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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Old negative patterns can become so ingrained in your consciousness that it may be necessary to do some simple exercises to rid  yourself of them. At times it is important to do Affirmations of Denial. An Affirmation of Denial is a declaration of rejection, whereas a positive Affirmation  is a declaration  of acceptance. Affirmations of Denial are used to free one's self of lack, limitations, false beliefs and erroneous concepts.

Affirmations of  Denial are powerful toxin cleansers and releasers.They are helpful in assisting us to uncover and unravel hidden blockages. Be prepared for some surprising , unexpected  and perhaps disturbing feelings and memories from the past to surface when doing Affirmations of Denial. This process may uncover previous negative programming and work to diffuse it. When you are examining  your denial statement you can readily see where your blockages are and then you can go about releasing the.  Speak with authority. Tell negativity it has to go immediately. Affirmations of Denial will also show you with great certainty how deeply you desire the manifestation of your Affirmation. Learning is a matter of uncovering and discovering.

Do the following exercise to discover where you have blockages.

Accessing and Overcoming Blockage
Opposite each of your Affirmations, write down any mental objection (blockage) that comes to mind

For example:

My Affirmation                                                          The Blockage
I am lovable                                                                  No, I am not Tom left me for a younger woman
I am a good wife                                                           Tom said I was sloppy 
People love me                                                              No everyone hates me

Continue this exercise until there is no negativity left. Release all negativity in the right hand column and let it go completely. You will be happy to note that soon your right hand column will become more positive and will start to agree with your Affirmation.

Now it could look like this:
My Affirmation                                                          The Truth
I am lovable                                                                  2 kind, interesting men asked if I was single
I am a good wife                                                           I am a good housekeeper and great cook
People Love me                                                            I was invited to 2 parties this week

In this manner you  are recognizing your negative feelings by writing them on a piece of paper. Examine each one of these statements,  then take a deep breath and release them. Ask yourself how long you have held these thoughts and beliefs and how deeply they are ingrained. Where did they come from in the first place and do you still want them as part of your Being?  If the answer is no release  them today!

Every one of us has at one time or another, experienced blockages that keep us from loving self and others. Some of these blockages can actually prevent you from attaining your heart's desires.

Decide exactly what you desire. It is important to be specific. To make up your mind s a wondrous thing.  It directs you toward your mental image and sets you on the path. Decision is an importan part of every day living. Every moment of every day, we are all making big and small decisions.

When you decide to accomplish something, you mentally toughen yourself to make it happen. It is important to know the meaning and spirit of your Affirmation. 

Happy creating and Affirming.


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