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Thursday, October 10, 2013

When I first heard the words 'colon cancer' I was shocked and felt like the Dr. was not speaking to me. When those words began to sink in, real fear set it, almost panic. Now what? Was it the end? My mind went back to when I first had emergency surgery on July 14th to remove the partial blockage over my colon. . . .  Just as I was about to enter the operating room, I heard very loud and very clear these words, "WHAT TIME IS IT? Then the answer came back loud and clear - 11:11! Wow this to me is the Angel Hour. So I said, "Angels if you are here to take me, I am ready but I would like to have more time with my family, friends and to help more people." So I made it past the emergency surgery, a severe infection, and now am in the process of taking chemo treatments for prevention.
Now that fear during the whole challenging journey seems to have been lurking about somewhere in my world. So I do the following Affirmation Tool (Master Affirmation) to calm me down . . . . .

"I, Anne Marie Evers deserve to be and NOW AM healthy and happy. My life is full, rich and rewarding. I live in the now. Any and all negative, unwanted fear now leaves my body and I am becoming radiantly healthy. I enjoy being calm, peaceful and phobia-free. I thank God daily for all my blessings ---  the ones I have received; the ones I am receiving; and the ones I am about to receive. Thank you, thank you, thank  you."
I fully accept
Signed    Anne Marie Evers and I date it.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Health Challenge Journey

Just to recap I had emergency surgery to have a partial blockage, huge growth over my colon removed. The operation was a success and the Dr. said he got all of it. After going home from the hospital I developed a very severe infection and had to be re-hospitalized. After many days I was released and on October 1st I started my first Chemo Treatment in the hospital for prevention of it returning just in case there was a cancer particle left.

I have just completed my first week of chemo at the hospital and now I would like to share my experience with using my Affirmation Tools when taking chemo. My particular treatment goes on for six months.

This one of the Affirmation Tools that I have been using a lot lately with my health challenge. I find it very effective. Just wanted to share it should someone else be going through a similar challenge with their health and like some extra help.


You may wish to do your Personal Contract Affirmation Method in a special place, such as a garden, meadow, house, arbour or anywhere you feel comfortable and at peace. I choose to do mine in the Angel Chapel I have in my back yard, which is full of Angels and Light. Focusing in the Angel Chapel makes my Affirmation s more focused and powerful.
I visualize in my mind’s eyes, a huge giant light bulb in front of me and this particular Light Bulb is my Angel Chapel. I make it large enough to step inside. It is complete with door and handle. I open the glass door and go inside. I can see through it in all directions. Just inside the door there is a panel of push buttons.

Because I am working on the Health Affirmations I press the blue button for health. I see this beautiful sky blue color filling the entire Affirmation Light Bulb (Angel Chapel), penetrating the atmosphere and enabling me to breath in its power, healing and energy.

I imagine my Health Affirmation in a soft golden cloud and I let it float up and out of the large fresh air vent at the top of the Affirmation Light Bulb, (Angel Chapel). I release it with loving kindness and detachment into the universe to manifest as desired. Now I mentally harden the material around the area so that no one can come in or see me. This is my own special and unique experience.
I use several different health Affirmations depending on how I feel on that certain day.
One of my constant Affirmations is:
“The chemo treatment now works in perfect harmony with my body to my highest good.”

 If I am feeling ill, I do the following:
“My stomach is calm healthy and relaxed. I am becoming stronger and stronger, healthier and healthier.”

If I am feeling depressed  . . .
I use the Affirmation Tool – ‘This Too Shall Pass’

I visualize on the back of my ring these 4 words – ‘This Too Shall Pass.’ And it does together with the good times and this is what we call life.
I also say,” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

If I am fearful
I use the following Affirmation
“All negative fear now leaves my body and I am relaxed and at peace.”

With each individual Affirmation I bring in my five physical senses

SEE       I see myself being completely healthy, happy and relaxed

HEAR    People commenting on how healthy I look and am

FEEL     I feel the words actually going deep into every cell of my

               body and healing, rejuvenating and invigorating me

SMELL   I smell the sweet fragrance of roses

TASTE    I take a drink of fresh, sparkling water or visualize biting into

                a juicy apple.

Then I completely relax for a few moments, then I get up slowly, stretch and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” go out, close the door of the Angel Chapel and go on with my day. I feel this special place helps me solidify, clarify and empower my Affirmations. It is my own peaceful, special individual place in the universe.


