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Saturday, August 18, 2012

SHOW                         Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
TIME                           12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
DATE                           Saturday, Augusst 18, 2012

TOPIC                         Affirmations, Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction & more

"Carl Stedmond was born in a society of separatism and experienced bullying as a child. He was in a wheel chair for 3 years and at age 14 he discovered Marital Arts ....Shotokan karate and became self empowered...and now 40 years later and fifth Dan Black Belt (Master) Still teaches to this day. After a spiritual AWAKENING in 2005 he re-created himself by using the power of Affirmations and the Law of Attraction he became a Singer Song Writer and recorded his CD which the 12 tracks is his awakening in song. The Diary of an Uneducated Man. Carl is affirming for opportunities to take his show on the road and do concerts. He just got engaged to a beautiful lady Aidia.

Carl will be sharing his life story and as he is so well known I expect many to tune in tomorrow.
Check out his Website is

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Talking and Listening to
Your Body 

Talk to Your Body and Listen, Listen, Listen! Be kind and
gentle with yourself and don’t get discouraged if you don’t
get the results you seek immediately or over night. Be
patient and allow your body to become aware and accustomed
to using the Divine Healing and Rejuvenation Process.

Be patient and have faith and belief. Be persistent and watch for tiny
changes at the beginning and then build upon them. These tiny changes
give you faith and encouragement for you to go on with ‘the program.’
You may wish to purchase a little notebook and call it ‘Body Love Talk’

Ask your body, “Do you have anything to say to me?” Stop and really
listen. You may be surprised at what ideas, thoughts or feelings surface
in your mind. Be aware of them as this IS your body speaking to you
in the only way it KNOWS how to communicate.


Another way to beautify yourself is to perform Random\Acts of Kindness on a daily basis. You will be surprised at how much younger and lovelier you appear when  you truly help  another person! Feel the joy and \excitement in every part of your body. Try it and find out for yourself.

Love Your Body

Love your body and thank it for keeping you strong and healthy for many years. Learn to unconditionally love, respect and approve of your body just the way it is.

Talk to your body in the form of Affirmations.Always remember that if, when doing any
Affirmations, exercises, or meditations, any negativity comes up, recognize it immediately and then say with great authority, “Cancel, cancel or delete, delete that  is not a true statement.” Then quickly add your positive (the truth for you) statement to fill that space, saying the following statement . . . .

“The truth is . . . . (and then fill in the truth for you)!

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

This information is copyrighted and taken
from ‘Affirmation Beauty Book’ by Dr. Anne
Marie Evers

Monday, August 13, 2012

To Answer questions about my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Prosperity/Money

Also Christine to find out more about EFT please contact Dr. Lee Pulos

The book -----
'Affirmations Your Passport to Prosperity/Money'

Dear Anne Marie …

…“I just wanted to tell you that I wrote out Big Money to me now. I
put it in my purse and took it to Bingo. That night I won $2,000.
Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am telling everyone I meet
about it!
Yvonne from New York

… “After doing the Big Money to me method for two weeks, I
found a very valuable coin that I did not know I had in my coin
collection. It turned out to be worth $20,000! It saved my
business from going bankrupt. I cannot thank you enough."

Donald from Winnipeg, Canada

… “Many thanks for mailing your book on affirmations so
quickly. I just closed a $4M corporate account last Monday. I am
working on affirming individual sales. Roger from Ottawa.

… “Just a short note to tell you another success story. I got a
new computer and it also comes with one hundred hours of free
time on the Internet. Affirmation success again! As well I
visualized it on my desk, and there it sits. I am so excited about
it. Please write and give me your e-mail address.” Carolie
from Bellngham, USA

… “A quick note to let you know one of my affirmations
worked. I did an affirmation for the perfect vehicle for me and
three months later my co-worker offered me his wife’s car for an
unbelievably low price. I am so happy. Cecilia from
Powell River, BC

. . . . "I am so excited, I did affirmations and the Magic Magnetic
Circle you talk about and actually won $10,000 on a scratch
ticket. It was such a Godsend as I am a single parent and had
\bills to pay. I do my magic, magnetic circle every day. This is
such a simple, yet powerful exercise. I am so pleased you
\shared it with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy and
excited.” Happy Reader


testimonials       5
foreword       7
introduction       13
How this Book is Set Up       20

PART ONE: The Four Cornerstones of
the Personal Contract Affirmation

Method (PCAM)       23
Creating Abundance       24
The True Value of Money       38
The Tree of Wealth       54
The Money Winning Combination       68
Meditating on Prosperity       90
Creating Prosperous Careers
and Businesses       100

PART TWO: Applying the Affirmation
Program in Your Life      

Thoughts & The Mind       126
Affirmations      142
The Affirmation Step Process      154

Sample Master Affirmations
and Short-form Affirmations       166

Sample Affirmations       178

Testimonials       188
Resources       202
Order form       205

Your 30-day Affirmation
Prosperity/Money Program       207

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Magnetism - What is it?
Some scientists believe this magnetism is created in your
body cells, which are capable and just waiting to be magnetized
by your positive thoughts, feelings and actions. It
was placed there on the day you were born or even as you
were forming in your mother’s womb.

