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Sunday, December 18, 2011

64 Tips For Having a Cheerful Christmas and New Years--No Matter What!
By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Take advantage of all the FREE activities during he Christmas Season. This can be a lot of fun and it takes the stress of thinking that you can’t afford it. Check out newspapers, flyers, etc. to see where and when.

Decorate your house. Bright cheery decorations have a way of encouraging happiness. Start your own Family Christmas Tradition.

Be organized and have a back up plan when asking people to bring items for the Christmas Dinner.

For Example--if you ask someone to bring the cranberries, have some cranberries on hand just in case they forget. This little hint can make your life easier.

Do things together as a family. Invite family members to help set the table for Christmas dinner. Pick out your Christmas Tree and decorate it together. Use the Sandwich Method to get family to participate

One slice of praise –what you want them to do --- and the other slice of bread which is---And you are such a good person and wonderful family member, I just know you want to do this, don’t you agree?

Give the Gift of SHARE

S - Smile
H - Hope
A - Attitude
R - Real
E – Empathy

Refrain from being focused on what gifts that you are receiving—remember that is not the real meaning of Christmas!

Don't ruin your Christmas holidays by spreading gloom to others because you are unhappy that you did not get the gift you wanted for Christmas. There is another Christmas coming next year. Be happy with the gifts that you receive.

Speaking of Gifts----Enjoy the greatest gifts of all at Christmas

(a)Watching children sit on Santa's knee;
(b)Watching your children or grandchildren on Christmas morning;
(c)Having a chat with a friend;
(d)Giving that busy Christmas shopper the gift of your smile;
(e)Just sharing a cheery greeting to another;
(f)Enjoy visiting with family and friends, etc.

When irate family members try to ruin your Christmas, just say, "Cancel, cancel, or Delete, delete that’s not true for me, I am happy," and never allow that negativity to go into your mind (computer) and you won't have to deal with it.

Teach your children that giving is a part of receiving.

Count your blessings and focus on them--the wonderful people and the good things in your life. Get up every morning and say, “Thank you God, Universal Mind, Higher Power or whomever you believe in and for this wonderful day and all my blessings, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,” and live in attitude of gratitude.

Give the gift of LOVE –

• Visit that shut-in person;
• Offer your help in shopping;
• Offer baby sitting services;
• House Cleaning;
• Bake cookies, bread, etc.
• Cook Christmas Dinner for that shut-in and/or people that need help

Keep doing your Affirmations during this time. A good one would be,
“I am happy, healthy, joyous and peaceful.”

Don't beat yourself up with 'could haves, should haves, why didn't I's'
etc. and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Is it chatter does it matter?

Put on and wear your 'Special Christmas Smile.'

Be prudent and do not overspend just because a person wants a special
expensive present for Christmas. Be realistic.

One of the best gifts you can give others is to love, respect and approve of yourself. This then gives them permission to do the same. Give the gift of YOU!

Take your happiness OFF Lay-Away. Enjoy it now.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness on a regular basis.

Give to the Empty Stock Fund, Food Bank, Salvation Army and other such organizations.

Help out at a Soup Kitchen in your neighborhood. It is very therapeutic and rewarding.

Take time for a bubble bath or for men a brisk shower

Take time to read something positive. You may want to turn off the TV and not read the Newspaper during this positive, festive time.

If you live alone, make yourself a special meal.

Beauty is everywhere--take time to find it.

Remember that even when life looks its blackest, there are still wonderful things around us if we choose to focus on them. Here use one of my powerful Affirmation Tools--THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Be clear and focus on what is most important and release all else.

Do a check to see what you have been focusing on. If it is negativity, change it immediately.

Help a family member and/or friends paint or decorate his or her home.

Give a Gift Certificate entitling the bearer to 10 complimentary rides, wherever they wish to go.

Give to the Christmas Hampers

• Invite that person who is alone at Christmas to share in your Christmas
• Invite a handicapped person or any person for a ride and show them the bright,
beautiful Christmas Decoration.


Knit a warm sweater, scarf or mitts for a homeless person. And make home made Christmas gifts teaching children how to do this as well. I always feel that home made gifts are so very special because it says to me that that person took the time, energy and made it especially for me!

Make a Christmas Album for Family; Bake a cake; Make fudge and enjoy!
Home Made Christmas Affirmation Bracelets. Use brightly colored beads and string them. Use the following colors


Or mix the beads up with all colors. It is your choice.

Home made Christmas Decorations—Use a string popcorn, etc.
Remember the Real Gift is Y O U !

Yield the right of way to another driver.

When you begin to get impatient, stop and say to yourself, "If I react in a native angry manner what effect could that have on that person's life?"

Give honest appreciation. A little bit of appreciation goes a long way, especially during these busy, hectic Christmas Shopping days. Be especially considerate of the wait people, store clerks, etc. Be extra aware of others and
their feelings.

Let another person (with small children or handicapped) go ahead of you and also what about this one? Yield the Right of Way to another Driver!