I am especially blessed as my husband Pastor Reg actually built me a physical Angel Chapel in our back yard. You can also visit the Angel Chapel by going to

 Create your own special place in the Universe for you when you need it. I find it very helpful and it is my Affirmation that you find it helpful as well.

May God Bless and Heal you
Love and Affirmation Blessings
RevDr Anne Marie Evers

Sunday, October 06, 2013


We, as parents need to instill hope in our children. I think of HOPE in the following way --

H    Help
O    Open  
E    Eyes

We also need to teach positive traits such as honesty, integrity and morals to our children at a young age.
Remember -- Children learn by example.

We give our children two things— Roots and Wings. (I believe it was Hilary Clinton that said this statement). I feel we give them roots by teaching and giving them positive Affirmation Tools to use throughout their lifetimes. When they become of age we give them wings by allowing them to make their own pathway in life and try very hard not to interfere and to place upon them our desires of what WE think is right for our providing a solid foundation based on truth and honesty. We also teach by children.
Who they should marry;
How they should live their lives;
What occupation path to follow;
What type of friend to have, and on and on it goes.

About Bullying
We are all part of the whole picture and society and as such it is the responsibility of each one of us to help others eliminate bullying and violence in our homes, schools and communities.Think of ways you that and your children can help eliminate bullying and put-downs in school, home and communities. List them, talk about them and come up with positive, strong, solid ways you and your child agree. When children learn to love, respect and approve of themselves in a healthy manner, the need to make others feel inferior, put them down or bully disappears.

Teaching Children the Power of Properly Done Affirmations
It is so important to teach our children values, morals, Affirmations, etc. instilling in them positive beliefs and happy, uplifting thoughts and ideas. When your child learns to do positive Affirmations properly at a young age they are receiving one of the best gifts you can ever bestow on them. Remember when you started your life and how you viewed things with simple, childlike faith and then you became programmed by those negative limited, unhappy ways of thinking? Now you have the chance to encourage your child to clear his or her mind of unhappy and limiting thoughts and to replace them with positive happy thoughts.

When children are happy and well-adjusted the need to bully or control others disappears. Spend quality time at home teaching, modeling and living the attributes you desire to see manifest in your children.
Become involved in your child’s life in all aspects.

The Importance of Self-Esteem
What is self-esteem? It is our inner image and who we believe we are. Where does it come from? It comes from our belief system and subconscious image of self. It also comes from the way we have been spoken to and how we talk to ourselves and others. We need to praise and encourage our children while visualizing them accomplishing their goals. 80% of children entering school have positive self-esteem. By 6th grade it has dropped to 20%. Only 5% of high school seniors feel positive about themselves.

We, as parents need to have healthy self-esteem ourselves before we can teach it to our children. You have to have it first as you cannot give from an empty cup. Remember your child learns by example.
Are you carrying some negative thoughts, ideas, beliefs or concepts from your past that need to be released and forgiven?

Are you holding a grudge against a member of your family, a situation, or person? Did you know that some people say that forgiveness is selfish because it benefits mostly the person doing the forgiving?
If you are, now is the time to give yourself a forgiveness healing. Forgiving someone is taking positive action, which reconnects you to your power.

Communication – How Important is it?
I feel it is one of the most important parts of child raising. Really listening to your child shows love, consideration and interest. It does take time and effort to listen to our children. Parents who listen to their children receive many benefits. Some are the joys of really getting to know the child and his or her improved behavior. When you really listen to your child, he or she does not have to use inappropriate behavior to get your attention. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just say so with honesty. If appropriate tell your child that you will try out find the answer. If you did not hear him or her, ask them to repeat. Remember that children have a limited vocabulary.

The following tips help parents communicate that they child has something important to say:
· Pay attention
· Maintain eye contact
· Allow him or her to speak without interrupting
· Listen and concentrate on hearing and understanding what your child is saying
· Give yourself space - if needed, back up, sit down and take a breath
· Be calm and maintain eye contact
· Do not show your impatience by watching television, reading or fidgeting
· Refrain from formulating your answer while your child is speaking
· Give feedback
· Encourage your child to keep talking
· Provide answers and advice only if asked
· Watch the body language
· Be courteous
· Do not correct during the session.

Make it clear that you have heard and understand the message. If you do not understand, ask questions, summarize the message and repeat it back to your child. Silence is golden- remember the less you talk the more you listen, the more the child will open up and share with you.

CHOICESChoices come in different shapes and sizes and so does decisions. The very act of making a decision is powerful. Giving children choices is a meaningful tool. When children have choices at a young age, they are empowered to feel self-confident and also to feel that their opinions matter and that they are being validated. The type of choices you give at a young age is important.

