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Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Dr. Anne Marie Show has just added a new edition to the show----Random Act of Kindness Reporter, Joyanna Anthony. This show is heard L I V E every Saturday from 12:00 noon--1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Every regular show starts with this ten minute segment.

I feel it is so important to recognize and give credit to people and companies worldwide who are making a positive difference in peoples' lives. Also check out the archived shows.

Joyanna Anthony is a Roving Reporter of Random Acts of Kindness. If you know of any person, or organization that is performing Random Acts of Kindness, please email Joyanna and give her the particulars. Her email is Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With Affirmation Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers


Friday, January 02, 2009

Message from Rev. Christine Einarson
Contributing Editor

Dear Readers,

As one of the three organizers of the Nightly Affirmation/Prayer Group I would like to invite you to join us nightly, unless you are already a part of our Affirmation/Prayer Group, in which case we thank you for being associated with our Group.

We meet nightly without fail at 11:00 o’clock Pacific Standard Time as we come together, in our minds, to execute the many prayer requests we receive.

In case you are not aware, there are thousands of people worldwide who send out positive thoughts in their minds from all over the world, at the same time, when joining in with our Nightly Affirmation/Prayer Group. This positive collective energy is automatically directed towards each prayer request and the results have been phenomenal! This is confirmed by the many emails, post and phone calls of thanks we have and are receiving.

It only takes a few minutes of your time each day and those few minutes are so valuable to the Group; plus you would know that you are making a difference in people’s lives.

If you are unable to do the Nightly Affirmation/Prayer at the exact time, say it whenever you can and then ask the Universe to release it at 11 p.m. PST with the power of intention–—it’s amazing... Have faith that this process works! And that it works for Y O U, and anyone who takes the time, love and energy to participate.

Please say at 11pm PST the following Nightly Affirmation/Prayer:

We/I, join in with Dr. Evers, Rev. Eva Grace Johnson, Rev. Christine Einarson and
their Nightly Affirmation/Prayer Group and we/I, jointly and severally affirm
for Divine Wisdom and Divine Order to our World Leaders; Peace in the World; Healing, Love and respect to Mother Earth; Cures for Cancer and every disease. Also love, healing and protection to our men and women in the armed forces overseas. .

We/I send health, love, healing, happiness, peace of mind and prosperity to myself, our families and friends plus anyone who has ever asked for prayer. Now we/I add these specific prayer requests (that I am now holding in my hand)

Then we/I join in (in our minds, and this is the only action you need to take) with any person, anywhere in the world, who at this moment happens to be thinking thoughts of peace and love and jointly and severally send these thoughts into every corner of the world. This we ask in the name of God (Father, Creator, Universal Mind or whoever you believe in). And so it is.

Yes, Yes—YOU, TOO, CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD and this is a very rewarding way to achieve it and with only a minimal amount of effort!

Thank you in advance for participating; and now I would like to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Positive 2009.

With Affirmation New Year’s Blessings,

Rev. Christine Einarson

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wish to take this opportunity to welcome Rev. Christine Einarson as Contributing Editor of this blog. Rev. Einarson is also one of the founders of The Affirmation/Prayer Group that meets every night at 11:00 o'clock and does Affirmations. Welcome Rev. Christine!

At this time, I wish to take the opportunity to say Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you -my loyal and wonderful readers of this Blog and it is my pleasure to gift you with the following Prosperity Meditation. It is a good idea to record this Meditation in your own voice---as your own voice is most in tune with your subconscious mind. Do this Meditation daily for a period of 30 days and please report back to me the miraculous results.

by Dr. Anne Marie Evers

This Prosperity Meditation allows your mind to take you on this journey of imagination and money creation where you will be accessing to the source of all your dreams. It expands your mind, while relaxing you and putting you into a meditative state so you are able to receive the wonderful prosperity you so desire.


Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You are going on a short, but powerful prosperity meditation.

· Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet both firmly on the floor
· Gently close your eyes
· Place one of your hands over your heart area and then the other one on top of it and say to
yourself as safe, grounded, soothe and settle.”

Take 3 deep breaths. On the in breaths, breathe in peace, joy, love, prosperity, health and happiness and on the out breaths, breathe out fear, doubt, unhappiness, poverty, disappointment, hurt and any negative feelings.

Let all the cares of your world fade away. A h h h . . . feel how good it is to relax. Enjoy how wonderful and light you feel. Feel the feeling of peace and joy welling up in you.

Now the rich fertile soil of your subconscious mind is ready to receive the tender seeds of your affirmations.


You are going to go down 7 steps;
Your body is a little numb and so relaxed that you just don’t feel like moving.
Take the first step down:

Step 1
You feel so safe and so relaxed

Step 2
Going down deeper, still relaxed, safe and feeling oh so comfortable

Step 3
Down still deeper .... the cares of your everyday life are fading away—as you sink into deep beautiful relaxation

Step 4
Down still deeper and deeper .... your body is a little numb and so relaxed that you just don’t feel like moving

Step 5
Still deeper and deeper .... that feeling of total relaxation washes over you.

Step 6
Becoming very deep in relaxation. Your body is so light and very relaxed, you just don’t feel like moving

Step 7
Deeper and deeper . . . . and now you have arrived. Look around you.

Look! ---- Look! - Look over there! There is the River of Life. It has different areas and many rivers running out of it.

Then out of the corner of your eye, you spot the different colours in the River of Life.

v The River of Love is a radiant pink
v The River of Prosperity is a brilliant green
v The River of Health and Happiness is a tranquil blue
v The River of Spirituality is a golden yellow
v The River of Energy is a beautiful red

Know that you can visit those areas anytime you wish.

Today, you are going to visit the River of Prosperity $$$.
See the beautiful, soothing, green colour.

Yes, you can step into that wonderful water. As you do, it is warm and relaxing and that wonderful feeling washes over you. Know you can return any time you wish to take on whatever you need.

Dive in and soak yourself with this wondrous green water. Allow it to permeate every part of your body, changing your DNA to a money consciousness.

Allow this beautiful green substance of prosperity to saturate every cell and tissue of your body. You become alive in this beautiful green water.

Cup your hands and take a drink. Taste the sweet mint flavour. Feel how relaxed and wonderful you feel. Your consciousness is changing, opening up to receive your wondrous gift of prosperity.

Allow it to wash away all hurts, disappointments and sadness. Release and let go of every speck of negativity, every negative thought or belief you have ever had about you not deserving to be rich. (Yes very, very rich!)

Enjoy the healing power of this wonderful water and repeat this
Prescription for Happiness Affirmation

"I, (your name) now forgive everyone and everything that has EVER hurt me. I forgive my parents for being poor. I forgive myself for blaming others. I forgive myself for thinking that I failed in the past because I use those ‘so-called’ failures as extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes. I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am.”

Allow these statements to become a part of your being. Enjoy the feeling of unconditional divine self-love.

· It is not selfish to love yourself in this way
· Love yourself in every sense of the word
· You become love
· You are love

You are a love and money magnet to the right people and to the right circumstances.

Allow this wonderful, gentle, yet powerful prosperity consciousness to take over your being.

· Thank money $$$ for appearing and staying in your life
· Bless Money $$$
· Ask money $$$ to multiply in your life
· Ask money to bless you

Bless your checkbook, wallet and bankbook, encouraging the amounts thereon to multiply.

In this state, you never criticize money or feel guilty about having, using and enjoying money. Being prosperous is your birthright. Claim it right now. Right now, right now!

In this wonderful state of consciousness, walk over to the River of Prosperity. Select your container from the variety of vessels sitting on the side of the river.

You can take any size container, spoon, tablespoon, cup, huge pot, washtub, barrel or other container. Whatever you choose is the perfect one for you at this time. It will also tell you where your money consciousness resides.

Bend down and fill your container saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for my abundant wealth.”

