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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I was just thinking about thoughts and words  . . . words are very powerful and we create with every word we speak. Words can never be taken back in their entirety, yes they can be explained or mitigated but never ever taken back fully. Think before you speak or in computer language, 'think before you send!'

Your thoughts are yours and yours alone and no one can jump into your mind and think your thoughts for you, nor can you jump into anothers' mind and think their thoughts for them.

Thoughts are powerful  .. they become things   . . . thoughts=words=Affirmations=Action.

Any idea accepted by the brain is automatically transformed into an action of some sort. Ideas always produce a reaction of some sort. Every suggested idea idea produces a corresponding physic reaction. Every idea constantly repeated over and over ends up being engraved upon the brain, provoking the act which corresponds to that idea. Thought passes from mind to mind through the great electron sea around  us. It is an electrical movement that originates in the brain and vibrating the ether. Thought is not only a dynamic force,  but it is a real thing as real as any material object. We cannot taste or smell thought as we don't smell or taste air. Be careful what you think about and speak about. Remember the Law of Attraction which says; "Like attracts like; More gathers more; What you think about you bring about and what you are seeking is seeking you."

My suggestion is that we all do some important Thought and Word Watching to see where our thoughts and words are taking up residency. If we do not like the place they are, we have the power to change those thoughts and words from negative ones to positive happy ones. After all you created those thoughts and words in the first place!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just wanted to report a wonderful time at the Canadian Conference Of Community Oncology (CCOCO) at Whistler, BC yesterday, Saturday, June 20th, 2015. I was so honoured and delighted to speak at the Conference and share my simple, yet powerful and proven Affirmation Life Tools that help cope with negative side effects of chemotherapy and/or other medical treatments with so many of our Health Care Professionals - Doctors; Naturopathic Doctors; Nurses; Pharmacists; Social Workers; Caregivers and many others.