when you receive your millions, be sure to donate a portion to your favorite charity, church or the place where you receive your spiritual food. And oh yes, remember... 'Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!'

I will be waiting for your response.
I have faith in you
I believe in you!

With Love and abundant money blessings,
Dr. Anne Marie


At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My affirmation is to be SMART, TRIM and GORGEOUS. I have the poential to be these and see them as interconnected. I have forgiven myself for not taking as much interest in my excercise and general appearance and will affirm to get excercise everyday for health and appearance which will lead to being trim and gorgeous which will let my intellengence shin through. Thanks for the affirmation challenge!


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