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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Susan Camp will be my guest on the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
Saturday, August 15, 2014on
12 noon  - 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Your Soul Knows 
Your Soul knows about death and what it means. If you sit and listen to what You are telling yourself you can find the answer. Do you have a problem with that statement?
I am no guru, no spiritual leader. I am a 57 year old woman who has worked in the health care profession for 35 years. And I am also a photographer and lover of life. But getting back to working in the health care profession. I started working at a 450 bed trauma hospital in Tucson Az when I was 26. There was so much joy and so much sadness. People who had lost a loved one due to a health issue would walk the halls in mindless despair. I started to look at death back then. I was there when a patient lost their life to cancer, to an accident, to a long life. I saw them not as losing the battle but as going somewhere that I couldn’t. Then married life and children hit me. And my life took on more of a physical tone than an ethereal. Then at 28 years old my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer back in Canada. A very aggressive kind. She also had a 3 year old son. Her medical path was limited as her likely hood of surviving was very low, about 5%. Then 2 years later my Dad called me and told me I had to come home. I had already scheduled a visit and this was about 3 weeks before my scheduled visit. When I got to her bedside I did not recognize her. I had actually backed out of her room apologizing and when she said “That’s ok” I recognized her voice and nearly cried with disbelief.

Barbara seemed to rally those first few days, but I knew it was only to say goodbye. I had seen it many times. My Mom though was in happy mode as she thought Barbara was turning a corner. I knew she wasn’t long for this life when one night my other sister and I was sitting by her bedside for the afternoon and Barb started telling us she had to go with the man. I said “What man?”….she said “the man who is here for me. I have to go”. My other sister and I looked at each other and all the hair on my body stood on end.
Barbara then proceeded to tell us how she had to go and it was now but she had to talk to our Mom first. I posed questions to Barb to make sure the pain medication wasn’t the one talking….it wasn’t. I told my Mom what happened. Needless to say, she was not happy. But she understood and went that night to tell Barbara that it was ok to go. Barbara died in her sleep that night going with the man who was there to help her on the other side.
There are endless stories out there of people who have been declared dead and come back to life to tell the story of what they see and feel. There are also doctors who will tell you that it is all a chemical reaction in your brain that makes you see light. I choose to believe that that is where we will go…towards the light.
You see I was raised an atheist. No memories of church or stories of what God thinks of me or what I am doing. No heaven or hell. I am not calling religions bad. It is man that makes man bad. If God is perfect do you think he can create imperfect things? Including you. We are all perfect….just the way we are. It is only another’s opinion of what perfection should look like or act like or be like. Don’t let another’s opinion tell you who or what or where or how you should be. The good opinion of others does not matter. It is only your Inner Being that matters. And your Inner Being would never say you are inappropriate in anyway.
But during a crisis in my life I accidently (or not as there are no accidents) picked up a book at a friends, called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. This is what happens when you pick a book without having your glasses on and to lazy to take it back because you are at the pool and comfortable. When I realized what I had in my hands I think I actually groaned. But an avid reader I needed something to read so I opened the book up and never put it down until I had read it 3 times. My friends book was dog eared on both the top and bottom of the pages, and underlined in 2 different colors. She wouldn’t give me the book and I would buy her a new one. No, she wanted that one so she could read it again in a different way. I brought my own and it is in the same shape as hers.
To say that the book impacted me is nowhere near the feelings I had after reading that book. His conversation with God about death so matched what I had been feeling I cried when I read it. You experience what you believe. If you believe there is a Hell then that is what you will experience until you realize that you don’t have to. If you believe in Angels and song, then that is what you will experience. But what it actually is, is  much more beautiful and more loving than what I believe or can envision. Again it is our “thoughts” about a thing that will bring that “thing” or experience to us even in a different form.
I had to read his other works, then Deepak Chopra, Dyer, Hicks and many more. Their messages spoke to my soul like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. My soul then spoke to me, and told me so many things that I had been questioning. They are right when they say that every answer you need is within you. I would and still do when having a question, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes then ask a question and start writing…just continue to write until you have nothing else to say.  Your answer will be in there.
But I am also science minded. I work in a medical lab that requires critical thinking. But sometimes that can get in the way when questing for answers in a spiritual world. But the answers are also there from the scientific community. When they start talking about the “vibration” that is in everything including inanimate objects like rocks.  That when your “vibration” meets another and if it doesn’t sync up with the other person you feel something odd about that person.  And one of my favorites is that there is actually no empty space. That it is disturbed by everything from an atom to planets. When they describe the “Double Slit” experiment. When the act of looking at it changes the experiment. And plants will actually react to your “intent”. And the list goes on. Science was and is validating what the spiritual teachers, the Gurus, the Masters were and are saying. We are all one and affect each other and everything. And it is our thoughts and feelings that bring to us what we are experiencing.
Death is nothing more than me changing form. Energy cannot be destroyed. Every thought, every spoken word, every act that has ever been thought or done still exists. It is still out there. Can we hear it no. If we were able to hear everything it would drive us crazy. But when I die I will just leave this physical body for a more supreme form. (I only say supreme form because a little pain relief would be supreme) This physical life is not my reality. There is no such thing as reality. This is Never Never Land. Because everything changes all the time. Your “reality” changes every moment. You are not the same person from moment to moment.  So how can something be a reality when it changes every moment?
What we do have are similar thoughts. We think a thought and our mind brings to us similar thoughts….continuously. If we go to bed thinking about our lousy day we wake up thinking about our lousy yesterday and how we hope it’s going to be good but it will probably be just as lousy. Getting off that roller coaster ride is what will bring a better life. By changing our thoughts we change our life. We have to change from the inside in order to change the outside. But I digress. I was on death.
Most people are afraid of death. It is the great unknown. When Deepak Chopra was in his early years practicing medicine he one day asked a patient “Why” when he was talking about a fear he had. By asking that question over and over he got to the root fear…it was fear of death. We limit ourselves so much because of that one fear. We become so afraid of death….we become afraid of life.
When my older brother was diagnosed with lung cancer at 57 he was already in stage 4. He and his new bride wanted to fight and do all they could for his life.  About 3 months later my sister in law had to take him off pain meds to have a very difficult conversation with him. But he was no longer afraid of death and wanted to “go”. She let him go peacefully a day later.
I don’t know how to make things better for others about death. I can only say that out of all the people I have seen “croak” they have had a bit of a smile on their faces. They take their last breath and it is released as if they are going to take another.  Abraham Hicks likes to say “Death is the next logical step” I really do believe because of spirituality and science that death is not the end. That it truly is the beginning of our lives. I don’t even consider this place as the place where we come to learn some lesson or other. Nor do we only get one time up at bat. We come for the joy of life, for the love of each other and of our world. For the diversity. For all the things that we decide we want to enjoy. It is only our thoughts about what is going on in our lives that make us either joyful or miserable. We do have a choice. a choice in how we live. Because it is our thoughts about our lives, that make our lives rich in experiences, or poor in joy and hope.
So if you have lost someone ask Yourself, your higher Self for the answer of what and where they are. Ask Yourself  all your questions and then sit quietly for the answer. It will come. And that can come in any form. But remember that FEAR is Faith Everyday Allows Recovery….recovery from Fear.  Faith that everything ALWAYS works out for you.
Susan Camp
Your choice of action may be limited, but your choice of thought are not…Abraham Hicks


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