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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


WORDS ARE VERY POWERFUL and we create with every thought we think and every word we speak. You cannot take back your words in their entirety . . . .  yes you can attempt to mitigate them or apologize and say that you are sorry --- but those words are out there!

Are you struggling with the simple two-letter word -- N O ?
Do you have trouble using this simple word? It is your God-given right to say 'No' whenever you please. Do you go places,  do things, or visit people you are not interested in because your are unable to say 'No'?  Think of the person you are disappointing most --YOU! You are the only decision-maker in your Universe. Use the word 'No' whenever you choose not to do something or go somewhere. Say 'Yes' when you choose to do so. Be in control of your life.

Did you know that 'No' is a complete sentence and that there is no need to go into great lengths  explaining why you choose to say 'No'? You don't have to explain your answer by saying things like, " No, I can't go there because  . . . . I have company coming; I have another appointment,' and on and on it goes.

Use the following Master Affirmation  and Short Form Affirmation when you need to.

I, (your name) Deserve to be able to and now say 'No' whenever I choose without explanation. I realize the power is within and it is my God-given right. I can and do say "No' whenever I choose. I have faith in myself to make the right choices and I choose wisely I call upon this great power whenever I choose. I am creating my own reality now. I enjoy being guilt-free and filled with love and respect for myself, my opinions, my decisions and my Divine Right to say 'No. I am peaceful and happy to the good of all parties concerned Thank you thank you thank you.

I fully accept            
Sign   (your name)                                           Date

When you date and sign this Master Affirmation you have made a firm and binding contract with God/Creator, Universal Mind, Higher Power or whomever you believe in.

I say 'No' easily and without guilt. I am free and peaceful.


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