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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

If you answered ‘Yes’, I would like to share the following experience with you.

Years ago, before I even knew what an Affirmation was, I was doing one—perhaps the most important Affirmation of my life. My son David was born with two crooked feet. His feet were so turned in, he could not walk properly. We were very poor and it would have taken several thousand dollars for corrective surgery to enable him to walk. He seemed doomed to live his life in a wheel chair.

I looked at my baby son and I said, over and over, “You will walk, you will walk.” I repeated this statement dozens of times every day and lulled myself to sleep at night, saying, “David will walk, David will walk!” It was my intention that he would walk and I commanded it.

Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to a wonderful organization (Shriners) that paid for my son’s corrective surgery and hospitalization in Portland, Oregon.

At the time when David was released from the Hospital we had a restaurant in Cranbrook, B. C. one day while David was sitting in his high chair in the restaurant wearing clumsy, corrective shoes a customer said to me, “What is wrong with the little guy?” I told him the story about his crooked feet and how the Shriners had helped us. When he left he gave me a generous tip. Under his business card on the table was a $10.00 bill. He had scribbled on his business card, “This is for the little guy.” My husband Al, took the $10.00 bill and with a thumbtack he put both the business card and the money on the ceiling. I was wondering what he was doing, but then the next customer came in and said, “What is that money doing on the ceiling?” I told him the story and sure enough when he left he also left a generous tip with his business card.

This went on day after day. When people did not have a business card, Al simply took one of our Restaurant business cards and placed it with the money on the ceiling. Before long we had hundreds of dollars on the ceiling. People came from miles away just to see the money on the ceiling and it is interesting to note that our business started to flourish and we were becoming very prosperous. When we finally sold the Steak House, we had thousands of dollars on the ceiling, which we took down and donated to the Shriners Hospital.

The money on the ceiling created a powerful money consciousness for us, our business and our customers and was proof absolute that the Law of Attraction, which states that “More gathers more, like attracts like was operating in perfect order.

Why not try this exercise yourself and discover what manifests for you?

Money on the
Ceiling Exercise

Place paper bills (money) on your ceiling in your bedroom. If you wish you can use monopoly money or put dollar amounts on pieces of paper and thumbtack or pin them to your ceiling. The reason this works is that you are increasing and expanding your money consciousness by
visually seeing it just before you go to sleep and just as soon as you wake up. This is the time that your mind is in its most receptive state to receive instructions.

Another option is to have a cork bulletin board to thumbtack or pin money on it. Have it very visible in your bedroom so that it is first thing you see when you wake up.

It works like the subliminal advertising that you see at Hockey games, advertising Tim Horton, RE/MAX, Toyoto. You sports fans are exposed to this subliminal advertising every time you watch a hockey game. While you are watching the game and the players, your subconscious mind is also taking in the strategically placed advertisements.

When you get hungry your subconscious mind kicks in and says, “Yea let's go to Tim Hortons, you want to buy a new car it says, "Toyota to buy or sell real estate it says, "Call RE/MAX and for banking, "Call HSBC," etc.

I wonder how much money companies fork out for this type of advertising.

It is my hope that I have stirred a spark of interest and hope in you.

Please email me and share your experiences with me.