The method of creating magnetism is accomplished through
positive thinking, feelings and actions. These positive
thoughts magnetize similar thoughts and thought forms
to you. If thought is concentrated and magnified on an
image held in the mind, it has the power to produce instantly
what it affirms.

The Magic Magnetic Circle is your personal aura, extending
several feet on all sides of your body. It is your very
own kingdom over which you have complete control.
The human body is said to be composed of molecules in
motion, many chemicals and water. This aura surrounds
each strand of hair, mole or whisker. Every aura is different
just as every fingerprint and snowflake is different and

Magnetism is the mysterious cosmic power that works
through the Law of Attraction that holds the earth, sun,
moon, stars and the whole solar system in space. Magnetism
holds billions of planets in space that rotate in their
spheres without ever going off course.
The Money Winning Combination
Consciously release this powerful magnetism into your
blood stream, being, body and aura. Just the thought of
inviting the Higher Power into your life starts the process
of magnetically re-arranging your day and whole life into
a wondrous, incredulous, spiritual experience.

In this process you do your affirmations as previously set
out and add the power of the Magic Magnetic Circle to
your personal magnetism..

Before you start any method, say to yourself, “I am safe.
Feel the ground under your feet. Place your right hand on
your heart and your left hand on top of it. Then say,
“Soothe, safe, settle.” Now you are ready to begin.
‘Big Money to Me Now’
Write at the top of a page “Big money to me now” then
write the abbreviation b$tmn x 77 times every day. It is
important to speak it out loud when you are jotting down
the abbreviation as this firms up your intention. Your
subconscious mind reads the sentence at the top of the page
and takes in every detail and stores it for all time.

Do not scatter your thoughts. Focus and concentrate on
your goals, desires and affirmations.

When you hold a magnifying glass steadily over a piece of
newspaper if the sun’s rays are strong enough it will burn.

However, if you move the magnifying glass around you are
scattering the sun’s energy and it will not burn. It requires
a focused, concentrated effort. Channel the cosmic power
of the Universe in dynamic lines of force and energy within
your body. Activate your brain with knowledge. You are
building and creating power magnetism within you when
you are studying, focusing and using this wondrous power
in a positive manner.

‘Big Money To Me Now’
1. Stand up with your
arms outstretched at shoulder
height and pull them as far as you can towards the
center of your back saying: “Big”

Bring your hands forward and with your
right hand draw a huge imaginary $ sign in the
air saying: “Money”
both hands parallel make two downward lines to
complete the dollar sign.

Now say “To me now” as you tap your heart area with
right hand twice

hands cupped in the prayer position bow three
times first to the left, the middle and then the right
saying: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Multi-Millie told me that when she does her ‘Big Money
$$$ To Me Now,’ exercise with her mind’s eye she visualizes
(a) in a bathing suit
(b) smearing honey all over her body
(c) rolling in money so that it sticks to her.

That way, she says: “I attract and keep money in my life.”
Cynthia Writes
“Dear Anne Marie, since doing the ‘Big Money To Me Now’
Method, my business has doubled! You really have tapped
into something magical with your wonderful money
method. Thank you for sharing your incredible insight and
Joyce’s Letter
“Anne Marie, I just had to write and tell you my story
using your ‘Big Money to Me Now’ Method.
I am a student who was desperately in need of money for
university. After a friend shared your ‘Big"Money $$$ to
Me Now’ Method with me, I wrote the abbreviation, (b$tmn)
77 times. Also every day I wrote thank you 3 times on it
and signed my name.

I found $200 cash in an envelope. Then my grandmother,
who we all thought was struggling financially, sent me a
check for $5,000. with a note saying, “For your education.”
It was such a surprise and shock. I closed my eyes and
silently said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This information is copyrighted and is taken from the book,
AffirmationsYour Passport to Prosperity/Money by Dr. Anne
Marie Evers