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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Monday, August 13, 2012

To Answer questions about my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Prosperity/Money

Also Christine to find out more about EFT please contact Dr. Lee Pulos

The book -----
'Affirmations Your Passport to Prosperity/Money'

Dear Anne Marie …

…“I just wanted to tell you that I wrote out Big Money to me now. I
put it in my purse and took it to Bingo. That night I won $2,000.
Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am telling everyone I meet
about it!
Yvonne from New York

… “After doing the Big Money to me method for two weeks, I
found a very valuable coin that I did not know I had in my coin
collection. It turned out to be worth $20,000! It saved my
business from going bankrupt. I cannot thank you enough."

Donald from Winnipeg, Canada

… “Many thanks for mailing your book on affirmations so
quickly. I just closed a $4M corporate account last Monday. I am
working on affirming individual sales. Roger from Ottawa.

… “Just a short note to tell you another success story. I got a
new computer and it also comes with one hundred hours of free
time on the Internet. Affirmation success again! As well I
visualized it on my desk, and there it sits. I am so excited about
it. Please write and give me your e-mail address.” Carolie
from Bellngham, USA

… “A quick note to let you know one of my affirmations
worked. I did an affirmation for the perfect vehicle for me and
three months later my co-worker offered me his wife’s car for an
unbelievably low price. I am so happy. Cecilia from
Powell River, BC

. . . . "I am so excited, I did affirmations and the Magic Magnetic
Circle you talk about and actually won $10,000 on a scratch
ticket. It was such a Godsend as I am a single parent and had
\bills to pay. I do my magic, magnetic circle every day. This is
such a simple, yet powerful exercise. I am so pleased you
\shared it with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy and
excited.” Happy Reader


testimonials       5
foreword       7
introduction       13
How this Book is Set Up       20

PART ONE: The Four Cornerstones of
the Personal Contract Affirmation

Method (PCAM)       23
Creating Abundance       24
The True Value of Money       38
The Tree of Wealth       54
The Money Winning Combination       68
Meditating on Prosperity       90
Creating Prosperous Careers
and Businesses       100

PART TWO: Applying the Affirmation
Program in Your Life      

Thoughts & The Mind       126
Affirmations      142
The Affirmation Step Process      154

Sample Master Affirmations
and Short-form Affirmations       166

Sample Affirmations       178

Testimonials       188
Resources       202
Order form       205

Your 30-day Affirmation
Prosperity/Money Program       207


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