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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Friday, May 05, 2006

By Dr. Anne Marie Evers


Did you know that being broke is a temporary condition; being poor is a state of mind. Now is the time to uproot those old, negative beliefs of poverty. Those fortunate enough to have been born into wealth have developed a prosperity consciousness know that this consciousness attracts more thoughts of wealth and wealth itself, through the Law of Attraction.

Are you broke or suffering from the Money Blues because... oops, you overspent at Christmas, that birthday, holiday, clothes, etc? Imagine that!

We live under the natural laws of the Universe and one of these laws is The Law of Cause and Effect. What you spent was the cause and now having a lack of money is the effect of your spending. Where will it all end?

But now, I don’t want to labour the fact and beat you up for spending your hard earned Money, but I do want to hammer home the fact that we must be responsible for our money management and lives.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I have to buy that very expensive gift for Johnny? Or why does Debbie need that $3,000 computer when she just got a new one 6 months ago?” And I am sure if you asked yourself these questions, you would come up with answers like, “Well after all, it is my money and I have worked very hard for it. We may also be afraid of losing that person’s love or of them being upset and angry with us.

So what do we do, we go out and spend, spend, spend like there is no tomorrow and then when our bills arrive, we groan and moan about all the money we spent and how we will we be able to make it to pay the rent, mortgage, bills, etc. and we add all this stress to our bodies. Is it worth it? Only you can answer this.

Important Note:
It is my hope that you will take some of these ideas and make them work for you to make
your life easier and more financially manageable. Move out of your comfort zone and Do the Money Tree Exercise described later here.

A Bit About Affirmations - Just what is an affirmation, you may ask? An affirmation is simply a positive sentence stating exactly what you desire. To affirm is to state that it is so and maintain this attitude regardless of what is happening all around you—and the answer will come.

Affirmations are similar to wishes, prayers or goals, only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm. Simply put, the basis of all affirmations is positive thinking.

Just know that any idea that is accepted by your brain is automatically transferred into an action of some kind. It may take seconds, minutes, or longer, but ideas always produce a reaction of some kind. Say to your subconscious mind, "Hey wonderful mind you know how to assist me in attracting, keeping and managing my finances and I now ask for your help, for which I give thanks," Then do an affirmation as set out below.

The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and re-creating. If you have a problem, you created it and you can uncreate it.

Always affirm in the present time. Saying and decreeing, “I deserve and now have” makes it present tense. If you say, “I deserve and will have,” you are putting the manifestation off into the future—perhaps some future lifetime. Your subconscious mind will honour the postponement inherent in this statement. You cannot live in the past, present, and future at the same time.

How Do You React to Money?

When bills arrive in the mail, do you suffer from a money anxiety attack? How long do you postpone opening the envelopes that hold your unpaid bills and invoices? What feelings do you experience when you are purchasing any item? Do you feel you are losing money? Are you exchanging or recycling it? How do you treat money? Do you crinkle it up or do you fold it neatly? Is your chequebook neat, tidy, and balanced?

When you understand how you think about and react to money issues, you will begin to see how to remedy your thinking. Take full responsibility for your financial situation. Use your own positive thoughts and powerful mind to get yourself out of debt and stay debt-free. Respect money, bearing in mind it responds as people do. You can consciously change your mind about your thoughts of poverty and make them thoughts of wealth.

Say repeatedly during the day that you attract money and great wealth. Tell yourself you are on the road to prosperity. Accept the money consciousness. What we envision in life is what we get. Our affirmations, images, concepts, and ideas - whether they are negative or positive, are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Are your debts growing faster than your income? Put yourself on a strict money diet. Start saving small amounts, such as $5, $l0, and $20.

Examine what you say about money:

What are your feelings, beliefs, and emotions about it? How often have you said money creates unhappiness or greed, that money is evil, or money is scarce and that you do not deserve money? Do you believe that to be wealthy, you must be educated? Substitute your negative ideas about money with the following concepts. Love, respect, and approve of money as a divine idea in God’s mind.

· Accept your own divine inheritance of prosperity.
· Be open to receiving.
· Look for opportunities to give and be willing to receive and enjoy, in accordance with Universal Laws.

Money and Mind-Power:

Seed your sleep with thoughts of prosperity. Lull yourself to sleep, saying, “Great wealth, great wealth.” This promotes prosperity consciousness.

Even if you are not wealthy at this present time, when you say “great wealth,” it will not be rejected or cancelled by your conscious mind because you are not saying that you are wealthy or that you have great wealth. You are merely bringing wealth and prosperity into your consciousness.

