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Monday, July 02, 2012

Using Your Powerful Mind by Dr. Anne Marie Evers  Copyright 2012

Due to your many requests to talk about the power of the mind -- here goes!
The processes of the human mind constitute one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Universe, yet most of us take our minds very much for granted. We think, act, and live, rarely stopping to think about how the mind works or how we control it.

Affirmations whereby we repeatedly state our desires so that they become imprinted upon the subconscious mind) represent the key to unlocking the secret door to mind-power.

To do this requires consciousness—a state of mindful awareness, alertness, and aliveness in the present moment. You become what you are in life from what you are in consciousness. To be conscious is to think and to think is to give form to thought. With a positive focus, you attract good things and happy experiences to you. When you lower your consciousness, you give away your power and attract thoughts, situations, events, and people that reinforce this lack of power.

The world within creates the world without. Everything you find in your world without was first created in your world within.

Our Many Minds
You have one mind with two distinct yet interrelated functional characteristics.

• One is the conscious, objective, outward, or waking state;
• The other is the subconscious, subjective, inward, or sleeping state.

To understand how Affirmations work through the use of your conscious and subconscious mind, it is necessary to discuss some of the mind’s functions and powers.

Creating Miracles with Mind-Power 53The subconscious mind is a part of the Universal Mind that is all powerful and all-knowing. The Universal Mind is the totality of all minds in existence, including God’s mind. It is everywhere and within you and its nature is spiritual. The Universal Mind will give you anything you desire, but it does not deliver it to you in a package or by courier.

Certain principles and Universal Laws must be applied when generating what is desired; individuals need to be open to receiving whatever gifts are given to them. There is no object, goal, or Affirmation too small or too big for the Universal Mind to manifest. It acts on people, situations, and circumstances, but you need patience, faith, and perseverance while waiting for your wishes to be granted. You know what you desire and the Universal Mind knows how to bring it to you. Nothing is impossible. You can control the thoughts you think and transmit them to your subconscious mind which, in turn, is part of the Universal Mind.

Think how honoured we are to have the capability of God’s mind within us. Realizing I am a co-creator with God makes me feel humble and full of gratitude and opens a whole new dimension of creative possibility.

The Conscious Mind
The conscious mind is your objective mind and deals largely with the external world. This part of the mind has the power to reason and to decide what is right or wrong. It is the source of all thoughts, concepts, and ideas. The conscious mind’s chief powers are reason, judgment, logic, form, calculation, and moral sense. The conscious mind also sets in motion the creative power of the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the one and only force to which the subconscious mind responds. It tells the subconscious mind what is required—which is one of its most important functions. The subconscious mind controls the conditions and experiences of your life. Through your conscious mind, you can clearly and specifically tell your subconscious mind what is desired.

For example, when you state you are 100% healthy, you are instructing your subconscious mind to prepare conditions in your body to manifest abundant health. The subconscious mind, always willing to oblige, immediately goes to work to create that condition in your body.

You are made up of billions and billions of beliefs about your body, your material worth, God, sin, life, death, etc. You have taken on some of these beliefs from others and created some yourself, accepting them as the truth. Removing old, negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones is an essential part of creating what you want in life.

The Subconscious Mind
Your subconscious mind is like a highly sophisticated computer. When you were born, it began to record every feeling, action, thought, or word in your world. You accepted some information from your parents, teachers, peers, and others—all of whom had their own weaknesses and negative patterns. Your subconscious mind takes in the exact details of every situation.

Over the years, it accumulates an astronomical amount of data. It has a perfect memory and stores everything in the present moment. Even though one event in your life may have taken place on July 28, 1982, and another on February 8, 1997, to your computer (subconscious mind), it is all happening now. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between a real and an imagined event. The subconscious can also be compared to a bank where you make daily thought deposits. These thought deposits grow and become your memory, which represents the basic raw material for new thoughts and ideas.

Creating Miracles with Mind-Power
Your subconscious mind knows more about you than anyone. It can change its viewpoints, often retaining or reverting back to childhood ideas, concepts, and beliefs. It stores your own interpretation of reality. If something very important happened to you at age 14, for example, your subconscious mind may continue to see it from that 14-year-old’s perspective. Your subconscious mind represents the sleeping or subjective state. It is dependent on the information received from the conscious mind and is not normally in direct contact with the outside world. One of its roles is to handle all involuntary functions of the body, such as heartbeat, breathing, circulation, blood flow, and digestion without any instruction from anyone. This mind is beyond space and time and has many powers, including inspiration, imagination, organization, intuition, emotion, certitude, deduction, suggestion, and memory. It is a part of the Universal Mind, which is also timeless, ageless, and boundless.

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