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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank you Stephanie for asking these very important questions about the Affirmation Process. I am happy you have my Affirmations book.

You ask about Forgiveness the 1st step- - - etc.

Your Questions
“How long does it take to get past this part and actually start doing Affirmations? Do you forgive one person every day for a certain number of days and then move onto someone else?

Do the Forgiveness Exercise and right after start creating your Master Affirmation. Remember to make it specific as it is your Order to the Universe. Unless you have a particular forgiveness issue, the Extended Toothbrush Exercise takes care of all the forgiveness issues you have and even those you are not aware of, you know those Internal Boils, that I talk about in the book, negative remarks from self and others that you allowed to enter into your subconscious mind. Some of them have taken root and are still there. It may be time to operate and take out those ‘emotional challenges’ by performing your Extended Toothbrush Exercise daily in earnest and with the thought of it being 'to the good of all parties concerned.' (the safety clause).

Forgiveness is an ongoing process and I feel every person should do the Extended Toothbrush Exercise EVERY single day. This way little hurts, disappointments, etc. that occur daily do not have time to take root in the rich, fertile soil of your subconscious mind, grow and become large, negative obstacles or stumbling blocks, etc.


For Example – Affirming for that Perfect, Lasting, Successful Career

If you are creating a Master Affirmation for attracting that perfect, lasting, successful career for you, I suggest that you focus on your forgiveness and releasing on that particular subject - - - on any negative people, their remarks and actions and any hurtful negative situation that you may have encountered in your last career. Also forgive yourself for any part (if any) you had in that negative situation.

For Example –Affirming for that Lasting, Loving, Healthy Relationship with the perfect Love Partner for you

If you are creating a Master Affirmation for attracting that special Love Partner into your life, here again it may be time to focus on forgiving and releasing any hurtful remarks or actions of past relationships that you may need to focus on. These could include self-forgiveness for your anger, disappointment, frustration and/or negativity about that past relationship (s) and what you may think could be your part in the break up. Or you may need to forgive yourself for being a 'Doormat,' and not standing up for yourself, your beliefs and values.

And so on, use this process for attracting abundant health, money, more friends, harmonious family life, perfect place to live and just any desire you may have.

NOW – ‘The Forgiveness Exercise

I call it the 'Extended Toothbrush Forgiveness Exercise' because most people brush their teeth a couple of times daily and if they perform this forgiveness exercise just before, after or while brushing their teeth they will not forget to do it!


Get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and then take several deep breaths. On the IN-BREATH, breathe in love, health, peace, joy and happiness and on the OUT-BREATH, breathe out any health challenges, fear, anger, hurt, disappointment, and just any negative feeling, emotion and/or thoughts.

Now say the following---

"I, Stephanie Tate NOW forgive everyone and everything that has EVER hurt me. I NOW forgive myself and am forgiven. I love, respect and approve of myself."


When you say, 'EVER,' this goes right back to creation, to when you were in your mother's womb so if too many negative memories surface in your mind at the same time, just firmly say, "One at a time please." Then deal with that one before going on to the next one.

When you feel you have totally completed your Forgiveness Exercise for that day, say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," and go on about your day.

Stephanie when you say everyone and everything you are including any person who ever hurt you by words or actions and everything covers any negative situation.


Your Question

Let's talk about the time-frame. How long does it take for the forgiveness Exercise to work and the Affirmation to manifest?

First of all, I believe the process of forgiveness is really never ending and it is something we all should do on a daily basis. When you feel you are ready to do your Master Affirmation, be very specific saying exactly what you desire. The manifestation of your Affirmation always have a certain amount of time to manifest--it could be one second, several minutes, hours, days and sometimes months.



Do The Extended Toothbrush Exercise every single day.

Write out your Master Affirmation, being very specific, stating exactly what you want. Make it colorful as color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind. Remember you only need to create your Master Affirmation (Sample Form in my book), like preparing your Last Will and Testament.

When you have created your Master Affirmation being very specific, making it colourful. interesting and fun to look at place it in a plastic insert sheet to keep it clean and free of coffee, tea, juice stains, etc.


Start your Affirmation Process by taking out your Master Affirmation and reading it over twice daily (in the morning and in the evening). Just after you have read your Master Affirmation simply step ahead, in your mind, several days, weeks, months and bring in your 5 physical senses.

See what you are affirming as already existing in the physical form;
Hear people congratulation you on your success;
Smell your favorite perfume or essential oil;
Feel how happy you are;
Taste either take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into
a juicy apple to complete your 5 physical senses.

Then put your Master Affirmation away and go on about your day.


Should you wish you can take several KEY words from your Master Affirmation and jot them down several times on a piece of paper; and/or say then out loud as many times as you wish. I think it depends on how important that particular Affirmation is to you at that particular time. This process keeps your Affirmation on the front burner of your mind.

You can do many Master Affirmations at the same time as long as you place each Master Affirmation on a separate page. Then remember to read each one over and step ahead bringing in your 5 senses and go on to the next one. In other words, please complete the process with each Master Affirmation.

Hope this helps and should you need further clarification, please email me.

Dr. Anne Marie Evers


Sunday, March 25, 2012

I just wanted to add to my Hummingbird Story that if you are a bit confused about a dream, vision, etc. it may be time to try 'Initiation Art.' I had never heard of it before. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Janine Kimmel and have her help guide you to your inner self. What happened to me just during our telephone conversation prior to the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show was totally unexpected and miraculous, an experience I will never forget.

Now I welcome the Hummingbird into my life, work and Being with all my heart with love, joy, anticipation and excitement!

Also I wish to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," to my wonderful listeners for all your wonderful and supportive emails about my Hummingbird story.

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