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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Do you struggle with procrastination? I believe procrastination is a half-brother of indecision. At the
root of procrastination you will discover feelings of inadequacy. You are better off making 'so-called' mistakes than not making decisions. Procrastination means postponing  action .Just hoping without action can also be postponing. It takes more effect to start a job than to keep it going. It is a fact that we can never finish a job unless we first start it. Decide what you wish to do, how to do it and then dive in and do it! Reach your goals . Start overcoming procrastination today and make your life easier and simpler!

Oh yes I use my 'so-called' mistakes as extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes! 

 Short Form Affirmation could be:  "I am a self-starter and well organized!I get things done!"


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