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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Evolutionary Astrologer/Teacher
Author: Insights into Evolutionary Astrology
Astrologer for THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT will be speaking--

Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 7 pm

Unity of Vancouver,
5840 Oak Street,
Vancouver (Oak & 41st)

Tickets: $18.00 in advance; $20.00 at the door (cash only)

Purchase tickets through Banyen Books: (604) 737-8858
or: (Info:

2012 promises to be even more rapid-fire & fast-track than 2011 Echoing the revolutionary 1960’s and the pivotal 1930’s, Rose will map the key planetary influences that will serve to radically re-define our everyday reality.
We are on a collision course with our future. Nothing will remain as it was…

See you there!
Dr. Anne Marie

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

INTRODUCTION by Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Prayer is the act of communicating with a deity, thanking God for our blessings or for a request that we desire. Every evening (without fail) for the past twenty-one years, thousands of us join in together and jointly and severally say the Nightly Affirmation Prayer.

Many of our requests are for personal healing and healing for family members. I consider it a great privilege to be involved in this Nightly Affirmation Prayer, knowing people from all walks of life, and in all parts of the world are being helped by our Joint Universal Affirmation/Prayer.


Prayer is the act of communicating with a deity, (God/Creator). This can be done in the form of a petition, request and/or Affirmation in adoration and thanksgiving. It could be an earnest or urgent request for healing or assistance. Prayer opens the door for communication with God and it is one of the greatest tools ever. I believe that Affirmations are similar to prayer, wishes or goals.

I believe that one of the shortest and most powerful prayers in the world is – “Dear Father, Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It is important when we pray to reflect for a moment or two connecting with God and be in an attitude of gratitude for the blessings we have received and are about to receive. When we say a prayer without acknowledging God in some way, I believe the function of the prayer is not fully fulfilled. Prayer with absolute faith and belief that it will manifest as affirmed creates wondrous results. It is very important to pray regularly, not just when you feel desperate, sad or depressed or have a need or request to be fulfilled.

I personally do not believe in saying prayers just because you think you should or someone else thinks you should or that it may be the right thing to do or out of obligation or responsibility. The desire should come from your open heart and free-will.

Prayers can be very simple, such as “Good Morning God, Thank you for this day.” Although attending church is wonderful and provides us with our spiritual food Prayer need not happen in a physical church, but in the church within you. If you are walking in the park, shopping, driving and you wish to communicate with God, do so. Whatever way you feel comfortable with works for you. Let us remember God when we are happy as well as when we are in a challenging situation.

When you want to hear the voice of God, it is necessary to pray. Many drop on their knees, pray the rosary and hear God’s voice. Every person is different and every person has a different relationship with God. Prayer is necessary in the process of hearing God’s Voice.

When wishing to communicate with God, you have to start talking just like we do with our family, friends and others. I feel that God talks to us, (his children) all the time. When you pray you are more in tune and open to hear God’s voice more specifically.

How Does Prayer Work?

Some people believe that if they want something, all they need to do is pray for it and that is all they do. They sit back and wait for it to happen and do absolutely nothing! Their belief is that if they pray and do nothing and that God will provide for them and that is it.

I believe a little different way. It is my belief that when we pray for guidance and ask for help when we need it from God, that we blow breath into that prayer by taking responsibility for our actions. Prayer is NOT a substitute for applying oneself. I am sure you have heard it said, “The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves!” Life is like a smorgasbord. When you want something to eat, you have to get up and get it yourself. Work toward it. Take the necessary steps. Would we appreciate things if everything was handed to us on a silver platter? At times we could take things that come too easily for us as for granted, not giving the appropriate appreciation.


God is always providing signs along the way. Signs are meaningless unless we recognize that they are here. Guardian angels surround everyone at all times, helping to do God’s work and gently pointing out paths And ways we can take. It is always our decision.The important thing is to become and be aware of them. Open your eyes and watch for them, open your ears and listen for them and open your heart and feel them around you.

