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Sunday, December 16, 2012

 . . . So here goes

The Holiday Season, Christmas and the upcoming New Year of
2013 is upon us and I wish to direct this Article to
First of all never ‘TRY’ just ‘Do or Don’t!
Before creating and saying or wr...
iting your Positive Holiday Affirmations please make certain that you
have cleared your mind and released any negativity. This is very important
as you are preparing the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind to
receive the brand, new seeds (affirmations) that take root, grow and become
manifest in your life.

A very simple and brief way to do this is by saying the following Short
Form Affirmation---

“I, (your name), now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me.
I now forgive myself and am forgiven.”
(This took me 9 seconds to say).

Now say it slower with great feeling and emotion.

Another way is to temporarily accept the very worst that can happen in a
negative or unhappy situation.
Now immediately begin to mitigate it and improve upon it.

For Example
 You lost your purse.
Acceptance of the worst: I will never find it and my money is lost and
all my credit cards.

Now once you have accepted the fact that you have lost your purse, your\
mind is now freed up and able to start thinking of ways of mitigating and
improving upon that statement. ..

Use the Affirmation Tool that I teach, ‘Clear, Search and Retrieve.’

Close your eyes and totally clear your mind saying ‘clear.’
Now tell your mind to go to the file in your mind where the information is
stored that tells you where to start looking for your purse or where you left it.
Retrieve (download). Now tell you subconscious mind to Retrieve and/or
download that information so assist you in finding your purse.

Also think about it. Maybe you did not have a large amount of cash in your
purse and you know that you have recorded (copied) your driver’s licence and
all your credit cards should you have to go that step.

Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and wait a few minutes.
And the answer comes to you for which you are grateful.

Always remembering to say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for the blessings
you have received, the ones you are receiving and ones you are about to receive.
This takes care of the past, present and future.

Please create your Master and short Form Affirmations that are very . . . . . . . .

R - Real
E – Effective
A - Affirmation
L – Loving
I – Interesting
S – Structured
T - True
I – Inspiriting
C - Creative

Always create your Affirmations adding the safety clause; ’to the good of all
parties concerned."

When negative thoughts come or tend to hang around you say with great authority,
“I dissolve you completely; I am healthy, happy, positive and peaceful.”

When people say things to you that you feel are unkind, say, “Cancel, cancel (Delete,
delete) that is not true! I am happy, healthy and self-confident."

Remember to always fill that peace that you have just created with a positive
statement as nature abhors a vacuum and rushes in to fill it and that could be with
more negativity.

And don’t beat yourself up for feeling negative at times as that is a part of being
human. How could we appreciate the mountain tops if we have not experienced
the valleys?

Remember True Happiness comes from within. It is an inside job.

When you get up in the morning you decide whether to be happy and grateful or
unhappy and grumpy. Please remember that true and lasting happiness does not come
from other people, possessions, money, etc.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season 2012 filled with Love, Health, Peace, Joy
and Prosperity and New Year 2013!


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