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Saturday, March 29, 2014

                          My Story About my Personal Hope and Strength Fragrance

How It All Started  
A few months ago a friend of mine, Carol Uchytil called me from Red Deer, Alberta and asked me if I would be interested in having my own scent. I was quite confused and asked her what she meant. She replied, "Do you wish to have your own scent to share with your clients, friends, family, etc?" She also asked me what I could call my special scent. I thought about it and instantly a clear picture of the members came into  my mind when I visited a Chemo Meditation Group at the local hospital and I replied instantly, 'Hope and Strength!'

I introduced myself and spoke for a very few minutes about the power of properly done Affirmations. I told the group that  Affirmations are similar to prayers, wishes or goals only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all Affirmations is Positive  Thinking. Then I explained about the Affirmation Tools (which are several key words taken from your Master Affirmation) put together that really help with handling negative side effects from the chemo drugs and/or any type of intense negative fear and/or panic. I am presently on a chemo treatment and like others I am always searching for ways to cope with and handle the many negative side effects.

The Chemo Meditation Group
One of the ladies in the group who was suffering with throat cancer whispered to me."Thank you so much for coming and sharing information on Affirmations  . . . you have given me HOPE!" Another lady asked me how to create and do an Affirmation Tool to cope with negative side effects of chemo and./or any intense fear or panic. Still another lady in the group said, "How can we get the strength to keep on going and not get discouraged and quit?" Listening to the ladies I just knew that I made the right decision to call my personal fragrance 'Hope and Strength!' I also made a decision right there and then to create a website called Affirmation  Tools Working Harmoniously with Chemo (which could be Affirmations Tool Working harmoniously with any type of disease, pain, or health challenge). I am also creating a 'talking book' with a similar title that I will gift to chemo patients all over the country together with my personal scent, Hope and Strength.

I met with Iris, the delightful Social Worker at the hospital.  Iris is a totally lovely lady and I gifted her some of my Affirmation books such as Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness; Affirmation Toolbox; and Affirmation Beauty Book and some Angels to give to the Chemo Meditation Group that meet every week at the hospital. All of my books, e-books, products, etc. are available at

The 'Affirmation Door' Print
Janine L. Kimmel a wonderful and truly gifted artist in the U.S. donated signed prints that I will be gifting the group at the next Chemo Meditation Group that I attend at the hospital. These prints are absolutely beautiful. They consist of an image of a strong tree, well-rooted and inside the tree trunk there is a door which opens. I liken this to the person's private and personal place to go where they will not be disturbed and where they can meditate, say a prayer of thanks and repeat their Master Affirmations. Also please remember to take your Hope and Strength fragrance with you so you can use it as required. It is also so important to live in an attitude of gratitude for the blessings that  you have received; the ones you are receiving; and the ones you are about to receive!

One Example of How I Use Affirmation Tools
When my hands get tingly, cold and numb and I can't hold on to things very well, (at this time it is difficult to wash my face, do my hair, eat or just  do anything), . . . . things and procedures that I always have taken for granted before  . . . I hold my hands in front of my face and I say to them in a voice filled with loving kindness. "Hands you have served me well for all these years for which I am very grateful. I know these negative feelings are negative side effects and health challenges that are not coming from you or from y body, they are coming from the chemo drugs." Then I thank my fingers, hands and body for all the wonderful tasks they have helped me perform over the past; the ones they are now doing  and the ones they are about to do for me. Now when I start to feel that intense panicky feeling (terrified that these feelings are going to last), coming up form the bottoms of my feet, I put some of my Hope and Strength fragrance on my wrist and take a deep breath, breathing in the power of this exquisite smell which instantly begins the calming process in my body. Then I say firmly, yet gently to myself, "There is no need to panic or feel stress as I know what this is and I also know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS and it does!

