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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Saturday, March 07, 2015

If we find wisdom in the world within, we shall have the understanding to discern the marvelous possibilities that are latent in this world within, and we shall be given the power to make these possibilities manifest in the world without.

As we become conscious of the wisdom of the world within, we mentally take possession of this wisdom and by taking mental possession we come into actual possession of the power and wisdom necessary to bring into manifestation the essentials necessary for our most complete and harmonious development.

The world within is the practical world in which the men and women of power generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith by which they are given the fine intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make the vision real. The Master Key

I believe this is saying that our power is within and when go within and access that power and transport it into our world without by doing properly done Affirmations, we are actually manifesting our dreams! Let us ask ourselves how we are using this wondrous power.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

SHOW      Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
DATE       Saturday, March 7th, 2015
TIME       12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. PST

Russel Friedman, Executive  Director of The Grief Recovery Institute is also co-author of The  Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss.Together with John W. James he has pioneered more than 2500 Grief Recovery Outreach Programs throughout the world. Russell has appeared as the Grief Recovery Expert on CNN following 9/11 and after other national and International  grief producing events. He was also on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, as an Expert on helping parents guide their children in dealing with losses of all kinds. John and Russell co-authored the Revised Edition of the Grief Recovery Handbook and later the 20th Anniversary Edition; and then wrote When Children Grieve and later Moving On and Moving Beyond Loss. They have also written scores of article on recovery from loss that have been published around the world.

Today he will also be sharing information on  the new book, The Grief  Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss. On the show he covers a great deal of information that you will find very helpful and he stresses the importance of how to talk to people grieving whether it be for a human being, pet, loss of marriage, job, etc. And he gives listeners solid advice and suggestions on how to handle their individual grief. See you there! Many Affirmation Blessings from Anne Marie.