When Choices are Okay!
When children make small decisions, they create the decision-making framework and have it in place when it comes time to make larger decisions or choices. The type of choices they are given at a young age is important.

Some Choices Could Be
What we wear,
What book to have read to them,
What type of vegetable to have for dinner
What hairstyle (within reason)
What to name a pet

When Choices are Not OKAY!
Some examples of things not to give choices are decisions around safety, what time to go to bed, doing their homework, what television shows or movies to watch, any type of bullying other children or attending school.

Sample Master Affirmation for Children
“I, (name of child) now make good, healthy decisions and choices that are made to everyone’s good, which includes me. I am happy, balanced healthy and strong to the good of all. Thank you, thank you thank you.
I accept
Signed __________________________               Dated_____________________

Be certain to step ahead 3-4 weeks or months and visualize in vivid color your affirmation manifesting right before your eyes! It is so important to use visualization together with your Affirmations to be successful! Whatever you picture within reason can come true in your life if you have sufficient faith in the power within. There is a mighty force in the world that scientists call electro-magnetism.

The Wonderful Universe
Everything in the Universe is electro-Magnetic in nature and the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion operate electro-magnetically. When you assume a positive or negative state of mind, you get a negative or positive result. The Laws of the Universe and the Law of Cause and Effect has been written about thousands of times down through the centuries and practiced by outstanding characters of history like Moses, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin, Edison and others. The wisest men of all ages, medicine men, religious leaders, great teachers, Mayan priests, Yogis, healers and miracles men they all knew this secret. They pictured in their minds and hearts what they wanted to take place and what they pictured eventually came true. The light you are using while reading this (unless you are reading it in the daytime) was pictured by Edison. He dared to think Big. If we took everything that has ever been created by thought alone out of the world, we would have nothing left but a primitive jungle. See how powerful creative visualization is.

Picture, Picture, Picture
That chair you are sitting on was first a thought in someone’s mind, now you are using it.The coffee pot you use every morning was at one time a mere thought in the mind of a person (in the invisible world) and
now it is visible in our world. Give your mind a strong clear picture of you learning and teaching the process and magic of Affirmations to achieve your dreams. Change your thinking and you instantly commence to change conditions around you. Change the direction of a magnet and it changes the field around it immediately and automatically.

                           Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

The Importance of Appreciating & Validating your Child
Tell your child—
· You are special
· You are important
· You are loved
· You have the responsibility to take care of your body
· Trust your feelings and share with the family how your feel
· Tell us when you are scared, sad, happy or worried

Children are never too young to learn good manners. It is very important for them to learn to say, “Please, thank you, excuse me” and other positive phrases. Teaching guidelines and expectations for good manners at home benefits them during their lifetime. Table manners may be more difficult to practice in a relaxed home setting, but it will benefit the child in social situations later on.

Affirmation for Praise of Children
“I, (your name) now refrain from criticizing or using negative put-downs with my children. I use praise, as I know when you take off the ‘p’ off praise, it becomes raise. It helps raise my child’s self-esteem. I enjoy encouraging my children to the good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
I accept
Signed __________________ Dated. _________________

For Younger Children
Help your child cut out a picture of a huge star. On the back of it have your child write out a personal affirmation such as, I have many friends, I learn easily, I am a good speller, etc. on the front of it have him or her print the following poem:

Star Poem

Plan for more than you can do
Then do it!
Bite off more than you can chew
Then chew it!
Attach your Affirmation to a Star
Hold on Tight
And There you Are!


Some Suggested SHORT FORM AFFIRMATIONS for children.

Please read them over carefully and make sure that you agree with them and that they resonate with YOUR children. Affirmations  that come from within you manifest what you are affirming quicker and easier.

Use the following Sample Short Form Affirmations as a guide to make up your own family Affirmations

I feel good about myself and my classmates
I like attending school

I like my teacher   
I have lots of friends
I am happy

I now make friends easily
I love being cheerful
I love smiling
I feel good about myself
I love and respect myself

I know I am important
I count
People like me
I have an upbeat, happy personality
I do well in school

I remember what I learn
When I forget I close my eyes and I say to myself, "Clear, search and download!'
The information I need comes quickly to me
I do well in all my assignments and school work
I love learning

I like people and they like me
I enjoy helping my teacher and others
I get good marks in my spelling and in all my subjects
I know how important it is to study and learn
I know going to school and learning is training me for my later life career

