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Monday, June 06, 2016

Hello Everyone. Recently, I was asked by a participant at one of my lectures why old, negative and sometimes 'nasty' memories hang around and seem to be so difficult to get rid of ? A N D I was thinking about it and I feel that we should allow those negative memories to be just that --- M E M O R I E S. It may be time to release those negative and/or upsetting feelings and energy that we have we attached to certain memories.What we put our attention on and focus on, takes root in the rich, fertile soil of our subconscious mind; grows and becomes our present reality. Like the tiny seed that we plant in the ground ---when taken care of--- becomes that plant, flower or vegetable (whatever that seed is programmed to manifest).

Through the Law of Attraction we have attracted that person, event or situation to us by our thoughts, words and actions.This Law of Attraction is always turned on; in fact your cannot turn it off! It is operating perfectly. It works for every one of us exactly the same with absolutely no exception as it is no respecter of person. Let us learn to work harmoniously with the wondrous Laws of the Great Universe and not against them and you can and will experience a sense of peace and joy you may not have thought ever possible

And as I say, "It is okay to visit the past, recall memories, remember and learn, but please refrain from taking up 'Life-time residency!'
Happy Affirming!
Love and Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers


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