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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Friends

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy, Safe, Healthy, Loving and Prosperous Holiday Season and New Year 2010. Also I wish to announce the birth of my brand new website Please check it out. You will find lots of interesting topics and information.

Also as today is Carole Matthews Birthday I extend my warm, loving wishes for a wonderful birthday and coming years. Keith Breadner, one of my friends and a loyal listener of Carol's radio show wrote this Poem for her. He writes . . .

"Carole Matthews she is a physic
Your future she will tell you'll like it.
Her radio show on C.F.O.S.
A number One hit I confess.

Call her and give your birthdate
She will assign you an Angel to whom you relate.
Tell her what is on your mind.
The answer she gives will be just fine.

She hits the nail right on the head
With messages from people we call the dead.
They really are not dead but are still alive
In another dimension they all survive.

Soon these dimensions will merge as one
Then we will all reunite as loved ones.
Carole gives hope to many out there
Her thought for the day shows she really cares.

Carole is a good soul, One of a kind
She's here with her power to help mankind.
A physic and powerful seer
She brings light and hope to all who seek her."