Angel Chapel in my Back Yard

I would like to recognize and honor the Angels. My Angel Chapel, yard and home is filled with Angels of all sizes. Some are several inches high and others are 4 feet tall. We all have different ideas and opinions as to what Angels are, what they are here to do, and so on. We never hear of Angels getting married and raising families and I feel that this is because they vibrate on a much higher spiritual frequency than us humans. It is okay to listen to what others believe and to their spiritual interpretations, but it is the responsibility of all persons to decide for themselves by doing their own research, and add their own unique experiences to the research and then to decide what is their truth. There is never a right or wrong way to connect with Angels, only the chosen way. It is also my belief that angels are indeed messengers of a higher realm, beings that are closer connected to source energy than us humans. Angels can connect with humans on earth when the human is ready to connect, and Angelic Contact has to be initiated mostly by the human. It is very important to become aware of angelic presence and acknowledge them and ask them for help.

There are many and varied definitions of Angels and Angel experiences, and each experience different and very individual. And that all Angel experiences are valid. Angel definitions are as different as grains of sand on a beach for each person.

My Own Experience with Angels

When Angels come to me I see flashes of light (like firebugs). When these flashes occur I KNOW Angels are with me. I have also had the wonderful experience of Angels speaking through me, giving messages to me and for others. When this happens I feel so honored and so humble that it brings tears to my eyes.

I know that I have four Archangels with me at all times. And I believe that wherever I go they are with me. I associate Archangel Michael on my right with the Angel of Love, Archangel Gabriel, on my left, with the Angel of Peace, Archangel Uriel, in front of me with the Angel of Clear Thinking and Archangel Raphael above me with the Angel of Healing. I associate Archangel Michael with the color blue; Archangel Gabriel with green; Archangel Uriel with yellow and Archangel Raphael with red. Every one of us can ask for help from the Angels. Angels will not interfere unless they are asked. I know there are Angels for every month, Angels for every day and Angels for everything, even Angels of Occupations. I have hundreds of Angel Statutes in my home, my Angel Chapel and in both my front and back yards and I feel so comforted by the.

Angel Song written by Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Music & Voice by Dave Card

The 4 Archangels –Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael. To listen to this song please go to

Angels, Angels when I call SONG

Angels, Angels serving all

Angels Angels ever near

Angels you are here

Archangels of you are four

Archangels through every door

Angels Angels when we call

Angels, Angels protect all

Angels Angels when I call

Angels Angels serving all

Angels, Angels ever near

Angels you are here.

Gabriel Angel of Peace

Uriel brings clarity

Raphael you are my strength

Michael loving me

Angels Angels when I call

Angels Angels serving all

Angels Angels ever near

Angels you are here

Gabriel Angel of Peace

Uriel brings clarity

Raphael you are my strength

Michael Angel of Love

Contemplation and Peace Meditation

Meditation is an effort made on the part of the conscious mind to close the gap between the Conscious and the Subconscious mind. Meditation is simply a quiet state of mind, a silence of thought. The growth of living things and the movement of the heavens are silent. The dictionary defines meditation as this: “to ponder or to engage in continuous and contemplative thought.”

It could also be described as thinking about doing something or planning to do it. Meditation is not daydreaming; it is surrendering, letting go, and sinking deep into relaxation. It is the attuning of the mental body and the spiritual body to its principal source—God. When you meditate, you empty yourself of everything that hinders your creative energies. Meditation sets the foundation for peace of mind and tranquility. In meditation, you learn to listen to your thoughts and create a space to hear your own voice. Pay close attention to what your mind is saying. Have a pen and paper close by so you can jot down any thoughts or insights that come to you when you still your mind.

Developing Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a state of mind. It is not something you acquire, but something you express. It does not come from what you get but how you use what you have. Peace is the condition of mind and body that you reach when you are satisfied with the thoughts you are thinking, the life you are living, and the things you are doing. Peace is the state of your mind when your thoughts are still. It is completeness, totality, awareness, and spiritual growth. True peace is total acceptance of self. Peace of mind is being glad you have the gift of life. Choose peace instead of conflict and love instead of hate. There can be no spiritual growth without the higher, divine love of self. One cannot attain spiritual growth without practicing and living forgiveness of others and self.

Getting Prepared for your Meditation

Place your hand over your heart and say softly and gently to yourself, “Soothe, Settle, Safe, Relaxed and Peaceful,” over and over until you feel your whole body becoming calm and relaxed.

