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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Blessed Merry Christmas to All!

Dear Readers, I am so pleased to extend Happy, Loving Seasons Greetings from the offices of Dr. Anne Marie Evers in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - from our spiritual family to your spiritual family.

We are so blessed to have you wonderful readers and supporters from all parts of the world. It is such a pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to visit with you every month, answer questions and just enjoy your interaction with us. My heart is full of gratitude.

Christmas is also a time to remember others less fortunate. When you are wrapping your Christmas gifts this year, stop and put thoughts of love into the wrapping paper and the gift itself. As you tie the ribbons saturate them with thoughts of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Bless them as they make their journey from you to that person. Enjoy the greatest gifts of all at Christmas, watching children sit on Santa’s knee, watching your children or grandchildren Christmas morning, having a chat with a friend, giving that busy Christmas shopper the gift of your smile, or just sharing a cheery greeting to another person.

It is the little things that really count. They are the building blocks to the great structures. When you stop and think about this statement, it really gets your interest. “Everything you say or do to another person, negatively or positively, affects the life of that person in ways you will never know.” So the next time you are annoyed at the clerk in the store, or waitperson in a café, stop, think and say to yourself, “If I react in a negative, angry manner what effect could that have on that person’s life?” A little bit of appreciation goes along way, especially during these busy, hectic Christmas shopping days.

Be extra aware of others and their feelings. If a person is grumpy, do not jump to the conclusion that it is aimed at you or take it personally, just know that he or she may have something going on in their life that is irritating, annoying or they could be experiencing physical pain. Lets make Home Made Christmas Gifts this year for everyone on our lists ... Gifts of love, consideration, empathy, patience and loving kindness.

I know sales people all over the world will love it and respond to you in the same manner. Like attracts like, more gathers more and what you give out you get back. So the next time, you are tempted to feel grumpy or out of sorts, stop and really think about the life long effects that statement of anger could have upon that person.

When I do my Masterminding Group at 11:00 p.m. every evening, one of the things I give thanks for is the privilege of being a part of your spiritual journey. I personally feel we are here for one purpose with two parts (a) to evolve, learn and grow ourselves and (b) then to help others do the same.

Dear Anne Marie,

“I am a single female, 52 years of age. Again I am spending Christmas alone, depressed and sad. All my family is overseas and most of the friends I have are involved with their own families during the Holiday season. People tell me that I do have a wonderful singing voice and I used to sing in a choir. I do have another friend who is in the same boat as I, but she is even more depressed than I. What to do? Julie”

Dear Julie,

“You have plenty to do. There is a whole universe out there that needs your help. Think of the gifts you have to share with others. For starters, the gift of yourself, then your beautiful singing voice. Get involved with a singing group, good singers are always in demand, especially in volunteer situations. Become involved in helping at the Food Bank, Singing at Senior Homes, Volunteering at Hospitals and Blood Banks. You can volunteer at your Community Center or find a Hospice near you to work with. The world is full to overflowing of opportunities for you and others to help inspire and give hope to others less fortunate. The list is endless Spread joy and happiness around and you will be blessed and not have time to dwell on your own problems of sadness, loneliness and depression. It really is a prescription for Happiness! Do try it! God Bless you!”

P.S. and if you really want that special life partner, do the appropriate affirmation to bring him into your life!

And a Happy, Safe, Blessed, Healthy, Loving and Prosperous Holiday Season and New Year to all.

Love & Blessings

Dr. Anne Marie Evers