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Sunday, January 04, 2009

As I have had many requests from people who would like to listen to particular archived shows, on I am posting the dates, names of my guests and the topic.

Also remember this show is L I V E every Saturday from 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

August 1/ 06
Main Guest John Joseph Kennedy, Businessman Creator
Whale Magic – Program teachings Children the Magic
of believing and treating whales with loving kindness.

August 8/ 06
Main Guest MISSING

August 15/ 06
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Understanding how the gift of the open heart positively
affects the lives or people

August 22/ 06
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC Affirmations and Children—Kids Affirmations Program

August 29/ 06
Main Guest MISSING

September 12/ 06
Main Guest Merv Wright (Real Estate Agent)
TOPIC Discusses how he uses Affirmations to sell Real Estate and in
his Personal life.

September 19/ 06
Main Guest Edwena Gaines (Owner, Rock Ridge Retreat)
TOPIC Prosperity Seminars and Affirmation Instructor

September 26/ 06
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island, Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Who’s Hanging out at the Intersection of your life?

October 3/ 06
10 Minute Guest – Greg Norman, Rhode Island, Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC The art of being real.
Main Guest Debbie Harney Gregor, Coach Extraordinaire
TOPIC The Art of living in the present and Goal Setting

October 10/ 06
Main Guest Sarah Simmons, Author, Radio Talk Dhow Host
TOPIC An open discussion on Angels and Affirmations

October 24/ 06
Main Guest Dale McCarthy, TV Station producer
TOPIC Communication with Animals – Helping Owners and
Animals live healthier and happier lives.

October 31/ 06
Main Guest Rose Marcus, Astrologer/Clairvoyant
TOPIC The Conscious and Subconscious Mind and how Astrology
affects our lives.

November 7/ 06
Main Guest Rev. Eva Grace Johnson, Minister, Affirmation
TOPIC Miracles, Affirmations and the Bible. Also speaking
About The Nightly Affirmation Prayer Group Nightly
11pm Pacific Standard time

November 14/ 06
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC ‘Part One -- Positive Changes through the proper use of the
Spoken word--Affirmations and how to make them work for
each person.

November 21/ 06
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC Part 2 Activities to enrich your life. Also overview of
planting the Affirmation Garden and the 4 Step Process.

November 28/ 06
Main Guest: Sarah Simmons Author/Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC How her own death experience gifted her with Universal
Principles and learning with the Angels.

December 5/ 06
Main Guest James (Jim) Selman
TOPIC Life Getting Better as we Age. He gives valuable tips and
methods to make us happier as we age. Helpful tips and
proven methods.

December 12/ 06
Main Guest Lavone Napier (Level III Reiki) Healer
TOPIC Healing through The power of Prayer and Affirmations

December 19/ 06
Main Guest Bobby O’Neal, Entrepreneur. Creator
TOPIC Developed (with the help of angels)’Syncrohearts
Relationship Game for Couples.—was guest on TV series
Dragon’s Den.

January 2/ 07
Main Guest Carol Matthews, Radio Talk Show Host of Messengerfiles
TOPIC Power of Affirmations and Numerology

January 9/ 07
Main Guest Sarah Simmons, Accomplished Author of man books,
Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Understanding the Subconscious Mind and how to use
Self-Talk successfully.

January 16/ 07
Main Guest Rev.Tanya Diamond, Counselor, Motivational
Speaker & Radio Talk Show Host (Seattle)
TOPIC Helps People train their animals. Gives great, solid
ideas, advice and hints.

January 23/ 07
Main Guest Peter Williams, Camera Man formerly with CNN
TOPIC Reflecting on the power of Thought Watching and
how thoughts and words affect each one of us. We
create each time we speak.