Check out the 8 Short, yet very Powerful Audio Meditations on www.annemaries’

Here is the line up of the 8 Meditations each with its own suggested Master Affirmation and Short Form Affirmation at the end of each individual recording. I created these meditations especially for you and my very special thank you’s to Rev. Christine Einarson who voiced them on

The 8 Audio Meditations are—

Career; Forgiveness; Health & Happiness; Money Prosperity; Non-Smoker; Relationships; Self-Esteem & Weight Management

You have the power within you. You have the choice to open the door to health, love, prosperity and all the good things you desire. Do it today!

About Meditations

These meditations are especially created by Dr. Evers to fit into your busy schedule. They are approximately 7-10 minutes in length. However, just because they are short does not mean that they are not most effective and powerful. I have read and I do believe from experience that your own voice is most in tune with your subconscious mind and results can happen quicker and easier when recording your own meditation tapes. This is your choice. Either record the written one or listen to the audio version. Enjoy the wonderful results when you use these audio programs over and over again.

We further suggest that having chosen the meditation you desire (the one that is most important to you at this time) that you repeat the same one for a period of no less than 21 days and then go on to another one. Listen to the one meditation ONLY for 21 days, then go on to the next one on career, health, etc. This way you are focusing all your attention on that particular subject for a period of 21 days and it takes 21 days to create a habit

Is There a Forgiveness Issue?

Are you harboring any anger resentment for self, others and/or situations? Perhaps it is time to forgive, let go and release forever old hurts, anger as well as present ones.


It is very important to have faith, excitement and expectancy when doing these meditations. These powerful Meditations are especially designed to help in challenging times. You can hear them at any time of the day or night in the comfort of your own home. However when playing audio Meditations it is very important that you never listen to them while driving or when you need to focus.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, one where you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothes. Clear your mind of all cares, worries and endless thoughts. Just allow yourself to BE. Now you are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization, a world that only YOU can discover.

Let’s begin…

Relax and just concentrate on the words, imagine taking my hand and let me lead you to the top of the 3 steps that will take you down into deep meditation. These steps are covered in pure velvet so you can take off your shoes and go in your bare feet if you wish.

1st Step
You are so safe and becoming more and more relaxed. You are excited and enthusiastic about this journey.

2nd Step
Down deeper, deeper into relaxation, still so safe and protected and peaceful.Your body is a little numb and so-o-o-o relaxed that you just don’t feel like moving it.

3rd Step
Take this step down and step onto the soft, glistening carpet of grass. You have arrived. Look around you at the beautiful garden of Angels, flowers, trees and God’s creations.

Look — Look over there – there is the River of Forgiveness & Peace. The water is a gorgeous deep mauve color and on its bank is a container; you reach down and fill it with this radiant deep Mauve Water of Forgiveness. As you stand up you see the Angel of Forgiveness & Peace waiting to greet you. Now see what the Angel of Forgiveness has for you. She hands you a blackboard and some brightly colored chalk. On that blackboard in flashing lights is written, “Write down all the situations and people you wish to forgive.”

The choice is yours and yours alone. You know that you are the Captain of your Ship and the author of what you think, say, write and do and that you are the sole creator of your reality. Incidentally, Angels never force or give orders. They just gently instruct you by their thoughts. When you have decided exactly who and what you need to forgive, start writing on your blackboard. You release some tears and that is okay, as tears are nature’s way of releasing pent-up emotions. Take a few moments to do this important exercise.

Now step back and bring in your five physical senses –

SEE — What you have written on your blackboard; FEEL –how that makes you feel. Don’t worry that you have not had time to write everything on the board as you can come back as many times as required to do this exercise. Now bring in your other physical senses; HEAR – People saying, “(your name) you look so much younger and relaxed, what is your secret?” SMELL – Your favorite fragrance or flower scent; TASTE – Take a drink of the radiant, pure water that you have in your container to complete the 5 physical senses.

As you stand there you are completely in awe. This has never happened to you before. It seems unbelievable to you, but as you look at the blackboard you have a sudden urge to take the giant eraser and erase everything you have just written. It is not important to you any more. You have released and let it go completely and you are free! Enjoy this total blissful feeling. Whisper “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” to the Angel of Forgiveness for the marvelous miracle.