If a person is grumpy, do not jump to the conclusion that it is aimed at you or take it personally, just know that he or she may have something going on in his or her life that is irritating, annoying or they could be experiencing worry or some physical pain or discomfort. And they could be doing the very best they can do at that particular time.

Do some Christmas forgiving - if you're not sure how to do that please check out my book—Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness and/or go to and click on to Meditations. There are 8 very short, yet powerful audio meditations on forgiveness, increasing self-worth; attracting that special love partner, money and much more.
Remember---When you don’t forgive and you hold grudges and hard and negative feelings about another, you only hurt yourself.
Some people say that forgiving is selfish because it benefits mostly the person doing the forgiving.

Forgive that family member that you are upset with. Let go of past and present hurts. Really strive to see things from that person’s point of view.

Focus on how you can improve yourself and your life - Tell yourself those things are getting better right here, right now

Make a list of 10 things you can do right now to improve your life.
Then read it over, study it and then DO IT!

Some Examples

1. I am more patient;
2. I am considerate of others;
3. I see things from both my and their points of view;
4. I make a Christmas Spending budget and stick with it;
5. I help others as much as I can;
6. I speak words of peace, love and joy;
7. I am kind and loving;
8. I make time for my family and special people;
9. I am organized and get everything done in the allotted time-frame;
10. I am never ‘overwhelmed’ – and I don’t sweat the small stuff, etc. etc.

Make up your own List

Go to church. Some churches have the Christmas Tree Method, made up
of members of the choir standing in a particular place with a lit candle that creates the form of a gigantic bright, lit up Christmas Tree. It is a beautiful sight to see.

Enjoy hearing and seeing the Christmas Story being acted out with Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus in the Manger, the shepherds, etc.

Be amongst people- Family and close friends.

Bring in Christmas smells, like the fresh smell of pine trees, and scented candles.

Bake together with your family. – and Sing Carols together.

Do an Affirmation for a Happy Christmas Holiday

Take a picture of your whole family (when they were happy) and put it on a piece of paper and under it write. Our family is considerate, kind, happy, peaceful and harmonious and we enjoy wonderful family gatherings together to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We fully accept
Signed ____________________ Dated ______________________
______________________ ______________________ __________________

Try and get every member of the family to sign it. Keep it were it is visible and every one can see it. Remember--your mind takes in every word and does not differentiate between a real and imagined event.

It is important to spend time with people, but there are times when it is not possible and in a situation like that it is good to experience what spending time being with yourself is like.

Pay special attention to your breath, look outside at the moon, other people and all God’s creations. Most of all become comfortable with yourself. You need alone time to get acquainted with YOU--the most important person in your Universe!

Enjoy some quiet time. Read a good book, listen to uplifting music, nourish your soul, do things that are comforting to you.

Light a candle and watch it burn. Use--

Pink for love, red for energy;
Green for peace and prosperity;
White for spiritual;
Blue for health.

Burn one candle at a time and focus on the flame and your intention and wish.

Meditate—If you have never meditated before, keep it simple.

Clear your mind;
Find a quiet place;
Gently close your eyes;
Say one word over and over. That two-syllable word is peaceful.

Repeat it over and over until this word sinks deep into your subconscious mind, takes root, grows and you actually become that peace. When other thoughts come just allow them to come and go while focusing on that powerful word peaceful. I do it all the time and it works great for me.

Ask The Christmas Angel to be with you and your family and your time together at Christmas. The name of the Christmas Angel that I communicate with is Angelica

Do not be so worried about buying Christmas gifts. Christmas is not all about gifts; it is also about family and friends being together sharing, caring and enjoying happy fellowship. Instead donate to the Empty Stocking Fund, Charity Organizations, etc.

Stop focusing on what you are getting for Christmas spend more time around the Tree and singing family carols, etc..

Think of ways you can ease another’s burdens or load. What can I do to help that person? When you see a person sitting on the street asking for money and if you wish to donate, gently bend down and with love and give that gift of money. (gift certificate, etc.) I have seen people standing and throwing or dropping money at a person and I think to myself – But for the Grace of God there go all of us.

Loving self-- Be a love magnet to the right people and right circumstances and give the unique gift--YOU!

Decide to be happy Get up in the morning and say, "Today, I am happy."

Have a budget when spending at the Holiday Season and stick with it and don't overspend. If you do, you may find yourself suffering from the January Blues!

Call an old friend you have not talked to lately. Practice Empathic Listening. We were given two ears and one mouth at birth. Listen and really hear what that person is saying. Do not be so focused on what you are going to say next that you do not hear what they are saying.

Realize that there are ups and downs and rhythms and go with that rhythm and let yourself relax and be who you are.

When disappointed with the actions of others, look at what your expectations are. Then ask yourself, "Is this reasonable, why does it have to be that way?" Am I too rigidly attached to my old beliefs and expectations?"
If the answer is 'yes', you can change all that today!

