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Sunday, December 23, 2012

           Make Your Christmas
               Wish Come True !

                                                    With Dr. Anne Marie Evers
Is this a particularly difficult time for you?
Are you searching for that Mr. or Mrs. Right?
Tired of the Mr. or Mrs. Right Nows!
Are you upset and anxious?
Are you tired of being alone?

 Do you really know what you want?
Are you ready to make room and time for his/her?
Are you saying, “Poor me, I will never meet anyone?”
If so now is the time to do something concrete and positive about it.
Make it your decision to make this the last Holiday Season you spend without that special loving, life partner!

Then after you have made that decision, think of what could be, or what is standing in your way.
Do you need to forgive yourself?
Are you too hard on yourself?
Are you putting up barriers?
Being in a relationship with self or others is a responsibility.

You are the scriptwriter, producer and director of your show.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. All relationships are instruments for growth and, with growth come problems, (opportunities –o p p s sometimes ‘opportunities in work clothes!’) Relationships are not good or  bad, they just are!

Do some simple self-forgiving as follows.

The Extended Toothbrush Forgiveness Exercise

This exercise will help you get back on track and assist you in learning to appreciate, love and respect yourself.


When you get up in the morning and just after you have brushed your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Hey Self you are a mighty fine person. You are the greatest.” Then say, “I, (your name), now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me, I now forgive myself, I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am. I now release all feelings of anger, unhappiness and disappointment from previous negative relationships. I let them all go. They are gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Just feel the unconditional love going from you to you into every part of your body. You are saturated with self-love, self-respect and self-approval.

No it is not selfish  to love, respect and approve of self in a healthy and balanced manner. .When you say ‘EVER hurt me, that goes right back to creation--when you were in your mother’s womb. Should too many memories surface at the same time just say with great authority, “One at a time please.” That way you can deal with one completely then release it before going on to the next one. You need to own the memory, feel the pain momentarily and then completely release it and let it go forever!

 Questions—Do a Self Check

How did it feel doing the Daily Extended Toothbrush Exercise?
Did you find it difficult at first?
Could you feel the love coming from your heart and going into every part of your body?
Did you find it difficult to say the words, “I love, respect and approve of myself?”
What made you keep on doing the Exercise?

Write down your feelings (no matter how insignificant or silly they may seem to you).
Do you feel the anger and hurt beginning to melt around your heart?
Was it difficult to look at yourself and tell yourself how much you love and respect yourself?

 Martyr Quiz

Do you feel that you are being overlooked and/or ignored?
Do you feel unlovable
Do you feel inferior?
Do you feel unattractive?
Not smart enough?

Not educated enough?
Not pretty enough?
Not handsome enough?
Not good enough?
Not slim enough

Do you have low self-esteem and poor body image?
Not rich enough?
Do you feel that no one would want you?
Not tall enough?
Not smart enough?

Not healthy enough?
Do you feel like a doormat?
Do you feel your feelings are bottled up inside of you?
Do you feel trapped and angry?
Do you find it difficult to forgive?
After you have completed your self-forgiveness exercises and released those negative blocks,
it is time to get down to brass tacks and do your Affirmations.

Materials Needed

Sample Master Affirmation for loving, lasting relationship or marriage)
Photograph or sketch of desired result (for example a picture of you and a sketch of your desired mate,) at top of your Master Affirmation. (This gives your subconscious mind something upon which to focus). Never use a photo, etc of a person you know.

Should you like the appearance of movie star, your could write under the picture. Someone that looks like him/her.

 If you do not have a photo, do the Affirmation Program anyway and do not use this fact as an excuse to procrastinate or to avoid doing your Affirmation Program.

Gather your Materials
Look in magazines or newspapers to find sketches, pictures of a person you like the looks of;
Colored felt pen, pencil crayon or pen;
Scotch tape or glue;

8.5”x 11” sheet of white or colored paper;
Plastic insert sheet or transparent sheet protectors
Loose-leaf binder for Master Affirmations
Loose-leaf binder for Fulfilled Affirmations and most of all—
A burning, desire, faith determination and expectancy, and oh yes,
                                   Have Fun!
The process of doing affirmations is similar to that of planting a garden. It involves the following four-step process.

Step 1) Preparing the Soil – Forgiveness (Seed selection and soil preparation)

The rich, fertile soil of the subconscious mind must first be prepared for the seeds to be planted in  it. This means eliminating any obstacles or unfavourable conditions that might potentially hinder the fruitful growth of the seed. In the case of the mind, this involves a process of forgiveness that assures that any old resentment or anger with regard to other relationships is cleared away.

Forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt you--including yourself. Then love, espect and  approve of yourself just the way you are. Forgiving yourself for any rong you may have done to others and feeling that you are forgiven is also an important part of this process. Letting go of old resentments gives you peace of mind and a clean sate from which to powerfully manifest that loving, fulfilled, happy relationship or marriage.

