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Saturday, March 26, 2011


If there’s one thing that most people say about Tom Tompkins aka Tommy Transit is that he knows just about everyone in town! And if he doesn’t know you, he’s sure to know someone who does knows you. As a Vancouver bus driver with Coast Mountain Bus for 20 years, his job allows him in meet thousands of people every week, or as he puts it, “I get to meet approximately 150,000 people a year. That’s more than the Prime Minister, President and the Queen meet in a year...rolled altogether.”

It was this realization of his unique position to make a positive influence in the lives of literally thousands of people that changed how he went to work every day. By noticing people and making a personal compliment to them as they stepped onto the bus, the y felt seen. That “seeing” people made them feel more alive. People smiled, laughed and started to interact not only with him, but with others on the bus. “People often look like they’re off to the salt mines when they get on the bus. I bring them back to the moment and a sweet way of realizing that they are also alive right here on the bus.”

Over the years this became like breathing to him and he developed what he does into a series of courses around what he calls The Art of Acknowledgment. Tom is finishing off his book, “Bus Tales” about how to change the world from 9 to 5.

Michele Hall


Friday, March 25, 2011


This is very important to develop the mutual encouragement and support of the group and for the Master Mind Energy to grow.

The Master Mind Principle is implemented through a Master Mind Group. The Master Mind group consists of two or more persons (2-6 is ideal), who meet regularly in an atmosphere of trust and harmony for the purpose of providing mutual support and encouragement—and to believe for each other things which each alone may find difficult to conceive and believe for him or her self.

A Master Mind Group is not established so that individual members can solve each other’s personal problems. Rather, such a group is established to surrender to the Master Mind problem areas, challenges, needs for healing, or any other positive desires of each member. When such requests are fully and properly made of the Master Mind answers and solutions occur in a most amazing way.

Master Mind Group meetings may be conducted in a home; a place of business, a church or any other mutually agreed upon location that provides a certain amount of quiet and privacy. Meetings should be limited for the intended purpose. It unusually is sufficient to meet once a week and if possible at the same location.

Conduct your Master Mind meeting in the following manner:

Establish an atmosphere of excitement and expectation by open with a brief period of sharing. This is a time for progress reports, in which group members share successes, goals achieved or prayers answered.

One member serves as chairperson and opens the meeting by reminding the group of the presence of a Power great than themselves waiting to respond to their needs in a focused, personally way… all they need do is ask.

The chairperson then guides the group through the steps, one at a time. Each member responds out loud to each step, addressing the Master Mind in the presence of the group. The person serving as leader is responsible for keeping the group directed and focused on the Master Mind purpose.

Each member makes known his or her personal request and receives, in the process the full attention and support of every other member. As each person states his or her requests, other members respond in turn with an affirmation such as, I know the Master Mind has heard you and is providing you with what you have asked for.

WHAT IS A MASTER MIND PARTNER?A Master Mind Partner is a person with whom you meet regularly in a spirit of harmony, trust and love and with whom you follow the prescribed steps into the Master Mind consciousness. A Master Mind partner listens attentively to the requests you make and affirms his or her complete support for you to become and achieve all you have requested.

A Master Mind partner is in a very real way, a member of a support group comprising the two or more people in the Master Mind Group. Members of a Master Mind group choose the person with whom they wish to be in partnership. All existing members of the group must agree upon admittance of any new partner.

A Master Mind partner is someone to call upon when support or guidance is needed. Mater Mind Partners remain in close contact with each other, either in person or by telephone. The knowledge that spiritual support is as close as the telephone can be a source of strength and comfort when a group member is experiencing difficulties. There also is joy in being able to instantly share news of an answered prayer/affirmation with one who understands and joins you in your spirit of gratitude. Master Mind Partners listen and care. When necessary Master Mind meetings can be done by telephone with your facilitator.

A Master Mind partnership is community of equals. There is no one that is above anyone else. One partner is chosen or volunteers to be the caller, reminding other members of the meeting. The chairperson guides the others through the steps into the Master Mind consciousness.

