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Thursday, March 13, 2014


TIME      12 noon-1 pm. Pacific Standard Time
DATE       Saturday, March 15, 2014

Carol Uchytil from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Join us for a discussion on the power of scent (fragrance alchemy) when using Affirmations.

As you may know I am a chemo patient and have been for several months. When I experience a negative side effect from the drugs, I use my Affirmation Tools.

When my hands feel all tingly and I am having difficulty holding onto a cup, I look at my hands and say, "Hey hands you have served me well for many years and I know this is NOT you and NOT my body, this is one of the side effects from the drugs prescribed for me and that I am taking and then I say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS, and it does.

And when I feel that I cannot swallow instead of getting panicky and going into complete fear, I calmly and firmly say, "This too is just a side effect of the chemo and THIS TOO SHALL PASS and it does. I use different Affirmation Tools for various negative side effects with great success. The side effects do not magically disappear, but somehow I have extra strength and hope to get through them and they are much easier for me to handle. Also it is so comforting that I have the knowingness that I have an Affirmation Tool to help me get through it.

When visiting a chemo meditation group at the local hospital I spoke about the power of properly done Affirmations and how I was using my own Affirmation Tools to work together with the negative side effects of the chemo treatments. One lady who had throat cancer and could only whisper said to me, "Thank you for coming . .  you have given me HOPE!" Another lady asked me, "What exactly are the Affirmation Tools and could I please explain how they work". Another person said, "How do I get the strength to carry on?" and other questions so I decided right there and right then to create a website (Affirmation Tools Working Together Harmoniously With Chemo) and also to create a Talking Book with the same title.

Then a special lady Carol Uchytil from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada whom I have known for several years called me and asked me if I would like to have my own scent and asked me if I did create a personal scent what would I call it. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then thought about that chemo meditation group in the hospital and said, I would call it HOPE and STRENGTH.

So that is what Carol did. She got her alchemist to create a beautiful scent called HOPE and STRENGTH and now I have it and am using it every single day. Every person I have shared it with absolutely loves it. And I just LOVE the scent and when I breathe it in  . .  I feel such peace. So this is what we will be discussing on the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show on Saturday, March 15th.

Please be sure and mark your calendar so you won't miss out on hearing about these absolutely wonderful scents and it certainly makes 'perfect sense!'


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