Step 2) Planting the Seed (Using -- The Tools of Choice)

Once the soil has been prepared, it is ready to receive the seed -- your Master Affirmation. This is your specific order to the universe, detailing exactly what you wish to create in your life. For best results, the Affirmation should be hand-written, printed, or typed on a sheet of paper, below a photo, picture or sketch representing the object of your desire. It is also extremely important to include in your affirmations the words deserve and to the good of all parties concerned, otherwise you could be disappointed.

Use color as color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind. For Relationship Master Affirmations use the color pink as it denotes romantic love! Add hearts and happy faces and make your Master Affirmation so attractive that you just
can’t wait to take it out every morning and evening and read it over! A movie in color is more vivid and impressive to the subconscious mind than a black and white one.

Use the 3 P’s in your Master Affirmations, (personal, positive and present tense). Saying, “Thank you.” three times at the end demonstrates your gratitude for what you anticipate receiving and therefore reinforces the Affirmation.

Step 3) Watering and Fertilizing

This involves the faithful daily reading of your affirmations, morning and evening, so that it becomes firmly imprinted upon the subconscious mind. It takes in every detail and stores it for all time. This  process keeps your Affirmation on the front burner of your mind.

 Step 4) Anticipating the Harvest

 While the seed is being cultivated and nurtured in this way, you can anticipate the harvest through creative visualization. Jump ahead a few months and in your mind’s eye, creativelyvisualize yourself obtaining and experiencing the object of your desire—your ideal spouse, life partner, lover, etc.
Create vivid, exciting pictures in your mind of you obtaining your desire—that lasting, loving, happy relationship/marriage. This process is all the more powerful when you bring in the five senses.

When affirming for that special mate

SEE the outline of that person;
HEAR him or her speaking to you;
SMELL their perfume or cologne’
FEEL how happy you are, their arms around you or the ring on your finger.
TASTE take a drink of sparkling water or visualize biting into a juicy apple to complete the 5 physical senses.

 Mentally tell yourself that you have already obtained your heart's desire. Lull yourself to sleep at night, saying your Affirmation. Act as if you already have that lasting, loving relationship/marriage!

 Short Form Affirmations

Short Form Affirmations consist of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation which you can jot down several times daily, repeat as many times as you wish or you may wish to place it under your pillow.

Short Form Affirmation (for Relationship)
SFA             Lasting, loving relationship/marriage me now!

Accept the outcome of your affirmation. Write on the bottom of the Master Relationship Affirmation, “I fully accept,” date it and sign your name. When you do this, you have just created a legal, binding contract with yourself, life, God or Universal Mind. A check is not valid unless it is dated and signed.
Sample Master Relationship Marriage Affirmation

                                              (Place Sketch or Photograph here– make it colourful)

“I, (your name), deserve and now have a loving, happy, lasting relationship (that turns into marriage) with the perfect man or woman for me. He or she is kind, loving, generous, healthy, completely balanced, nice looking; about my age, specific height, coloring and whatever you wish to affirm. This person is unattached mentally, physically and emotionally. He or she is financially independent and prosperous and  finds love and happiness with me. I am kind, loving and generous. I give and I receive. This person enjoys similar activities and being together. He/she accepts my family as I accept theirs! This person has a good sense of humour and we have fun together!

God or Divine Intelligence knows where this person is and the great wisdom of my subconscious mind now brings us to together in its own way. We deserve each other and now have and enjoy a long, lasting, happy, healthy relationship to the good of all parties concerned. I now release this request with faith to my subconscious mind knowing it has manifested. I also release my intense attachment to the outcome. I give thanks to God for the perfect answer to my prayer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

I totally accept




Now you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God, Universal
Mind or whomever you believe in.
Master Affirmation Check List

Does it contain the 3 P’s (personal, positive, present tense)?
Is it to the good of all parties concerned?
Did you use action words?
Did you make it colourful?
Did you put feeling, faith and expectancy into writing your Affirmation?

Is it designed never to hurt or take from anyone?
Does it contain at least a 51% believability factor?
Did you use your common sense?
Did you say Thank you Three times?
Did you date and sign it?
Did you enjoy doing it?
Did you have fun?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, congratulations, you have just completed your first Master Affirmation!

If your thought, desire or affirmation arises at the instant when there are no conflicting thoughts present to nullify this power, the mind throws its great force behind that one desire or affirmation. The mind is not divided among other thoughts and that particular affirmation manifests immediately, as if by some form of magic.

