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Saturday, December 24, 2016

                                        CHRISTMAS PUNCH

    C - COURAGE - Develop and use                                                                               H - HELP - People who need help and those who ask for your help;                         R - RECOGNIZE - And appreciate differences in others;                                           I - INTEREST - Take a real and sincere interest in others;
    S - SIMPLE - Keep it simple;                                                                                       T - Everyone with love, dignity and respect;
    M - MERRY  - Make your Holidays Merry and Happy; 
    A - APPRECIATE  - Every day, people, gifts and everything;
    S -  SMILE  - My meaning for it is . . . . .                                                                            . . . .  S-Simple; M- Message; I - I; L-Love; E-Everyone!

    P -  PEACE Make Peace wherever you can;
    U – UNITING - People of the world in a prayerful, uplifting way;
    N - NOW - Live in the now (only time we really have);
    C - CHANGE - Be ready for positive, uplifting changes;
    H - HAPPINESS - Spread happiness wherever you go!

    I sincerely hope you enjoy my CHRISTMAS PUNCH!
    Love and Blessings
    Dr. Anne Marie


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