Learning new things help me become successful and productive
Whenever I feel fear or anger in my body, I say quickly, "Cancel, Cancel, I am happy," and I feel better
I always fill the space that I have just created with happy, positive thoughts
I enjoy nature and studying about creation
I learn about animals and how they act, react and live

I am kind and loving to my pets and they respond in the same way
When I say words I think about the thoughts behind them. For example: I cannot seem to understand a part in my English lesson -- I think about what could be causing me to think that way  and then if I wish I change what I look at what I believe about a situation or condition
I know how thinking and making pictures in my mind become real to me
I create vivid, pictures in color of me doing great in school

I create vivid pictures of me having a host of friends
I am respected by my friends and all others
I use creative visualization to realize my dreams
I make vivid pictures in my mind to help me win at sports (football and hockey)
I sit quietly and visualize my team and I wining or wining a touchdown

I make it very real
I make my mind pictures very real
I bring in my five physical senses - See, Hear, Smell, Feel and Taste
I see, it, hear it, smell it, feel it  and taste it
For taste, I visualize biting into a juicy apple or taking a drink of fresh, sparking water

My subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event and takes me at my word
I never brain dump negative, old material or information into my wonderful mind
I keep my mind clean and tidy at all times
Negativity is not welcome in my world
I have and enjoy a healthy self-love and respect
I know this is okay because I cannot give from an empty cup
If I cannot love and respect myself, how can I expect others to love and respect me?
I treat myself and others with loving kindness
I never beat myself up-I just say, "Okay the next time I will do it differently," and I do
I never try to saw 'yesterday's sawdust.' It does not work!

I am careful of what I think and say
I create my life with every word I speak
I know self-talk is very important
I practice the PSTx3- (a) Positive Self-thought (b) Positive Self-talk and (c) Positive Street-Talk
I know my mind is like a highly sophisticated computer
My mind takes in every detail of every situation that happens to me and stores it for all time
I choose the words carefully when speaking to myself and others
I know what a powerful effect that harmful, negative thoughts have on my body and self-esteem
I make sure I use only positive, happy words and say what I want to see take place in my life.
I know I am the captain of my ship

I am the director of my show and the only decision maker in my Universe
I can change the way I think, speak and act
I never try and change my friends as I know that never works to the good of all
I am respectful and I listen to what others say
I refrain from interrupting and doing all the talking

I know I also learn by listening and observing
I feel good about life, other people and myself
I graduate at the top of my class or with honors
I am thankful for all the valuable training that I have received
I say 'No' easily and quickly when I choose to without guilt

I never try and convince or control others
Everyone has free choice
I have learned about life's dangers and I never put myself in danger
I grow into a responsible young adult
I love using my wonderful creative abilities, imagination and understanding

I totally release all negative feelings of hatred, hostility or anger towards another Human Being and/or situation
I let go of angry feelings
I now move out of my comfort zone into new, positive and exciting,safe places
I know it is never too late to heal my self image-so I start now, right now
I see myself in a positive light

I accept my perfect place in life
I know I have the power within to create my dreams
I use this power wisely and to the good of all
I never allow negative fear to control my life
Fear means 'False Evidence Appearing Real'

I say to get rid of fear, 'Find Enlightening Answers Readily'
I easily say 'No' to negative, unhealthy fear and it leaves my body
Fear does not control me
I am in control of my thoughts, words and actions
I never compete or compare myself to my friends

We are all different and we are all unique
I am very special in my own way and others are special in their way
I make friends easily and quickly
 I am kind and considerate
I am really interested in what others are saying and what is happening in their lives

I am totally accepted by my family, teachers and classmates
I am popular, cheerful and happy
People love to be in my presence
I am balanced
I get excellent grades in school

I love doing my homework projects and assignments
I use my power to say 'No' whenever I am faced with a negative situation
I respect and trust myself and my abilities
I have and enjoy healthy self-esteem
I have many friends

I build my friends up -- not tear them down
I am and love being a Team Player
I refuse to be a doormat
When I love, respect and approve of myself, I don't have to go places looking for it
When I allow myself to be a doormat, I don't fee good about myself

I never belittle myself or my abilities
I do not need approval from others
I know it is not selfish to have a healthy love and respect for myself
I choose happiness
When I am angry, I find natural ways to vent my anger in a safe and positive manner

