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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, September 15th, 2012 my special guest
on the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show from 12:00 noon
1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on is Thomas J. Moore.

He is is a Medical Intuitive and Multidimensional
Healer. His intuitive guidance pinpoints directly to
the cause of physical, emotional and energetic aliments
or symptoms. He brings clarity to what is happening
for you, your body and how this correlates to your life,
and guides you in bringing yourself back into alignment
and balance. To assist the body to a better state of well
being, he will suggest natural remedies for you and
guidance with respect to your life’s direction as well
as facilitate healing work while in session.

Rita Britnell is an Emotional and Multidimensional Healer. 
She has the gift of feeling and moving emotional energy
that is ready to be released. These blocks prevent us from
living a healthy loving life, and impact not only our
emotional body, but also our physical body. Rita embodies
the Goddess Energy and assists in helping both men and
women in realign into their true God/Goddess Nature. She
now facilitates the Awaken to your Goddess Nature Group
Series at Harmony Healing Centre.

Together, they form an incredible team as life partners
modeling for those desiring to have a healthy loving
relationship as well as a great healing team bringing forth
all aspects necessary for healing and balance.


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