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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Are you tired of being alone?
Are you tired or not having that special person to share your Christmas, and special holidays?
Are you tired of celebrating New Years Alone -- without that special romantic partner?
Are you willing to do something about it?
Do you want to make this the LAST year that you spend without that special life partner?

Here is the ‘Magic Formula!’

Now is the time to step up to the plate and take action.


FORGIVENESS -- First of all do the Extended Toothbrush Exercise

When you get up in the morning and after you have brushed your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Hey self, you are a mighty fine person, you are beautiful or handsome. Then say, “I, (your name) now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am.” This exercise gets rid of any blocks that could be hindering you from attracting and keeping that special Love Partner into your life.

The exercise outlined below is a very powerful, effective, proven exercise.

N.B Warning – Please do not do this exercise UNLESS you are totally ready to accept and enjoy this wonderful, new, romantic relationship/marriage.

Let’s Begin!
Magic Magnetic ‘Love’ Carpet

Use this exercise to magnetize your loving, lasting, happy relationship/marriage partner to you--simple & effective.

Make your own Magic Magnetic Love Carpet. You can make it out of old scraps of material, old carpets, or any material that is suitable for you to stand on. Use your imagination. I made my Magic Magnetic Love Carpet out of soft, pink material in the shape of a heart. You can place an outline of a heart in the center. Make it large enough for you to stand on and to be able to turn around on. Be sure and put some pink on it as pink denotes romantic love.

You will need:
Your homemade Magic Magnetic Carpet
Jasmine essence
2 bright pink candles
Small spray bottle
1 glass of fresh, sparkling, distilled water
* Sketch or picture of your desired Love Mate

*Be sure that you do not order up a certain person. If you like the looks of a person, you can put that picture on your table with the words, “Someone that looks like him or her.”

You must not affirm and magnetize a certain person to you, unless you are in a relationship with him or her and wish to make it more loving.

Everyone has free choice and that person has to want to be with you. All affirmations and magnetizing must have the safety clause incorporated into it. The safety clause is, we affirm everything and everyone ‘to the good of all parties concerned’and that includes you! Place all of these on a table in front of you.

Magic, Magnetic Love Drops.

Put some water into a spray bottle and add a few drops of Jasmine essence. Lightly spray yourself.


Step 1: On a table in front of you, light the two candles. On your heart chakra, place one drop of Jasmine Essence on your heart area.

Step 2: List all your ‘Love Nots’ any negative thoughts or feelings you may have and why you feel that you do not deserve that loving, lasting, happy relationship or marriage.

I am not attractive enough
I am not wealthy enough
I am not slim enough
I am not healthy
I am not educated enough
I am not smart enough and more.

Drop all your ‘Love Nots’ into a burning pot and burn them. Dispose of the ashes by flushing them down the toilet. Now you are ready to magnetize that loving, lasting, happy relationship or marriage to you.

Step 3: Focus on the sketch/picture of desired partner.

Step into the heart of your Magic Magnetic Love Carpet. Take three deep breaths. With your arms outstretched from your sides, turn slowly from left to right (clockwise) and say the following:

“I, (your name) now magnetize into my Magic Magnetic Love Circle that perfect, loving, lasting, happy relationship/Marriage to me now! Finish by saying, “Thank you thank you, thank you.’ Then accept and allow this Special Love Person to come into your life, saying,

I totally accept
I totally accept
I totally accept

Feel your special life partner being drawn to you from the entire solar system and from you Magic Magnetic Love Carpet. See that special love partner (just the outline is enough). Hear that special love partner saying, “Your name I love you.” Smell the essence. Taste the water.

Step 4: Speak your Master Affirmation out loud with feeling, emotion and belief.

* You already have that special love relationship/Marriage; it just has not appeared in your reality as yet!

Treat your Magic Magnetic Love Carpet with respect and care and it will serve you well. Congratulations you have just stepped into your Magic Magnetic Love Life with your perfect partner.

AS A NECK REST: You can also use Your Magic Magnetic Love Carpet as a neck rest. This can prove comforting and also help to bring that emotion of romantic love into your consciousness.

ADDITIONAL STEP : You can write out this Master Affirmation and place it in a plastic insert sheet. Take it out every morning and evening and read it over. This will also help put your desire on the front burner of your mind.

Sample Master Affirmation For Attracting Love Relationship/Marriage (Write your own Master Affirmation, using this as a sample) Place a sketch or picture here.

“I, (your name) deserve now have the perfect, loving, lasting, happy relationship/marriage with my Special Love. I am now a Love Magnet! Magic Love is drawn to me now!
... (here add the qualities you wish to have in that person ... Divine Intelligence knows where this person is and the great wisdom of my subconscious mind now magically draws us together. I release this request with faith to my subconscious mind, knowing it has already occurred. I give thanks to Divine Intelligence for the Perfect Love partner for me. We are happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you Thank you, Thank you.”

I totally accept: Signed ______________ Dated ___________

When you date and sign this Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with your higher self, God, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in. Your search is over and you have reached the RELATIONSHIP JACKPOT! Congratulations! Enjoy and know that
Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!