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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Seven day Prosperity $$$ Program

Do the following exercises:

Get the money consciousness by placing paper money on ceiling in your bedroom so it becomes the first thing you see every morning.

Seed your sleep with thoughts of 'great wealth, great wealth.' This way you are bringing great wealth into your consciousness.

Make a Money Tree - Add a money bill every day.

Do The Extended Toothbrush Exercise - Procedure: Just after you have brushed your teeth in the morning, look into the mirror and say, "Hey self, you are wonderful person." Then say, "I forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, resepct and approve of myself just the way I am."

Photo-copy your bank statement, white out the amount there and put in the amount you want to see. For Example $300,000!

Do The Cup Release Exercise - Empty out all your negative or hindering thoughts that are keeping you from being wealthy.

Make a Prosperity Map - Cut out pictures of what you want and paste them on a huge cardboard. Draw a circle in the middle and put a picture of you there. Then connect all the pictures of what you desire to you by drawing arrows going right to your picture.

Act AS IF you already have that wealth and the Law of Attraction will set into action all the things that are necessary to bring to you. HAVE FUN !!!

This way you are expanding and developing your money consciousness and opening your money channels.

NOTE: Say "Great wealth" just before dropping off to sleep (this way your subconscious mind (Magic Genie) has all night to go out and assemble conditions, people and circumstances to manifest that great wealth/extra ($300,000) Net for you. Remember what you Magic Genie says, --"YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!"

Also say this statement 'great wealth' many, many times during the day. Make it your Mantra. Doodle $$$ signs over and over whenever you get a chance.

You are increasing your money consciousness by several methods:
Money on the Ceiling
Your Money Tree
Your new amount on your bank statement
Your Prosperity Map

Just know that the Cosmic Delivery Truck is turning up your block and driving straight to your house with this wonderful package of the extra $300,000 net.

See the truck in vivid colour
What colour is it?
What does the driver look like?
How fast is he or she driving?
Can you see the writing on the side of the Cosmic Delivery truck?
How big is the package?
How do you feel signing for it?
Are you excited?
Are you anxious to open the package or envelope addressed to you?

Now see yourself opening the package with all that money in it. Enjoy your creation.


Muster up all the feelings of happiness, joy, excitement and bliss that you would feel if you ACTUALLY had this amount of money in your hands right now.

VISUALIZE - Make your visusalization bright, colourful and very real.
What you visualize, you materialize!

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

With Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers