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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When people tell me their Affirmations are not working quickly enough, I share with them about the planting a seed. The lowly seed puts its roots

and tiny tendrils down into the rich, fertile soil of the earth, takes root and grows. At the same time it send sprouts up toward the light. When it encounters any obstacles, as it undoubtedly does, it is not discouraged. Instead it simply goes around them, always stretching toward the life force of the sun and the air.The little seed shows no lack of faith, nor does it question the length of time it will take to manifest as a plant, flower or tree. It simply acts, trusting in God and the Laws of the great Universe.

 A seed of faith, once planted, never dies. The tiny seed is programmed. It puts all of its energies into bringing its inherent blueprint into materialization. It knows, trusts and acts. It produces without question, fear or delay. Affirmations, like seeds, have a time table of their own. The process of doing Affirmations is a growth process. The knowledge of how to produce and create loving, lasting relationships; health; wealth; happiness and more in your life was placed in you before you were born. This knowledge is activated through practising or doing properly done!


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