January 30/ 07
Main Guest Paul Thompson, Numerologist
TOPIC Numbers and how they relate to the self. Gives
techniques on how to enjoy and work with the number

February 6/ 07
Main Guest MISSING

February 13/ 07
Main Guest MISSING

February 20/ 07
Main Guest MISSING

February 27/ 07
Main Guest MISSING

March 6/ 07
Main Guest Michael Alexander Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC: Programming the mind – taking one step at a time—
KAP (Kids Affirmation Program)

March 20/ 07
Main Guest Jolleen Madsen and son Cage (Working in
TOPIC Speaking about Life’s Purpose and introducing Affirmations,
Yoga and other techniques to African/Indian Schools,
Libraries, etc.

March 27/ 07
Main Guest Frank, Executive Clinical Director
TOPIC Speaking about his experience (jailed and about to commit
suicide) but events changed his life. When he was at his
lowest a bight light lit up his cell and he KNEW it was going
to be okay. Story of Hope!


April 3/ 07
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Interviewing Dr. Anne Marie Evers about how Affirmations
worked to free Peter Kimber from a very unjust and
horrifying jail in Mexico. True. Affirmation Success!

April 10/ 07
Main Guest Teesha May from living on the streets to success.
TOPIC Coming from a violent home, and being a mother on the
street she discusses a powerful dream that turned her
life around

April 17/ 07
Main Guest Monty Ritchings, Author, Businessman
TOPIC Speaking about his book—What Your Mom and Dad
Didn’t Know They Were Teaching You’ He advocates
teaching by example
April 24/ 07
Main Guest Debora Beauvet, Author, Radio Talk Show Host,
Relationship Counselor/Coach
TOPIC Speaking about the Love Doctor Connection’ an
how to attract and improve your Relationships

May 1/ 07
Main Guest Peter Kimber &
Michael Alexander, Educator, (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC THE PETER KIMBER STORY – from hopelessness to
triumphant release using the power of Affirmations and
with help from people worldwide.

May 8/ 07
Main Guest Janice Smith, Author, Coach and Lecturer
TOPIC Why Aren’t people Happy? Why Some Affirmations
Don’t Appear to work. Gives specific methods & ideas.

May 15/ 07
Main Guest Tawana Williams, Author of Autobiography, Coach,
Motivational Speaker
TOPIC How a courageous Mom overcomes physical
challenges. Her inspirational story gives H O. P. E ! !

May 22/ 07
Main Guest Jan Jansen Author/Entrepreneur
TOPIC Discussing her life as a Jehovah Witness and
her book—Devil With A Briefcase—Gives her
ideas and hints for success in any Endeavour.

June 5/ 07
Main Guest Ed Gunter, Author
TOPIC Religious Transmitted Diseases Talking about the
Subconscious mind and The Secret and that there’s
more to The Secret

June 12/ 07
Main Guest Ted Swan, Paramedic, Author, Lecturer
TOPIC Discussing his work talking to Kids in schools about
safety, precautions etc, . Helping kids—one
classroom at a time.

June 19/ 07
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC Update on The Peter Kimber Story, and request for listeners
to help free Brenda Martin who is and has been in prison for
18-months, Mexico. Request for Affirmation/Prayers

June 26/ 07
Main Guest Peter Kimber
TOPIC: Continuation of The Peter Kimber story – his story from
hopelessness to release in just 129 days through the
power of the spoken word--- Affirmations and help from
people worldwide. He is
very thankful.

July 3/ 07
Main Guest Rev. Richard Silva, Author, Motivational Speaker
TOPIC Speaking about his book -- New evidence of Life After
Death. He shares new and interesting ideas about
death, dying and life after.

July 10/ 07
Main Guest Carl Helvie, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Registered
Nurse for 55 years, Teacher
TOPIC His book and life history; discussing his articles and
work with Dr. Charles Thomas Casey.

July 17/ 07
Main Guest Sarah Simmons, Radio Talk Show Host, Author
Todd & Donna McCallow, Entrepreneurs, owners of
Health business that concentrates on prevention.
TOPIC Business that beats disease. Don’t become a boiled frog!

July 23/ 07
Main Guest Rene Jorgensen, Author, Philosopher
TOPIC Near Death Experiences and Life After Death His
Book--Awakening After Life goes into this, and his
near death experience.