                      Some Important factors to be aware of when doing Affirmations

a) Blow breath into your affirmations by taking action. In addition to doing affirmations when seeking that perfect, relationship, blow breath into your affirmations by accepting invitations, meeting other single people and going places where they congregate. Be conscious of other single people when shopping, traveling, where you work and other places. Tell friends and relatives you are interested in meeting that special person.  

b) Please be certain to use the clause to the good of all parties concerned in every Master Affirmation, as this is your safety net. When you use this phrase your affirmation will not manifest unless it is to the good of everyone involved and this of course includes you! You could add to your Affirmation, “This or something superior now manifests for me.”

c) Be thankful to God, Universal Mind or whom ever you believe in. Also be thankful to yourself, life, nature and creation, adopting an attitude of gratefulness. It is easy to give thanks after you have received your good or blessings. Give thanks before. Write thank you three times after every Master Affirmation. When you say thank you, you obligate the planet for more. Have and maintain an attitude of gratitude and watch miracles happen in your life.

d) Create in the now. When creating your affirmations, use only the N O W! The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and recreating. Did you create the reality that you are alone and do not have that loving, happy relationship or marriage? Now you can uncreate that loneliness and affirm and create happiness with that perfect mate for you. Always affirm in the present time. Saying and decreeing, “Deserve and now have” makes it present tense. If you say, “I deserve and will have, you are putting the manifestation off into the future, perhaps some future lifetime, and your subconscious mind will honor your tomorrowness. It is absolutely impossible to live successfully and productively in the past, present and future all at the same time.

e) Repetition is a very important factor in creating and manifesting your affirmations. Repeating an Affirmation is leading the mind to that state of consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe. Repetition is the exercise that accelerates the energy and vibration that is already present to make your Affirmations manifest quicker. When you repeat Affirmations, thought patterns are impressed on your subconscious mind and you are transforming your previously held beliefs, opinions, ideas and concepts about that statement. When you say Affirmations over and over, the words become a living presence in your awareness. Later you become the words in the Affirmation. It is important to then turn it over to a Higher Power, God, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in for materialization. Repetition reinforces the belief system and convinces the mind that it is true and the laws of the great Universe take care of the rest.

Repetition is accepted in every culture. Some forms of prayer are repeated over and over. When people chant in rhythm it helps to place them in a reflective state. In some types of meditation, the mantra is repeated over and over. When you repeat your Affirmations with faith, conviction and expectancy, you are actually leading your mind into the state of consciousness where true faith and belief exist. Doing affirmations is not a one time procedure or event. It takes constant repetition. To make an Affirmation concrete, think, write, feel and say it out loud with great feeling and gusto. In other words, say it until you mean it. Convince yourself of its truth and reality. There is no quick fix or fast spiritual food method of doing Affirmations and there are no McAffirmations! The Affirmation Process takes work, effort, concentration and the results are well worth the effort.

f) I use the Check Mark Method with great success. When my Affirmations manifest, I put a big check mark on the Master Affirmation with a felt pen together with the date it actually happened. I place it in my Fulfilled Master Affirmation Book. When I begin a new Affirmation to expand and increase my faith, all I have to do is to look back at all
the ones that have happened. It also reminds me of all the Affirmations that have manifested that may have slipped into my past memory bank and those which I may have completely or partially forgotten. It brings them to my attention and consciousness. I have many huge loose-leaf books marked Fulfilled Master Affirmations in all phases of my life. The good news is that you can have the same.

g) Let go of your rigid detachment to the outcome of your affirmations. Do not fret, worry or feel overly attached to the outcome of your affirmation, this process hinders the manifestation. Many people delay the completion of their desires by being rigidly attached to the exact outcome. Affirmations can manifest in a different manner than expected.

 Release your completed affirmations into the Universe with loving detachment, not rigid attachment. Assure your thoughts and affirmations that they will find the perfect answer and return to you. Another way is to bless your affirmations as you send them out into the Universe to manifest. One of my readers visualizes her Affirmations on her hand and then blows them with love into the Universe. It works wonders for her.

h) Use the power of focus. When you take a magnifying glass and hold it steadily and close over a small portion of a newspaper, the paper will burn if the sunlight is strong enough. This is a sample of focused energy. Nothing will happen if you hold the magnifying glass at the same distance from the newspaper and move it quickly back and forth as you are scattering the energy and power.

How Many Affirmation Can I Say at a Session?

You can work on many Affirmations at one sitting. Take out your completed Master Affirmation, read it over, and then visualize the end result. Step ahead three or four weeks or months in your mind’s eye and bring in the five senses. Visualize in vivid color the desired outcome and then go on to the next affirmation. Do one Affirmation at a time, as this does not scatter the power of the focus when you concentrate on one Affirmation at a time. Should you place several on one page, it can become confusing and you will be diluting and scattering the power of focus. When you do affirmations, focus and concentrate on what you desire and the results manifest.
Enjoy Your Magnificent Creations!

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!



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