Think about things in a different way. Be open to new possibilities. Don't expect too much of others or expect them to act as you do. Expand your mind. Be open to learning new things.

Do the Magic Magnetic Circle Process

Magic Magnetic Christmas Circle Exercise

Get up in the morning, stretch, take several deep breaths, breathing out negativity and breathing in positivity, happiness, peace and joy. Stand in front of the window and with both your arms outstretched from your sides, turn slowly around from left to right (clockwise) and say,

"I, (your name), now magnetize from the sun, moon, stars and the entire Universe into my Magic Magnetic Circle peace, joy, love, health, happiness and prosperity to myself, which extends to everyone I meet. This is done to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you." And so it is!

Then go on about your day and really see and feel how different you experience your daily life. Let me know how it goes...

When you are upset with a situation, say to yourself, “Cancel, cancel, or delete, delete I am handling this situation easily with kind consideration.”

Go out doors --Go for walk--Get fresh Air. You never know what you will see -you may see something that renews, encourages, gives you hope, and makes you happy.

If you are where there is snow--Have a fun sleigh ride together enjoy, laugh and have fun. Make a Snow Angel. Make a Snowman, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and the Elves--enjoy.

Enjoy a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

Look for and enjoy the wonderful, free things of life.

A N D . . . . .

Stop and enjoy AND bless a pretty flower, tree, mountain, stream or any of God's Creations. Enjoy nature, parks, creeks, mountains, the air we breathe the sun, etc.

Hug a Tree and see what happens. When I do this, I actually feel the tree hugging me back!!!

A Special Affirmation for Christmas and New Years

"I, (your name), deserve and now am happy and fulfilled. I greet every day with excited expectancy and enthusiasm. I am grateful to be alive and present here on planet earth at this time. I do my Magic Magnetic Circle Method daily and bring my heart's desires to me. I share my happiness and prosperity with others. I know that to be prosperous, I must help others prosper too! I am loving, kind and at peace. I practice Random Acts of Kindness on a daily basis. I am loved by the special people in my life. I am loving and lovable.

I forgive and let go of all negativity, unhappiness, disappointment and hurts from the past and I now walk into my circle of happiness. I make this Christmas, Holiday Season and New Year of 2012 the best ever! I am alive. I am here, present in the now and I count. I am happy and fulfilled to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I fully accept

Signed _____________________ Dated ________________

When you date and sign this Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with Your Higher Self, God, Creator, Higher Power, Universal Mind or whomever you believe it.

A Further Word about Harmony Over the Holiday Season

Take a family picture of everyone looking happy.

Under that picture write----

‘Our whole family deserves and now is healthy, happy and harmonious and enjoys family gatherings to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

We fully accept
_________________________ ___________________
_________________________ ___________________

Get as many members of your family to sign this Master Affirmation.

Place it in a place where everyone can see it. Your subconscious mind takes in every detail and stores it for all time. You see the subconscious mind does not differentiate between a real and an imaged event.


I always like to place name tags so people know where to sit.
Difficult Family Members

If you know that Uncle Rueben and Cousin Karl are argumentative at family activities, set them at different parts of the table.

Christmas Spray

Get a small spray bottle; fill it with water and a fragrance. With masking tape write on it–-Special Christmas Cheer. Spray your home especially the area of your Dining Room Table and chairs before your guests arrive. Should you become negative spray your negative thoughts.

Christmas Blessings

Ask a family member or friend to say the Christmas Dinner Prayer. (You may wish to suggest that they make it short and snappy as you do not want your food to get cold).

Have a Back-Up Plan
Have extra buns, cranberry sauce, milk, etc. Then if you ask a guest to bring something and they forget or arrive late, you are covered and don’t have to go out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day searching for that item.

Write Personal Notes

Put these in little envelopes under each dinner plate. Say things like,

“Olga I love you and appreciate your support;
Tom you are the greatest!
Lois you are very special to me, etc. etc.

It is that person’s choice to either open it and read it out loud, or keep it and read it in private.

Ask for Things That Each Guest is Grateful for (usually after dinner)

Go around the table asking each person what he or she is most thankful for in their life. At time it is a good idea to put a limit of about 2 minutes on each guest.

For Consideration

You cannot change the entire world, but you can change your corner of it, one loving thought at a time, one kind act at a time and one smile at a time and allow this kindness to ripple out in all directions. You can spread joy, courage and hope to many others through the ripple effect.

It has been proven than one person can make a difference. This Christmas Holiday Season, please make a conscious decision and effort to make a difference in your part of the world. It is my hope to share some positive Affirmation Tools, methods, and ideas with you in this message to give you, your family members and friends the tools to help cope easier and make this Holiday Season the best ever!

This my Christmas Gift to you, all wrapped up with my love, hope, joy and God's richest blessings for you!

Loads of Christmas and Affirmation Blessings

From the desk of Dr. Anne Marie Evers December, 2011

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Dr. Anne Marie Evers