July 30/ 07
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island Talk Show Host
Debara from Utah Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Has a group--Quest for World Peace. She also works
With Children’s Groups teaching positive Affirmations
via The Kids Affirmation Club which was created by
Dr. Anne Marie Evers.

August 5/ 07
Main Guest MISSING

August 12/07
Main Guest MISSING

August 20/ 07
Main Guest John Hodge, Golf pro from Tennessee, Businessman,
Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Positive Thinking (Affirmations) How he succeeded
and invented the Andy Griffiths Trivia Game

August 27/ 07
Main Guest Jerry Lev, Businessman, Entrepreneur
TOPIC How he used Affirmations, positive thinking and good
old common sense to create and operate successful
businesses. Also he spoke about The Pursuit of
Excellence Course that encourages one to study self

September 10/ 07
Main Guest Angela Treat-Lion, (Hawaii) Author/ /Radio Host
TOPIC The Magic Elevator. Mind power, Creating through
thoughts and mind power. One new thought at a time
and much more.

September 17/ 07
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island Radio Talk Show Host
TOPIC Speaking the Open heart, love and gratitude and
about his Radio Show for Men

September 24/ 07
Main Guest Dr. Eldon Taylor, Author
TOPIC: Speaking about his book on Illusion – how we have choices
and can perform miracles

October 1/ 07
Main Guest Aisha Carver, Co-author of cook book/Yoga
TOPIC Spiritual quest that motivated her and her husband
to follow the works of two Gurus.

October 15/ 07
Main Guest Rev. Gabre Amlack, Author, Speaker
TOPIC Discusses the--12 Houses of the Zodiac;
12 Tribes; 12 Disciples and more. Very informative.

October 22/ 07
Main Guest Pete Segal, Author, Lecturer and Coach
TOPIC How to get through problems such the recent fire in
California and how to make your dream come true with
the proper intention and positive thinking.

November 3/ 07
Main Guest Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC Discussing The Affirmation process which is built on the 5
Building Blocks and discussion on The Cards of Life
Meanings; talking about money and much more.

November 10/ 07
Main Guest Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC Teaching The Power of the Spoken word Affirmations.
Makin Affirmations work for YOU! Specific and
proven methods, techniques and Affirmation to make
your dreams come true!

November 17/ 07
Main Guest Rebecca, Producer/Engineer & Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC History of Cards of Life and more

November 24/ 07
Main Guest Dr Lee Polus, Psychiatrist
TOPIC Power of the spoken word:--Affirmation.
Discussion about the power of the mind and how
thoughts affect every one of us.

December 1/ 07
Main Guest Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC Speaking about the power of the simple act of
forgiveness & Meditation suggestions

December 15/ 07
Main Guest Rebecca, Producer/Engineer &
Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC A Christmas Theme – Making your Christmas Happy.

December 22/ 07
Main Guest Rebecca, Producer/Engineer &
Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC Discussing The Law and Power of Attraction.
Affirmations with emphasis and focus on the family.

January 5/ 08
Main Guest Paul Thompson, Numerologist & Speaker
TOPIC Giving more insights into the self through
numerology and how numerology can benefit us in
our lives.

January 12/ 08
Main Guest Bryant McGill, Poet, Radio Host, Entrepreneur
TOPIC A New Slant on Affirmations. As McGill Talks
about his inspirational works and experiences as a
powerful activist for World Peace.

January 19/ 08
Main Guest Jody Renee Sillence, Author
TOPIC Talking about her book--Prayerful Awakening
Helping people to discover spiritual awareness and
believe in miracles. Connecting with and honoring
the child within.

January 26/ 08
Main Guest Tanya Harman, Author, Life Coach
TOPIC How she helps people to achieve balance and
enhancement to create a life they love

February 2/ 08
Main Guest Jason Bolter, Author (Florida)
TOPIC Talks about self—The inner workings of the
human mind, body, and spirit.

