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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Two Ways to Cope with Worrying
Hourglass Exercise

If you don’t already have an hourglass, purchase one and put it on the table or on your desk, where you can easily see it. If you become overwhelmed with worry or anxiety, turn the hourglass upside down and sit and watch as the grains of sand slowly pass through the narrow neck of the hourglass. If tried to push too many grains of sand through at the same time, they clog up and none would get through—or the glass would break. I liken this my life. When I feel very anxious, I just think about that hourglass and I one thing at a time, concentrating and focusing on it until it’s done. Then I
go on to the next one. If I attempt to do several tasks at the same time, I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done. This is a very simple yet powerful exercise that will help you to pace yourself in a healthy way and avoid overextending or stressing yourself.

Worry Drawer Exercise
Make a list of everything you are worried or stressed about, being very specific.Date and sign it and then place it in a drawer. After a few months, take it out and look at it. You will realize that 90% of what you worried about never happened and the 10% that did happen was not at all affected by your worry. Worrying is a waste of precious energy that could be put to much better such as doing your affirmations and focusing on positive solutions.So why worry? 

Many Affirmation Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie

P.S. I have completely resigned from being President of the Worry Club of the Universe! 
How about you?


Do you suffer from chronic worry? I believe that chronic worry is abnormal. A person who worries that he or she has nothing to worry about is a worrywart! Worry is such a wasted emotion. The main basis of worry is negativity and apprehension.  t could be the expectation that the worst will happen. Tension results from worry and brings on more worry, so that it becomes a vicious circle. I read somewhere that worry is like a rocking chair- it gives you something to do -- but get you no where!

Decide to limit your worries. Worry is interest paid on trouble before it becomes due.It is also like a boil coming to its painful head -- which is fear. Worry can become fear if you allow it to, or do not control it. Fear short-circuits the cosmic energy that flows throughout your body. It inhibits your cells and creates poison that can be injurious to your organs, tissues and every part of your body. Any negative thought, if fertilized, can develop into a real fear monster than can tear you down. Conquer fear by putting it into proper perspective. When you worry about things that you cannot control it dissipates your energy faster than you can accumulate it.

Sample Master Affirmation to handle and control  Chronic Worry

I, (your name) deserve to be and now am becoming worry-free. In my mind I place all my worries into a balloon and release it into the atmosphere to be recycled into Divine Love.I am in control of my life. I concentrate on my blessings and the positive things in my life. I live in an attitude of gratitude. I enjoy being worry-free! I am happy, secure and calm to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I fully accept

Signed ____________________________________Dated _____________________________

When you date and sign this Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with God/Creator, Universal Mind, Higher Power or whomever you believe in.

Worry free- me Now!

Affirmations When properly Done Always Work!
(sometimes not in our time frame or as we think they should).

Monday, October 19, 2015

I received an email asking me what my thoughts were on magnetism and how this can be incorporated into the creating and doing Affirmations  . . . .   

Some scientists believe that magnetism is created in your body cells, which are capable and just waiting to be magnetized by your positive thoughts., feelings and actions. It was placed there on the day you were born and even as you were forming in your mother's womb.

I believe that the method of creating magnetism is accomplished through positive thinking, feelings and actions. These positive thoughts magnetize similar thoughts and thought forms to you. If thought is concentrated and magnified on a image and steadily held in the mind, it has the power to produce instantly what it is affirming. The Magic Magnetic Circle is your personal aura. extending several feet on all sides of your body. It is your very own kingdom over which you have complete control.The human body is said to be composed of molecules in motion, many chemicals and water. This aura surrounds each strand of your hair, mole or whisker. Every aura is different just as every fingerprint and snowflake is different and individual.

Magnetism is the mysterious cosmic power that works through the Law of Attraction that holds the earth, sun, moon stars and the whole solar system in space. Magnetism holds billions of planets in space that rotate in their spheres without ever going off course.

Consciously release this powerful magnetism into your blood stream, Being body and aura. Just the thought of inviting the Higher Power into your life starts the process of magnetically rearranging your day and the whole life into a wondrous, incredulous and spiritual experience. In this process you do your Affirmations as set out in my books and writings and add the power of the Magic Magnetic Circle. Before you start any Affirmative Method say to yourself, "I am safe, calm and grounded." Feel the ground under your feet. Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on top of it. Then say, "Soothe, Safe, Settle." Now you are ready to begin creating and saying your Affirmations. Oh yes, please remember with all Master Affirmations you need to incorporate the 'safety clause' (to the good of all parties concerned); say thank you three time; fully accept, date and sign your Master Affirmation. After you have done that you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God,/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.

Have Fun creating your miracles on a daily basis! Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!