Look Around bringing in the 5 senses

· Hear the music of angels
· See the beautiful flowers, blades of grass trees and all nature
· Smell the wonderful smell of fresh air
· Feel the feeling of prosperity and how rich you are
· Taste the sweet taste of the clear, green water.

Look, - Look, Look .... over there! See a Huge Bank. Read the Name:

Bank of the Universe---also known as The Universal Bank

You feel directed to take your container (no matter how small or large) and walk into The Universal Bank.

A strange and wonderful thing takes places as you go through the doors. Your water container and the substance therein becomes instant cash in your hands. $100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1M, 5M or whatever your money consciousness allows an accepts at this time.

You are directed to take your money to the teller to be deposited. Your teller is a beautiful Angel of Wealth with a soft, melodious voice. You ask her to open an account for you. She does so willingly and hands you back your deposit book.

Stop! Look! Look! Isn't that strange?

Some words are flashing in a bright green! These words are:

You are never overdrawn at The Universal Bank. Whatever amount that you withdraw is immediately, automatically re-deposited into your account. Thank you, thank you, thank you for banking at The Universal Bank.”

You have never seen anything like that in your life! This is absolute, PURE, DIVINE MAGIC and it is happening to you at this time! Just imagine you will never, never ever be poor again! Can you fathom this? Allow this wonderful concept and belief to sink deep into your subconscious mind.

You are so grateful. You thank the Angel of Wealth and you walk outside into the glorious sunshine. You are rich beyond your wildest dreams and will never be in lack of money again.

Now think of ways to use that money $$$ to:

· Help yourself
· Help your family and friends
· Help others
· Donate to Charity, people, churches, etc.
· Tithe to the place where you get your spiritual food

Take one last look at this beautiful place before you start your journey home.

Imagine, you can return at anytime to any part of the River of Life.
Now you start going up the steps:

Step 7
You are going up, looking around at the beautiful scenery. You feel happy, safe and rich.

Step 6
Up a little higher, still so relaxed and at the same time you are feeling very excited

Step 5
Higher and higher ... smell the fresh, pure air as you gaze around

Step 4
Up another step and still happy

Step 3
Up another step and now check to see if you still have your Magic Universal Bank Book

Step 2
Higher and higher .... now the scenery begins to fade out of sight

Step 1
You have arrived - back at the place where you started.

Before you open your eyes, allow the prosperity consciousness to keep washing through you, bathing every cell, tissue, organ and every part of your mind, spirit and body.

You will never be the same again, never in lack or poverty. You have acquired the wonderful money consciousness and cleared the way and now have received great wealth and riches. You are rich, yes, very, very, rich beyond your wildest dreams! And also so safe and protected.

Make sure you have your Bank of the Universe Bank Book

Relax and slowly open your eyes.
· You are a money magnet
· You have the money consciousness
· You have arrived
· You will never be in a state of lack again
· You are prosperous
· You are safe
· You are protected
· You are here!

E N J O Y !

Your subconscious mind was listening and recording all the time. It does not differentiate between a real and an imaged event. It takes it as the truth and stores it for all time. You have created a wonderful prosperity tape and wealth consciousness in your mind, which you can play over and over whenever you choose.

As your subconscious mind is most in tune with your own voice, you may wish to make your own prosperity tape or CD. For miraculous results repeat this Money Meditation often.

And Always remember that
Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

Watch for other valuable, informative Articles, Exercises, Affirmations (Tools) by Dr. Anne Marie Evers & Rev. Christine Einarson.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hi folks
Please go to utube and type in affirmations Anne Marie Evers and you will see a short interview. I would love to hear your feedback.

Also please listen to my regular radio show on Type in Anne Marie Evers and my recent and archived shows will come up.

Listen in LIVE every Saturday from 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time to The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show.

I am also looking for people to interview for a 10 minute segment who have and are performing Random Acts of Kindness.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank youl thank you, thank you.
Dr. Anne Marie Evers