Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness

Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Affirmative Creative Process

01. KNOW - Just KNOW that you can and DO create every minute of every day.

Practice conscious, deliberate creating. Ask yourself, “What do I want in my life?” Then be specific.

When you know – you have 100% confidence in yourself and your creative abilities and what the result will be.


(A) This is about being clear and exercising your knowing center. Knowing is about trust and knowing that you and you alone are the only one who knows what is right and best for you. It is also knowing that you are capable and you have the power within to handle whatever comes your way. You are clear on your intention/outcome of what you are affirming and creating.

Affirmation: “I, (your name), AND NOW AM absolutely 100% clear on what I wish to create and manifest here and now.”

Know what you are affirming has already manifested in the non-physical plane of consciousness (you have done that by being, clear, focused and knowing). When you truly believe and let go of opposing, limiting thoughts just know your affirmation must manifest as affirmed, in your physical reality.

You already have what you are affirming, requesting or commanding.

Go about your business 'Acting As If' you already have what you are affirming for. When you do this, you have made your intention a reality and it must happen.

Bring in the five physical senses. You can also play a game with yourself and imagine scenarios of how it is going to show up in your life. Think of fun and outlandish ways.

Really this is a fun, exciting and imaginative process of stretching and exercising your mind.

Please do not confuse this with trying to control the outcome, worrying about the modus operandi or telling God how to do His work.

(B) Put it into practice

· Take Action Step
· Act on your ideas
· Take out old ideas, dust them off, revise them and then decide whether or not to put them into effect.

Remember ‘He who snoozes – loses,’
'God helps those who help themselves.'

· Act Now!
· Now is the Time!

· Take action (Blow breath into your Affirmation, goal or wish) into those projects that make you money.

When I say take immediate action, I am not saying to apply force or to try and make things happen. Do not do it out of fear – Take action based on your knowingness.

Don’t take unnecessary risks.
Use the Energy Leverage – Balance

Trust your intuition and knowingness. Know what is the next step to take and then take it.

Feel the sense of complete satisfaction when you accomplish your dreams and projects.

Ask yourself would you experience that sense of satisfaction if you spent hours, days, minutes and years procrastinating and wondering how to do it and if it would work this way or that way? Of course you would not. Focus on what you want, NOT what you do not want.

When you act on your intention – do not try to force things to happen. When you focus with pure intention and faith, you set into motion the Law of Attraction and you magnetize people, places, things, opportunities, and circumstances into your life. You attract more of the same as if by pure magic.

(C) Live in an attitude of gratitude. When you practice gratitude and being thankful for your blessings, it automatically brings you more of what you appreciate.

If you wish to speed up the manifestation process of your affirmations, spend time being grateful for your blessings.

Make the things you appreciate your point of focus. Flood your mind and body with thankful appreciation and observe the flood gates of Heaven open wide for you pouring out many blessings.

Where you are sitting right now, take a moment and look around you and make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Then get the feeling of gratitude flowing through your entire being, so it saturates every cell of your body.

There is a high energy that surrounds and envelops you when you truly find the peace of absolute gratitude and thankfulness. Then quickly and easily you attract your desire to you.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work