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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

MESSAGE FOR THE NEW YEAR 2016 from Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Dear, Dear Friends
Let us become aware of our magnificent minds, the thoughts we think and the words we speak. No, you cannot see your mind, but you know you have one; As well you cannot see your thoughts, but you know they are there; You cannot see life but you know you are alive;You cannot see electricity, yet you pay your electric bill every month. As for me it is my intention to use the power of my subconscious mind to inspire, revitalize and re-charge and to allow my self to bubble over with enthusiasm and joy---- such joy and excitement that I experienced in my youth and to re-capture the joyfulness, patience, kindness and goodwill and to put them into effect in my present every day life. 

As I said before when I started writing this it was in the present and now it has already slipped into the past and the future is 'chuck' full of great and wondrous possibilities for every one of us to have and enjoy. 

Make it your decision to make this New Year 2016 the most happy, healthy,loving, peaceful and prosperous year EVER! When people talk about getting old, please remember that wisdom and understanding never grow old. There are people that seem old at 45 while others well into their 90's seem young and spry. Step into the Magic Magnetic Circle (your aura) of true joy and happiness. You are needed in this world. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Self-image in the cornerstone of your whole personalty. This New Year . . .think of new and interesting ways to accomplish your desires. 

Listen to other peoples' ideas and suggestions and take the ones that resonate with you and implement them into your daily life. Everyone of us thinks on a different level and space. My wish (Affirmation) for you is simple; Forgive self and others for hurts; Never hold a grudge and find happiness and joy in all that you think, say and do. Forget about those 'so-called failures' - Failure according to who? Failure according to what? I use my 'so-called' failures for extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes and I invite you to do the same. Life is so much easier when we live and let let live and never try to control another. I find it quite enough to use control over my self. Be Yourself---- Your Wonderful, Radiant Being of Health, Love and Happiness -- AND IT IS!


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