Near Panic Attack (Feeling I could not take one more chemo pill)
One day just when I was going to take my evening chemo pills, I got a panic attack. I felt like not taking them (and thought to myself no one would ever know, but then again I thought, I would know) and running away. But where would I run to? I could run to the end of the block and come back but would that help? It was dark outside and pouring with rain and very cold. Then I thought, "Hey I would be taking myself and my fear, panic and stress with me. I looked at myself in the mirror and said in a firm yet gentle voice, "Anne Marie Evers you . . . listen up  . .. I love, respect, accept and approve of you  just the way you are!" Then I grabbed my Rescue Remedy and sprayed a few sprays into my mouth and dabbed my Hope and Strength fragrance on my wrist and took a deep breath, visualizing in vivid color that I was actually breathing in Hope and Strength. Then a miracle happened right there and right then. I felt my whole body beginning to relax and become more and more peaceful as the seconds flew by. I became very calm and peaceful  . . . like the peace they talk about in the bible, 'Peace that passes all understanding.'

Then I went back to my chemo pills, counted them out, placed them in my hand and I said to those chemo pills, "I love, you, I bless you and I thank you forr going to the right places in my body and working harmoniously with all parts of my body to my highest good. You are serving me well for which I am very grateful  . . . thank you, t hank you, thank you!"

You have Your Affirmation Tools---Use Them!
I invite you when you feel intense fear or a panic attack coming on to stop and talk to yourself and  your body and then dab on this wonderful fragrance and you will be amazed at the results as I was and am every day. So  should you ever have the experience of that feeling of panic coming up from the bottom of your feet, take control of YOU! This way the chemo pills are not in control of your life, you are! You have a powerful, proven Affirmation Tool Kit! Something to do about it physically while you are waiting f for the fear, panic and/or side effect to pass --- your Affirmation Tool, your fragrance which includes Hope and Strength and I always add a huge dose of pure faith. What a winning combination!

When you order your Hope and  Strength fragrance it comes in a velvet pouch with a little card with my picture and the following Short Form Affirmation---"I am Hope, Strength, Peace, Joy and Happiness"

Every single person I have introduced to this scent is absolutely thrilled. One of my clients commented that after she put the oil on her wrist and smelled it, she felt as if she was transported to a place of Angels, peace and happiness. I, myself feel it actually gives me peace and contentment. Any and all negativity seems just to slip sway. I just love it and I use it just before going to bed to give that extra sens of well-being just as I am falling asleep.

I tested it on a group of 20 ladies at one of my Affirmation  Group Sessions and every single one of the ladies just raved about the scent and the way it made them feel. The comments that I made note of  were:  "Awesome! Relaxing! Healing! Never smelled anything like it! This is Great! Makes me feel  Happy! My arm even feels stronger after putting a dab of this fragrance on it."  .. .  and on and on. Hearing these positive comments made me feel so happy to be able to gift this wonderful scent to members of the Chemo Meditation Group.

Even my sister Darlene, who does not like to use perfume was very dubious at first. Then she experienced the power of  Hope and Strength in a very powerful way. Her grand daughter had spilled  some milk in her car and of course this created a sour smell. She had tried everything and then when  she was visiting me I finally asked if I could add some small dabs of my personal fragrance--- Hope and Strength in a couple of places inside her vehicle. She agreed and then the next day when we got  into the car neither one of us thought about or even mentioned the previous very strong, sour smell. Then I said, "Darlene guess what .  . . .I don't smell that unpleasant sour smell any more. " She topped for a moment and then said," Neither do I. Wow it must have worked. That stuff  you call  Hope and Strength is really Magic!" I want some!"

About the Ladies That Made This All Happen
Carol Uchytil and Linda Iversen are co-owners in a business called Pure Egyptian Fragrances. Linda Iversen is married with two adult children and has always been interested in different ways to bring balance back to the physical body. She has studied various healing modalities and finds the Pure Egyptian Fragrant Oils to be a very powerful tool. Carol has always been interested in helping people and the planet and is also the owner of the Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Digest, NanoAge Quantum Health Products, Soul Imprints and My Miracle Tea, Canada.