February 9/ 08
Main Guest Carol Uchytil, Publisher/creator and
editor of The popular Violet Ray Magazine
TOPIC Talks about the power of intention and her
intention to make a difference and help
others She found her dream and is making
it come true via of publishing The Violet
Ray Magazine.
February 16/ 08
Main Guest Coleen Brad, Author, Relationship Coach
TOPIC Helping people find their true love.
Very inspiring.

February 23/ 08
Main Guest Anna
TOPIC 30-day prosperity plan/getting rid of negative
Beliefs and the fabulous results she received
when doing The Forgiveness Exercise—
Emptying the Cup and releasing negativity.

March 1/ 08
Main Guest Daryl Gray/ Musician Played in band
TOPIC How is turned his life around. He has given up
drugs and alcohol and is now embracing his
spiritual self.

March 8/ 08
Main Guest Elizabeth Adams Psychic
TOPIC Explaining the differences between: Psychic
Mediums, Clairvoyants, etc.

March 15/ 08
Main Guest Beverley Woodburn, Florist, Businesswoman,
Florist Industry for 30 years..
TOPIC Discussion on ‘Do flowers make people happy?’
Happiness is ‘an inside job!’
How to have a successful floral business.

March 22/ 08
Main Guest Don Baron, Psychologist, Author, International
Motivational Speaker.
TOPIC Discussion on what you think about you attract.
beyond The Secret and the power of intent. How to
manifest your heart’s desires.

March 29/ 08
Main Guest Dr. Richard Jellovich, Author, Flower Reader
TOPIC Speaks about ‘The Eye of the Needle’ with its self-
help approach. Talks about the 7 Chakras and
explains their significance to people,

April 5/ 08
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC Teaching children at a young age the power of
Affirmations. plus Kids Affirmations The most important
gift we can give children at a young age is to teach
them positive and affirming Affirmations. KAP

April 19/ 08
Main Guest Michael Alexander, Educator (the Curriculum Guy)
TOPIC Important principles of prosperity, i.e. benevolent –
money – contentment. Giving specific steps to
become and stay prosperous, healthy & happy.

April 26/ 08
Main Guest Michael Lightfoot, Entrepreneur, Businessman
TOPIC Vitamins and minerals—How he created a
successful family business by using powerful
Prosperity Principles and positive thinking. He
s now teaching and helping others.
Very Knowledgeable.

May 3/ 08
Main Guest Dale McCarthy, TV Producer, Animal
TOPIC How to talk to pets and find ways to help them
enjoy a more healthier and happier life. .

May 10/ 08
Main Guest Carol Guy, ‘Earth Angel’
TOPIC Great information about Angels – How to
communicate with them and work with them
to help you in your life’s challenges and

May 17/ 08
Main Guest James (Jim) Armstrong, Author
TOPIC Speaking about his book—Now What—
Discovering Your New Life and Career after 50.
Transition into the marketplace for people
in that category

May 24/ 08
Main Guest Jim Karol, TV Comedian (calls himself ‘A freak
of nature*)
TOPIC Story of hope. His incredible journey after being
laid off, he opened a Magic Shop and magic
became his career. Had a dream on a number
222 which changed his life forever.

May 31/ 08
Main Guest Dr. Betty Provetch, Phd , Author/Seminars
TOPIC ‘The Miracle of Death’ also ‘Earthwalking
Sky Dancers’
Helping people who have a fear of death.
How she dealt with immediate family
Deaths, especially after her son’s.

June 21/ 08
Main Guest Marjie Alphrhadi , Entrepreneur
TOPIC Affirmations for children and every person.

July 5/ 08
Main Guest Tim Link Author, Businessman, Owner
of his own company Wagging Tales.
TOPIC Previously he talked to people and now he is
Talking to animals—mainly domestic.

July 19/ 08
Main Guest Frankie Picasso, Unstoppable Coach, Author,
TOPIC Life is about helping other people, giving hope,
and focusing on other people. Keep on going no
matter what life hands you.

July 26/ 08
Main Guest Diana Nightengale , Author, Entrepreneur
TOPIC She discusses life with Earl Nightengale’ of
Conan Nightengale Audio Productions and his
wonderful, uplifting work for all mankind.

