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Monday, October 28, 2013

Affirmation Tool
When you are negotiating a business transaction
or are in a heated discussion with another person,
this 10 Second Silence Magic is very important. I  
have saved many real estate transactions by asking

a question and then keeping quiet for at least 10
seconds. I count slowly 101, 102, 103, etc.

It is known that people do not like silence, and they will ‘jump in’
to  fill it with words. Then you can discover what their real
objection or feeling is. It works in relationship disagreements
and other situations as well, since it gives YOU that 10 second
time to cool off and regroup your thoughts, words, and actions.
This exercise is very helpful to use during the interview, Career
Evaluation, the raise and just every time you wish to find out
what the other person is really thinking.

INTERVIEW-- Day Before the Interview
Affirmation Tool

Dress comfortably in a business like manner.
Be neat, tidy and polite.

Use a Creative Visualization Exercise
Mentally visualize—in vivid Technicolor—exactly how you wish the interview to progress.

Bring the five senses into your creative visualization
SEE         your interviewer (just a rough sketch is fine)
HEAR           him or her saying, “(Your name), I am so pleased to say I have scheduled
                    you for a second interview with the president. This is just a formality
                    You have the position”
FEEL           the joy and pride at being selected for the position
SMELL         some cologne, flowers, or perfume
TASTE        Take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or bite into a tangy mint

Then step ahead two to three weeks or months and picture yourself in that career. Be certain to put yourself in the picture. Before the appointment, find out all you can about the company and, if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. If your prospective interviewer is a golfer, speak about golfing. If he or she likes to fish, talk about fishing, etc. Talk about the other person’s interest; make the person feel he or she is the most important person in the world at that moment.

INTERVIEW DAY--Role Play with yourself—
Affirmation Tool

Transport yourself into the future, setting the scene up in your mind
Stay calm
Do not allow yourself to become desperate or over overanxious
Be punctual, neat, clean, and well dressed
Be confident
Shake hands firmly
Make frequent eye contact with the interviewer;
Smile and be yourself
Speak clearly and professionally and avoid using slang
Never speak negatively about previous employers or divulge trade secrets
Employers like and appreciate people who are interesting, relaxed, competent, and willing to learn

Show your prospective employers you are sincerely interested in working with their company
Practise empathetic listening. Really hear what the interviewer is saying
Respect the opinions of the interviewer and make comments, when appropriate
It is nice to be important, but it is far more important to be nice
Concentrate on what you have learned from previous work experiences
Refrain from acting like a know-it-all

Affirmation Tool
When you are about to be evaluated, do the following exercise. Creatively visualize in your mind’s eye the office and person who will be evaluating you and your work. Make it very specific, bringing in your five physical senses.

Once you have the picture clearly in your mind, the office, furnishings, what is on the desk or table, your employer(s).
What is he or she wearing? Do they look happy or frustrated?
What energy are you picking up?

Now it is up to you to set the scene the way you wish it to be. Remember your subconscious mind does not know the difference a real and an imagined event. Let’s start setting the scene.

 Really listen to the comments, concentrating on each word and letting them penetrate your mind;

Evaluate what the other person is saying
Appreciate and value the good comments
Give genuine thanks for praise;

Welcome constructive criticism
Ask for clarification (ensure you understand the statements fully)
Make suggestions on how to solve problems
When applicable, say No nicely, with assurance
Speak up for yourself
Refuse to be labelled; do not accept unjust, unfair criticism of your work.

RAISE - Setting the Scene
Affirmation Tool
Create the scene in your mind. Know that what you are asking for is realistic with the company profits, economy, etc. How do you feel about asking for a raise? If you are unhappy with the way you feel, create a new state of consciousness. Know with great certainty that you really are worth that much more money. Then create the mind picture in great detail.

Have the amount you are asking for clearly fixed in your mind
Know you are worth every penny
Know that the company CAN afford to pay you more
Be confident

Challenges with Employers and/or Co-workers
Uncover and Discover Exercise (Going within)
You may not be able to secure another new position until you have learned how to deal with a particular difficult person or situation at your present place of employment. The workplace is comprised of many varied personalities. It is possible to have a personality conflict with one of your co-workers, employer, or others. If this happens take steps to mitigate, improve and/or dissolve it.

Affirmation Tool
Are you expecting too much of your present career, company, or superiors?
Could you be comparing yourself to fellow employees or competing with them?
Do you feel you are being treated unjustly?

If this is the case, get to the root of the problem, examine it, discuss it, and then solve it.
Are you being overly sensitive?
Is there a legitimate reason for this treatment?
Why do you feel it is unfair?

Are you being passed over for promotions?
Are you attracting this type of treatment by your attitude or actions?
Does your attitude need to be adjusted or changed?
When you get the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to look within, at the internal problem.

 If you are satisfied with your answers and you have been honest, it may be time to secure another position.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always work! (sometimes not in our time frame or as we think they should work, but they always work!



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