When you lull yourself to sleep, saying, “Great wealth,” your subconscious mind has all night to locate, assemble, and bring into existence all the material required to make your affirmations materialize. Once you have fully accepted and worked with the successful blueprint in your mind for making money, you will never again be broke or in need of money.

Bear in mind you never actually make wealth. Wealth comes into the life of those who strongly believe they can be successful and wealthy. This acceptance is the consciousness that prepares the way for wealth.

When you doodle, write dollar signs. Fold your paper money in half, face up toward you. One of my students did this exercise and found $2000 dollars in an old dresser he was refinishing. One lady said she had to discontinue this practice because she was getting too much overtime. This additional work resulted in her receiving more money. She reported she was becoming overtired.

I told her to rejoice and start another affirmation that she had an excess of wonderful, healthy energy and was 100 percent healthy, wealthy, and completely balanced. Make your very own 'Money Tree'.

The following exercise can be very powerful in helping you manifest abundance in your life. Purchase a small tree and plant it in your backyard.

If you are limited for space, plant a small tree in a pot in your home or apartment. Place paper money bills on it, using clothespins or paper clips to attach the bills to the branches or leaves. If you are unable to do it with real money, take pieces of paper and write out the amounts you wish to see multiplied: $50, $100, $5000, $l00,000, or more. You can also use Monopoly money. Alternatively, you may visualize your own money tree.

See yourself picking all the money you desire, $10s, $20s, $50s, $100s, $1000s from your very own 'Money Tree'.

Renata was a young housewife who was always short of money. No matter how hard she tried, she could not make her husband’s paycheque stretch far enough to pay all the bills. Tension over the shortage of money resulted in constant quarrels. When Renata came to see me, I could feel the tension and hostility in her. I told her about the Money Tree Method and she said she was willing to try anything.

She bought a live tree and planted it in her backyard. Every morning, she sat for 20 minutes, eyes closed and visualized picking money off the tree. As she brought in all her senses, her visualizations became very clear and real to her. She imagined:

· Seeing the money on the money tree;
· Hearing the crack of crisp $100 bills;
· Feeling the money with her fingers;
· Smelling the new bills and
· Tasting a tangy mint.

She also did the following affirmation.

“I, Renata, deserve to have and now easily pick from my very own money tree in my backyard the sum of $7000 to pay my immediate debts, pay off the loan on the family car, and to use for spending money. I am not concerned about how this happens. I simply release this request with faith and expectancy into the Universe. Divine Intelligence now puts this money into my hands or my bank account. The power of my subconscious mind now brings it to pass in its own way. I get out of the way and allow it to manifest. I know the answer is appearing now, for which I give thanks. I am content and happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Her Short-Form Affirmation: Great wealth, great wealth.

She lulled herself to sleep saying it. Shortly after she began this process, a friend dropped by for coffee one morning. When Renata served her one of her special muffins, the friend exclaimed, “These are marvellous, you should market them.” Two days later, Bill came home from work and mentioned that his company was searching for a new vending company to provide coffee and goodies during the coffee break. As she remembered her friend’s words, a light came on in Renata’s mind.

The next morning, Bill awoke to the delicious aroma of Renata’s muffins. “I have it all figured out,” Renata told her husband. “I can use the station wagon, rent a coffee-maker from the church, and put coffee into thermos bottles, serve my muffins, and take over the catering business at your office.”

Today, Renata has a flourishing business. She has added soup, salads, and sandwiches to her service and is now catering to several companies. Why did everything fall into place at just the right time? Could it have been because of Renata’s Money Tree affirmation and visualization? By her concentrated thought, action, and focus on money and the affirmation exercise, Renata generated money consciousness and it manifested into her reality.

You will find a money tree in my home. I find it great for borrowing money and, when I replace it, I always add at least five dollars for the earned interest. You will find that opportunities you never dreamed were possible will come to you. You will be offered positions or business opportunities that will make money for you. New ideas will come to you from your subconscious as you hold the thought of prosperity firmly in your mind.

Become aware of money and how you can use it to help family, others, and self. When affirming for money, refrain from attempting to figure out where it will come from. Do not worry about the modus operandi (how it happens). It does not matter. Just be certain all your affirmations contain the safety clause, “To the good of all parties concerned.” You are entitled to all the wealth, health, and happiness you desire. You only have to desire it, be specific in your requests, and do your affirmations faithfully.

Remember that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
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