I pound a pillow, hit a punching bag, write a letter, or do another activity that releases anger and tension
I go some place where I will not be heard and yell and scream at the top of my voice
I know when I put a 'd' in front of anger it becomes 'danger'
I enjoy and now cultivate fantastic concentration power
I am a very powerful, concentration magnet

My abilities increase daily as I use them wisely and to the good of all
I refrain from criticizing my family members, friends, peers and others
I believe in myself
I never spend my time criticizing my friends and others
I consider driving a privilege and I treat it as such

I give myself permission to be an excellent, safe, cautious driver and I am.
I am wide awake, and completely free of alcohol and all drugs
I react quickly and accurately in any situation that may arise
 I easily refuse any form of drugs
I believe in myself and my abilities

I give myself permission to be happy and I am
I love life and living in the present
I look forward to all the wonderful things taking place in my life
I magnetize the right, supportive friendships into my life
I am popular and have lasting, wonderful, supportive friends

I understand and respect my friends and they respect and understand me
I know I have the power within me to say 'No' to drugs and things that are not to my highest good
I have faith in myself to make the right choices and I do
I enjoy being guilt-free
I am confident and happy

I respect myself and my opinions
I take responsibility for my choices and my actions
I make my own decisions as set out my parents and/or teachers
No one can ever jump into my mind and think my thoughts for me, nor can I do this for another person
I make the best of every situation

I enjoy powerful, positive willpower
When I make up my mind to do something positive and constructive, I do it!
I have a strong determination to succeed and I do
I use my wonderful power wisely and to the good of all
I limit my worries

I focus on all the good and positive things happening in my life
I forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me
I forgive myself
I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am
I show loving kindness and respect to everyone I meet

I watch my self-talk
I am aware and listen to the self-talk of my family members and friends
I never allow the negative words of others to affect my mind and body
I truly do approve of and accept myself
I believe in me

I have a healthy self-love
My life is full and rewarding
I look forward with excitement to every new day!
I never put others down or criticize them
I always find something positive and uplifting to say to my friends and others

I love to help others
I love to win and I am happy when others win too
I have a winning personality
I do things to give me the wining consciousness
I practice, visualize, and affirm myself as being a winner

I dare to stop unfair bullying in my school, playground and in my community and I do to the best of my ability
I respect others
I am respected
Everything in life involves relationships
The most important relationship I will ever have is with myself

I am in a relationship with my family, the bus driver, my teacher, my peers, my desk and even my pencils
Life is an exciting journey with many and varied stops of interest along the way
I make my journey exciting happy and fulfilled
I never sweat the small stuff or worry about things that I do not have the power to change
I know that I cannot change others, but I can change the way in which I view them and feel about them

I am thankful for the good things in my life
I am thankful for my wonderful family, home, clothes, food, good friends, pets, school, teacher, classmates and all
I am also thankful for the opportunity to learn and to make choices of what I think say and do
I choose to be kind and considerate to everyone
I know respectful, positive ripples affect every person in a good way

I decide to make today happy and it is!
I send thoughts of kindness to other boys and girls who are not as fortunate as me
I appreciate my family, home, friends and myself
I appreciate my good, quick mind and my healthy body
I take good care of my body

I love and respect myself
I am respectful to my parents, family members and everyone I meet
I do my share of helping around the house.
I do my chores cheerfully
I am happy to help out

I set a good example for my younger brothers and sisters and others
I love being a team player at home and at school
I enjoy doing my homework and think how much I am learning and how doing it helps me with my subjects
It is fun to learn, remember and get good marks
I practice the positive ripple effect at home, at school and everywhere I go

I start a positive, ripple (a happy statement) and then it ripples out to others
When I am angry I do something about it. I release it in a healthy and safe manner
I am tidy and on time
I value other peoples' time too
I am respectful and cheerful

I am popular and well-liked
I get up in the morning and I decide to be happy
It is my choice to be happy, the sun, wind, and air don't care
It is all up to me so I choose to be happy, cheerful and spread sunshine to everyone I meet
I make the choice

I am making decisions and choices large and small every minute of every day
I never make fun of people who look or act different, or who speak or dress differently
They are all entitled to their own ideas, actions and the way they dress
When someone says something mean to me or that I don't like, I say, "Delete, delete, that is not true I am happy"
Then those hurtful, mean words do not have the chance to enter my computer

I know that affirmations are like goals or wishes
I do my Affirmations when I blow out the candles on my Birthday Cake and make a wish
Affirmations are positive happy sentences that help me reach my goals
When I do my affirmations I never word or intend them to hurt or take from anyone
I know they must be worded for the good of everyone and that includes me!