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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Thoughts with Dr. Anne Marie Evers

What is the greatest power that has ever been discovered? Nuclear energy? The power of wealth or fame? I believe it is the power of your thoughts and mind. Thought is creative and it is the first and most crucial stage in the development of any new idea, invention, business, or other venture that becomes reality.

Thoughts are living things. When thoughts are held in the mind, they form a
life of their own and attract other similar thoughts. We cannot afford the
luxury of one negative thought. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are very
powerful. Even your smallest, most insignificant thoughts are important
and they are influencing everyone and everything around you.
Having thoughts actually creates new brain cells, causing a physical and
chemical change in your mind. Through thought, your mind can be
programmed at will—and reprogrammed as frequently as required. As
the most powerful and transformative tools at our disposal, thoughts must
be used wisely if we are to create what we want out of life. Each thought
seeks its own kind. 

Like always attracts like. Think about success and you attract successful people.
You are a great thought-magnet, whether you like it or not. Mental currents
are just as real as circuits of magnetism and circuits of electricity. Each
kind of thought has its own rate, degree, and character of motion. You attract
your own kind of thought wave to you and you repel your opposite.

Your concentrated thought—when accompanied by a matching clear,
colourful mental picture, filled with feeling and belief—always makes an
impression upon the subconscious mind and it, in turn, sends that impression
to the Universal Mind, which always responds.
The Mechanisms of Thought
The Creative Universal Mind cannot refuse to take the form your thoughts give it. It does not differentiate between so-called good and bad thoughts and it knows only to multiply and return to you that which you have affirmed by your thinking, actions, and Affirmations.

When you pour water into a jelly mold, the water takes the form of the mold.
You are always giving life, knowingly or unknowingly, to conditions and
situations in your life, whether they are negative or positive. This energy
takes the form that we give it. We are all immersed in a thought atmosphere
that is a direct result of what we have thought, affirmed, or done.

If you start a new Affirmation stating that you love, respect, and
approve of yourself, you may, at first, find it hard to believe. With
time and repetition, however, you will come to fully accept this as fact.

Although thoughts cannot be seen by the human eye, the vibrations they emit
can be registered by an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine. This
device identifies the area of the brain that is being fired when the
thought is experienced, allowing doctors to see thoughts as they occur and
change in the physical brain. Such technology is enhancing our
understanding of how thoughts affect our lives.

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