Carol and Linda are sharing some information about their Pure  Egyptian Fragrant Oils and getting such positive feedback on their all natural fragrant oils and especially the one we just created for Dr. Anne Marie Evers called Hope and Strength.

How it All Started with Carol and Linda
Carol was at one of Almine's Spiritual Retreats when her partner invited the participants to become distributors. Almine's partner Ronni is the person who brought these fragrant oils to North America from Egypt. And they created a proprietary blend just for me and I named it Hope and Strength. They also created it for my specific application,which are Affirmations and Affirmation Tools.

Info From Carol and Linda 
Alchemy is the transmutation of a lower substance to a higher. Therefore the use of pure scent can evoke the inspiration of beauty and love. In other words, scent has memory and can alter feelings. It can inspire, uplift, calm or comfort a person. To experience these rare fragrant oils is to unveil the mystery of timeless existence.

These fragrances come from Egypt near the great Valley of the Kings in the town of  Luxor. What makes these different than any other fragrant products is that they are all natural and come from the pure scent of flowers. Since they are pure they are not synthetic (meaning man-made) and most importantly they are made in the ancient method  by a devoted family that have kept these traditions alive. These traditional distillation methods have been passed on from generation to generation  . . .   since the day of the pharaohs.

The difference between these fragrant oils and perfume is that standard perfumes on the market are made in an unnatural form by using alcohol and chemicals that are damaging to our sensitive and highly absorptive skin. Whereas these fragrant oils use the pure scent of the flowers and do not have any chemicals or carrier oils.

For anyone who may be wondering (as I did) just what is carrier oil? It is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant: usually the seeds, kernels or nuts. They are typically used to dilute essential oils or other concentrated aromatics so that they can be applied to the skin. Undiluted aromatics can cause severe skin irritation. Carrier oils have a shelf life and will eventually go rancid. This is another reason that these fragrant oils are so unique  since they don't have carrier oils, the don't go rancid. These fragrant oils can be applied to the skin or used in a diffuser. Because of  the purity and natural ingredients of these fragrant oils they typically do not cause any skin irritation.

Most people are not consciously aware of how powerful the sense of smell can be. We can be repelled by certain smells or we can be drawn in by other smells. The sense of smell can trigger a memory; create a flashback or bring forward the memory of a loved one. A fragrance can bring back many different types of remembrance and various levels of emotion to release our life experiences.

Think of your ;grandmother or other relative that always wore perfume that reminds you of her. So let's be grateful for the memory of smell as it keeps us close to our loved ones that are no longer here in the physical.

These fragrant oils are special because they are treated with sacredness and the utmost respect. There are prayers that are said over these flowers five times per day and the flowers are hand-cut at the optimum time when the vibration of the flower is high. Once the flowers are cut, they are not laid back down on the ground because this depletes the life force energy and healing properties of the flower. Then of course these fragrant oils are special because  they are distilled in the same traditional manner as the time of Pharaoh.

Smell is a Very Important Part of the Affirmation Program that I Teach
In the Affirmation Program that I teach I recommend bringing in the 5 physical senses when doing your Affirmations. The blend of Hope and Strength are necessary behaviors, beliefs and attributes needed when going through any health challenge or making changes in a person's life. The fragrance of Hope and Strength brings in the sense of SMELL and is an excellent tool to lock-in the person's personal Affirmations. This is so exciting!

You can purchase your fragrant oil on  line at

Carol Uchytil and Linda Inversen are dedicated to cultivating wellness and positive growth by bringing forward various expressions that in turn benefit and help heal individuals, communities, our planet and the cosmos.

Carole and Lind have a vast number of special oils for various applications. Please visit their website and choose the one(s) that you feel would benefit you.

My Personal Invitation to you
I take great pleasure in inviting you to experience my special blend of Hope and Strength and see what miracles takes place in our life when you utilize this powerful combination of Faith, Hope and Strength, Expectancy and Properly Done Affirmations and Affirmation Tools!

Get started today

Remember to purchase your own fragrance

Much Love and Blessings
Happy Sniffing and Affirming!

Dr. Anne Marie Evers



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