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Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Now available 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo (Affirmation Life Tools Help Cope with Chemo and
other Medical Treatments on 

If you are going through chemotherapy or know someone who is, please do share this information. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had a terrible infection . . .  then took chemo both my pills and injection and in the middle of my treatment my husband passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was devastated and did not know where to turn.

So I went back to my Affirmation Program and started doing positive, uplifting Affirmations for  healing and health. Then I incorporated my knowledge of affirmations and I weaved them together to create that I call my Affirmation Life Tool. I used these tools over and over many times and I found it was becoming easier for me to cope with the negative and sometimes nasty side effects of chemotherapy.

Now I am lecturing the last Friday of every month at Lions Gate Hospital teaching other chemo patients how to use the very same tools that I used that really helped me cope. These lectures are from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Many chemo patients and others are reporting great success when using these simple, proven ways, techniques, methods and affirmations.

With Love and Blessings
Anne Marie

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