A h h h . . . . . Just take a moment or two to be quiet and enjoy the great feeling of total release and peace that has washed over you. Allow these wonderful feelings of relief, peace and happiness to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they will take root, grow and expand to every part of your body. In this relaxed state you fully accept and receive this incredible gift of forgiveness of self and others. You have totally cut those negative ties to those unhappy situations and people. Enjoy your creation of peace, love and joy. Pause for a second or two. Now start your short journey home back up the stairs you came down.

3rd Step
Going up, still relaxed and peaceful. You are feeling more and more relaxed and peaceful as the time goes by.

2nd Step
Going up still another step. You really don’t want to leave this peaceful and totally relaxing place, but you know you have to go back to reality.

1st Step
You have arrived. You take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh air. You will never be angry, jealous or frustrated at those people and situations ever again. You can feel the healing power of forgiveness and rejuvenation surging throughout your body relaxing and comforting. You are so happy, excited. You are totally free!

At the count of 3 you will become alert, happy and excited to go on about your everyday life. It’s time to look around.Become aware of where you are. You are now alert, excited and full of enthusiasm and expectancy.

And KNOW that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
The good news is that you can go back to visit this place of serenity any time you wish, just read this Meditation or listen to the audio recording at it will bring back all the memories. Each time you read or listen to it, it will be different—at times more in depth, sometimes more serious and other times full of fun and laughter. You have your Magic Forgiveness Wand, your Trigger Tool to make your Forgiveness Meditation a reality. You have taken your Forgiveness Affirmation out of the unreal (the unknown), and placed it into the real (the known) by participating in this Forgiveness Meditation. You already are at peace! Now say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and live in an attitude of gratitude. Be open, accept and receive your completed Forgiveness Meditation right here and right now.

Freedom and Happiness! It is yours! Step into it. After this Meditation you will never be the same. All worry, concern, anger and frustration. and having hard or non-forgiving feelings for these people and/or situations have completely evaporated as if by magic. For even greater impact it is suggested that you write out the following–

MASTER AFFIRMATION FOR FORGIVING SELF & OTHERS (Place a picture of you forgiving other and looking happy)

“I, (your name) deserve and NOW forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am. I know that real forgiveness heals even the deepest of wounds. I now release and let go of old and new hurts and I am free. I enjoy being healthy and happy to the good of al parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I fully accept

Signed____________________ Dated _______________

At the end add the Short form Affirmation that consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation, these are “I FORGIVE MYSELF & OTHERS.”

Keep this statement in your wallet and make sure you look at it and repeat it to yourself often to magnetize and draw it into your mind.


Be thankful for the many blessings you have received, the ones you are receiving and the ones you are about to receive.

On my Radio/Internet Show — I give thanks to my Senior Partner. His line is never busy, He never puts me on hold; He always gives me more than I ask for; He never says, “I will have to get back to you.” People say to me, “Wow Dr. Evers you are so lucky to have such a Senior Partner.” I always reply, “Well you can have Him too because my Senior Partner is God.”

It is so important to have a loving relationship with God no matter what religion you are; what you believe; who you believe in; if you go to church, etc. I read a bumper sticker that said. “God is TOO Big for One Religion!”


Before we pray it is a good idea to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” to God/creator/Universal Mind or whomever you believe in for all your blessings.

Approach your prayer time in an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for this wonderful day; your good health; your healthy, loving spouse/family; your wonderful career and/or business; your friends; your home; your vehicle; possessions and just everything—All that you have.

Be grateful for the wondrous life force within each and every one of us; The sun that warms the earth; the gentle breeze that caresses our face; the air we breathe, the rain that keeps everything fresh and green; the millions of flowers; blades of grass, trees, streams, meadows, mountains and ALL of God; creations.

Be thankful and focus on your blessings and watch the flood gates of heaven open for you showering upon you even more and greater blessings. I believe it was Sylvia Browne who said something like, “When God looks down and sees all the people praying, it is the mother’s prayers for her children that is the brightest light of all.

Now let me ask you –Do you wish to learn how to pray effectively? Do you wish to be more spiritual? Do you wish to overcome your fear of death? Do you wish to help others? Do you feel you don’t deserve? Do you truly love, respect and approve of self?

It is NOT selfish to love yourself

You cannot give form an empty cup. It also saysin the bible, Love thy neighbor as thyself. That says to me it is important to first love ourselves.



Before we can expect another person to love and respect us, we must first love and respect ourselves. How is your self-esteem doing these days? Do you feel that you deserve God’s richest blessings? Or do you feel unworthy?

