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Thursday, October 03, 2013

HEALTH UPDATE Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Just wanted to update my health situation. It is my 2nd day after Chemo at the hospital and I am doing well. Oh yes, some of the side effects are annoying, but I am continually 'Affirming' my way through it all, saying over and over, "The chemo treatments are fully accepted joyously by every part of my body and working to my highest and healthiest good." ...

Of course I am working on many other Health, Calming and Healing Affirmations as well. And as I always say in my books and writings, "Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!" and they are! (and I add, 'sometimes not in our timeframe or as we think they should.)

Love, thousands of thank you's for your prayers and Affirmations for me during this challenge. And Affirmation Blessings to all.