A Master Mind partner respects confidentiality. Because of the closeness of a Master Mind Alliance, deeply personal facts and feelings may sometimes be shared. Each member’s ability and willingness to honor those confidences is essential to maintain the spiritual bond between members and within the group.

A Master Mind Partner believes in the miracle working power of the Master Mind. He or she has experienced dramatic improvements in one or more area of life—traceable directly to the Power of the Master Mind.


I admit that, of myself, I am powerless to solve my problems, powerless to improve my life. I need help.
Our group discussed this step and we decided that we did not agree with this totally. We did agree that we need to surrender but we held that we are still powerful through the power of God that is within each and every one of us and through God who strengthens us.

I come to believe that a power greater than myself –The Master Mind—can change my life. This power can be called God/Creator, Universal Mind, Higher Consciousness or whomever you believe in.
Our group decided to place a mustard seed on our Master Affirmation to increase our belief.

I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems, unhappiness, fears and failures. I am ready to have my beliefs and attitudes changed so my life be transformed.
We added that is is very important to always keep an open mind and welcome positive, uplifting changes.

I make a decision to surrender my will and my life to the Master Mind. I ask to be changed at depth. Be willing to be changed.
NOTE: We jointly created a Master Affirmation saying, "I, (your name) deserve and now am willing to change to thinking more positive thoughts and being happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you."/strong>

I forgive myself for all my mistakes and shortcomings. I also forgive all other persons who may have harmed me.
We added The Mirror Exercise -Every morning when you get up, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Hey Self you are a mighty fine person. I now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect and approve of myself."

I make known my specific requests, asking my partners' support, in knowing that the Master Mind is fulfilling my needs, right here, right now!
: This is where we create our Master Affirmation (our order to the Universe) saying exactly what we desire. We never worry about the modus operandi (the way it happens.) We know the WHAT we want and God/Creator, Universal Mind, etc. knows the HOW!

I give thanks that the Master Mind is responding to my needs and I assume the same feelings I would have it my requested were all fulfilled. NOTE: We
live in an attitude of gratitude being thankful for the many blessings we have received, are receiving and are about to receive.

I now have a covenant in which it is agreed that the Master Mind is supplying me with an abundance of all things necessary to live a successful and happy life. We added --Give service to others. The good book says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you." I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to Creator, God, Universal Mind and those around me, to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow and to remain responsive to God’s guidance.
We added that will help others and perform Random Acts of Kindness on a daily basis. I now go forth with enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.Our group also decided to join in, in our minds, every evening at 11:00 o'clock Pacific Standard Time with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and her Affirmation/Prayer Group affirming for:

Divine Wisdom and Divine Order to our World Leaders; Peace in the World; Healing, Love and Respect to Mother Earth; Cures for cancer and all disease; and Healing and Protection for our men and women in the armed forces both here and overseas.

And then to join in with any person, anywhere in the world, who is at this moment thinking thoughts of peace, joy, love and happiness and to jointly and severally send these thoughts out into every corner of the world. AND SO IT IS!

Dr.Anne Marie Evers


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PLACE Also heard L I V E over KRWM 106.9 FM HD-3 in
Seattle, WA
SHOW The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
DATE Saturday, March 26th, 2011 (and EVERY Saturday)
TIME LI V E 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
TOPIC The Power of Affirmations, Positive Thinking, Random Acts of Kindness, etc.

Tommy Tompkins a.k.a. TOMMY TRANSIT, Famous Vancouver Bus Driver, with a difference.
He says, "All people want is to be acknowledged for who they are and for the
contribution they make."

HOST COMMENTYou will find Tommy Transit a very interesting, entertaining and wonderful guest with a fantastic sense of humor. This is a prime example of ONE person making a difference, one person at a time! Imagine in just 10 months Tommy makes contact with approximately 180,000 people! W O W

Just ask any one of his many fans. They had a 60th Birthday party for Tommy to show some of their gratitude and to 'give back' to the man who gives so much!

You can visit with Tommy Transit when you come to Vancouver, Canada--Bus #2712.

Also watch the CTV presentation with Colleen Christie on his website

Please mark the date and time on your calendar now. You won't want to miss it!