Three Important PARTS of Love

1st PART

There must be love from self to self before it can be extended to others, therefore the first and most important part is being lovable. You cannot give from an empty cup.How can we expect others to love and respect us, if we don’t love and respect ourselves? Fill your cup of healthy Divine self-love to overflowing. You are unique and lovable in spite of any shortcomings and/or faults. Learn to love your individuality and your connection with God.

2nd PART

The second part of love is that of loving, whereby you give and express love to others and self. Loving others comes naturally and easily when you fully love respect and approve of yourself. A healthy and real self-love makes you magnetic!

3rd PART

The third part of love is that of being loved. You need to allow yourself to be loved and to fully receive love from others. If you strive daily to achieve these three states, you will come to understand the true meaning of unconditional love.To fully achieve unconditional love in your life, all three of these aspects must be happening simultaneously.Everyone needs love―no matter how independent, wealthy, or successful a person may be. Without love, there is no self-actualization. Love is an element as essential to our well-being as air or water.

Love of Self –All love begins with self-love. Loving self as you are gives you the permission and the ability to change. Acceptance is the highest form of love. Practising acceptance in your daily life enables you and others to be themselves. On the other hand, envying others or comparing yourself to them inhibits self-love and acceptance.

Say: “I, (your name), deserve and now love, respect, and approve of myself, just the way I am.”

Some people find it very effective and powerful to say this Affirmation while looking at themselves in the mirror. An unselfish, divine love of self gives you a mystical power.This unconditional love represents total acceptance without any expectation of return. When you give, the love within expands and you simultaneously receive. You experience inner glorious peace when you are focused on unconditional love and giving to others. Love imparts vitality and fertilizes positive,loving thoughts.

Compassion is love in action. Being compassionate with yourself means giving your body nourishing food, exercise, rest, and relaxation. It also involves listening to your own feelings and feeding your body spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

My advice is to start this very moment loving and respecting yourself and it is so important to take your life off ‘Lay-Away’ and get on with living joyously in the present moment.


An Affirmations are similar to PRAYERS, goals or wishes, only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking. If you ever had a birthday cake, blown out the candles and made a wish, you have done an Affirmation. It is as simple as that.

Explanation of a Master Affirmation and A Short Form Affirmation

Master Affirmation

This Affirmation is your order to the Universe. Your order/prayer to God. Make it very specific saying exactly what you desire.

This Master Affirmation is only created ONCE, (like your last Will and Testament). You can always add to, delete and/or change your Master Affirmation as often as needed. Never become locked into an Affirmation that is not to your highest good or is outdated.

After you have created your Master Affirmation, making it very specific saying exactly what you desire, made it colorful and interesting. And of course after you have accepted it, dated and signed it, then place your Master Affirmation in an insert sheet to keep it clean.Take it out every morning and every evening and read it over, bringing in your 5 physical senses.

SEEwhat you are affirming as already happened;

HEAR people congratulating you on your success;

SMELL your favorite flower scent;

how absolutely wonderful you feel;

TASTE take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into a juicy apple.


■Make your Master Affirmation specific;
■Make it colorful as color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind;
■Be certain and use the 3 P’s; Personal, Positive and Present Tense;
■Use the safety clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned;
■It must be words to never hurt or take from anyone;
■Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.
■I fully accept and date and sign your Master Affirmation.
■ Have fun!

Now you have made a firm and binding contract you’re your Higher Self, God/Creator Universal Mind or whomever you believe in. It is a good idea to place a picture or sketch of what you are affirming. This gives your subconscious mind something upon which to focus.

Another thing that I do is that I take a mustard seed and put a piece of scotch tape over it and tape it to the upper right hand corner of my Master Affirmation. It talks about having faith of a mustard in the bible and moving mountains. Imagine that is ALL the faith that is required – that tiny mustard seed!

Short Form Affirmation
This consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation. You can jot these down several times on a scrap of paper during the day and also say it over and over during the day. I have added my very own Affirmation at the end of each chapter, which is ‘Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! (Sometimes not in our timeframe or as we think they should). Remember the more energy, emotion, belief and excitement you put into the doing of your Affirmations, the quicker the results!

We support you in realizing your heart’s desire.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!