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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Exciting Journey of Happiness Through Affirmations By Dr. Anne Marie Evers "Happiness is not a destination-it is a journey with stops of interest along the way.

It is a state of consciousness or awareness that is not dependent on outside people, places, circumstances or events. Happiness comes from within you-It is an inside job."

If you are unhappy and good things happen to you, you may be viewing these blessings through murky, dirty, negative glasses. You may therefore not recognize them and miss out on your wonderful gifts and blessings.

When you raise your consciousness, you attract good things to you. Be conscious of your blessings and concentrate on the good things in your life.

It is your birthright to be healthy, loved, happy and prosperous. Happiness is surrendering to what is and living in the now--the only moment you have. Make happiness your daily habit. Look on the bright side of life. Live your faith and involve yourself in harmonious activities and interactions with self and others.

"Happiness appears when the mind is at peace and ceases it search for it." Certainly outer conditions and people can contribute to your happiness, but the mere possession of wealth, luxuries or having a wonderful spouse does not ensure happiness.

Many unhappy people are rich in material things and many less fortunate people are extremely happy. Happiness comes from releasing negativity and accepting, approving and loving self.

Smile at everyone you meet and make a note of how many people smile back at you! Make a habit of spreading sunshine wherever you go.

"A happy person is one who acts purposely and makes things happen". He or she looks forward to each day with excited, happy anticipation.

It is important to enjoy life's journey-not just the highlights. Think, plan and be constructive and specific about your Affirmations and what you desire in this life.

Do your Affirmations daily and faithfully. Very often unhappiness is just a bad habit. "When you are happy you don't think about it, but when you are unhappy you can't stop thinking about it."

Break negative habits by doing your affirmations regularly and you will be happy!

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