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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hi Everyone
NOW--Something for the Children

Just wanted to let you know that I have written some brand new Children's Books and they are now on website. Go to the Home Page and click unto Kids e-books.

There are 3 books -

1st BOOK
THE RACE--This book is about Hummingbirds and what happened to one Hummingbird named Harold when he tried to cheat. The moral of that story is to never cheat or even plan to cheat.

2nd BOOK
This book is about the Affirmation Family and when they went to the movies. They learned about Rudy, the Racoon who was born without a mask and was different from the other Racoons. The moral of the story is to love and respect each other, even if they are different because they could be a blessing in disguise. This story also shows children how important it is NOT to tease and make fun of others just because they are different.I feel that when children really love, respect and approve of self, the need to 'bully' and 'put-down'other children disappears.

3rd BOOK
This is a story about the Affirmation Family seeing a gold miner taking gold out of the ground and hiding it. They had to make a decision whether to take the gold or not.It shows children never take what belongs to another. Of course if the other person gives it to them that is different. This is a story about not stealing.

Dr. Anne Marie Evers