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Monday, November 04, 2013


Affirmations are as old as the spoken word. Whether in our internal dialogue with self; or our external dialogues with the rest of the world, we are continually sending messages to our subconscious mind, affirming our beliefs, fears, doubts or expectations. These mental messages program our subconscious mind which, in turn, determines what happens in our lives. When properly and consciously directed, affirmations therefore represent an extremely powerful and effective tool for creating what we want out of life.

The process of doing affirmations is similar to that of planting a garden. It involves the following four-step process:

1) Preparing the Soil
The rich, fertile soil of the subconscious mind must first be prepared for the seeds to be planted in it. This means eliminating any obstacles or unfavourable conditions which might potentially hinder the fruitful growth of the seeds. In the case of the mind, this involves a process of forgiveness which ensures that any old resentments or angers are cleared away. Lingering negative emotions or unhealed wounds can cancel the potential benefit and effectiveness of the affirmation process.
   Forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt you--including yourself. The forgiveness process can be facilitated by writing down the details of every disappointment or hurt you have ever experienced. Each one must then be released and surrendered to the universe, so that you are no longer hanging on to the anger and resentment associated with it. Although this may be hard to do, and you may feel that such forgiveness is not deserved by the person who offended you, it is essential for your own benefit. Forgiving yourself for any wrongs you may have done to others is also an important part of  this process. Letting go of old resentments bring you peace of mind, and a clean slate from which to powerfully manifest good things in your life!

2) Planting the Seed
Once the soil has been prepared, it is ready to receive the seed--your Master Affirmation. This is your specific order to the universe, detailing exactly what wish to create in your life. For best results the affirmation should be hand written, printed or typed three times on a sheet of paper, below a photo, picture or sketch representing the object of your desire. It is also extremely important to include in your affirmation the words 'deserve' and 'to the good of all parties concerned,' otherwise you may not get what you want. Saying "Thank you" three times at the end demonstrates your gratitude for what you anticipate receiving, and therefore reinforces the affirmation. The following is an example of an appropriately-worded affirmation:  "I, (your name,) deserve and now have a loving, fulfilling, passionate, lasting, intimate relationship, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank."

3 Watering and Fertilizing the Seed
This involves faithful daily reading of your affirmation, morning and evening, so that it becomes firmly imprinted upon the subconscious mind.

4) Anticipating the Harvest
While the seed is being cultivated and nurtured in this way, you can spend some fruitful time anticipating the harvest through creative visualization. Jump ahead a few months in your mind and creatively visualize yourself obtaining and experiencing the object of your desire--whether it be a new job, the ideal mate, or a new home. Create vivid exciting pictures in your mind of you obtaining whatever it is that you desire. This process is all the more powerful when you bring in the five senses. If, for example, you are affirming for that special mate, see the outline of that person, hear him or her speaking to you; smell their perfume or cologne, and feel how happy you are. To engage the sense of taste, imagine biting into a juicy apple.

     Mentally tell yourself that you have already obtained your heart's desire, and lull yourself to sleep at night saying your affirmation.(A short-form of your affirmation may be created for the Master Affirmation containing four of five key word)

The subconscious mind is all powrful and all-knowing, having recorded everything said or done to you since birth. It is also part of God's Mind or the Universal Mind, which connects it to the web of life. As your willing, impartial servant it is ready to act on your orders, whether they are good or bad. By using positive, consciously directed affirmations combined with faith adn expectancy, you have the power to create whatever you desire!


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