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Thursday, March 06, 2014


Do you have trouble using the simple word 'No'?? It is your God-given right to say 'No' when  you please. Do you go places, do things or visit people you are not interested in visiting because you are unable to say 'No'? Stop and think about the person you are disappointing the most--you! You are the only decision-maker in your Universe. Use the word 'No' whenever you choose not to do something or go somewhere. Say 'Yes' only when you choose to do so . Be in control of your life. A dear friend of mine said, "Anne Marie did you know that the word 'No' is a complete sentence? It does not have to be explained. It stands on its own." H m m m . . .  never thought of it that way.

Sample Master Affirmation to Say the Word 'NO'

"I, (your name) deserve to be able to and now say 'No' whenever I choose. I realize the power is within and it is my God-given right. I can and I do say 'No' whenever I choose. I have faith in myself to make the right choices and I choose wisely.I call  upon this great power whenever I choose. I am creating my own reality now. I enjoy being guilt-free and filled with love and respect for myself, my opinions and my Divine right to say 'No'! I also respect others' opinions. I am peaceful and happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short Form Affirmation-- I say 'No' easily and without guilt.