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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


When you need to remember an incident or a person's name, close your eyes gently and say to yourself, "Clear, Search and Retrieve" or you can say "Clear, Search and Download." Clear your mind of all thoughts. Now go into the files of your mind and select the one that contains the answer to your question. Visualize retrieving and downloading that file into your mind - -  the one that contains the answer to your question. Then say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," for the correct answer. I use this Affirmation Tool almost daily One lady emailed me and shared that she had failed her exam because she froze up when she started answering the questions. She said that she  was going to re-write her exam and how could she pass and did I have any Affirmation Tools to help her.  I shared this tool with her and her second email read, "WOW did that Affirmation Tool ever work.  I passed with 89%. When I went into write my exam I felt confident because I knew that I had studied and knew my material and I also knew that I had the 'Clear, Search and Retrieve Tool' to help me. I believed in it and I used it with great success. I cannot thank you enough!"


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