August 2/ 08
Main Guest Rebecca, Producer/Engineer &
Dr. Anne Marie Evers
TOPIC The powerful 7 day Program and making
Affirmations work FOR YOU!

August 9/ 08
Main Guest Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD - Medical Doctor, Speaker and much more.
TOPIC Discusses healing and his book ‘How to
Live Between Office Visits’. Tips on mind
power and much more.

August 16/ 08
Main Guest Dr. Carol Kancher author
TOPIC Speaking about her book ‘ Date to Change Your

August 23/ 08
Main Guest Rose Marcus -- Astrologer
TOPIC The Power of the Stars and Solar System and
their effect on people.

September 6,/08
Main Guest Lilly Page, Opera
TOPIC How Affirmations worked in here life and
Proof of Affirmation Success.

September 13/ 08
Main Guest Greg Norman, Rhode Island Talk Show
Host –
TOPIC The Power of the Spoken Word, Affirmations
and every day miracles

September 20,/08
Main Guest Doug Vereerem , International Speaker
TOPIC Create what you want to do or be….Made
sequel film to The Secret showing the next

September 27/ 08
Main Guest Dana Mrkich, Author
TOPIC Making your life the very best with her
book—'A New Chapter

October 4/ 08
Main Guest Bobby O'Neal, Creator/Author
TOPIC Nurturing your Relationship with self and others.
Syncrohearts Board Game for couples
October 11/ 08
Main Guest Rev. Maria Hoaglund, Author
TOPIC Speaking about death, dying, hospice and
her book—The Last Adventure of Life

November 8/ 08
Main Guest Ted Kunz, Counselor, Author
TOPIC Speaking about World Pace and talking about his
Book—— Peace Begins with Me

November 15/ 08
Main Guest Greg Huszzo, Author and much more
TOPIC Speaking how to make differences
and encouraging people to really be
themselves. Also talking about his
book—Making a Difference by Being

November 22/ 08
Main Guest Wanda March, Coach and Motivational
TOPIC Her Wonderful and Powerful Affirmation

November 29/ 08
First Section -- Random Act of Kindness Hero -
Marci Mobbs, Waitress at Ricky’s Restaurant
in North Vancouver, B.C, Canada. .Where
She and her colleagues donated all their
tips/wages on November 30th to FIR
MAIN GUEST - Fauna Hodel, Author of her own extraordinary
story, "One Day Shall Darken”
TOPIC Giving back to FIR (Families in Recovery.)

December 6/ 08
First Section -Random Act of Kindness Hero
Jeffrey Armstrong Author, Entrepreneur,
Businessman, Humanitarian
TOPIC SPUD PATROL - Serving potatoes to
Unrecognized Devas (Angels)-
MAIN GUEST Dr. Gloria Burgess - International
Lecturer, author of' ‘Dare to Wear Your Soul on
the Outside’, and much more

December 13/ 08
First Section -Random Acts of Kindness Hero
Keith, Wendy & Sadna
TOPIC How they performed Random Acts of
Kindness & how it made them feel doing them.
Main Guest Michael Alexander
TOPIC Looking back over 2008. The meanings.
C h r i s t m a s P u n c h—
One letter at a time. As well as
Christmas tips for having a good time

December 20th/ 08
Pre=recorded show for December 27th, 08

December 27th/ 08
First Section - Random Acts of Kindness Hero

Main Guest Joyanna Anthony Entrepreneur, Teacher,
TOPIC Speaking about different ways to do Affirmations
and much more.


January 4th, 2009

First Section – NEW
Appointment of Joyanna Anthony as the
Regular Official Random Acts of Kindness Roving
Reporter for the first ten minutes of The Dr. Anne
Marie Evers Show. She finds Random Acts
Of Kindness Heroes.

TOPIC The amazing Brock Tully and his Journey of
Kindness and much, much more.

Main Guest Jim Rubens, Author Ran for Governor in
New Hampshire

TOPIC Speaking about his newly released book——
Over Success—Healing the American Obsession.