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Friday, November 15, 2013

My Experience with typing after 3rd chemo treatment
1st day - could not type one word
2nd day after third chemo treatment -- wrote this little poem for myself.

"Can't think
Brain numb...
Inspiration won't come
Can't type
Sore fingers
Affirmation Time! Amen!

And I started saturating myself with positive statements and using some of my Affirmation Tools and here I am at 7:15 am talking to you using my fingers. I looked at my ten fingers and said, "Thank you for serving me so wonderfully all through the years and thank you now for returning to normal and the tingling and numbness are GONE! My fingers and every part of my body is now operating normally and efficiently together with my Chemo Treatment.
Much love to hope - - and my Affirmation is that everything in my body is normal and my fingers are co-operating with me in helping me get my message of HOPE out to everyone who may need it. Many Blessings


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