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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
Date     Saturday, March 21st, 2015
Time   12 noon-1:00 p.m. PST

Special Guest
Janine Layton Kimmel. Janine is an author and artist and mother of two sons and resides in New Jersey. She is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in human development. In 1997 she received a master's degree in transpersonal studies form The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Her thesis, a book entitled Pale Blue Connection is based upon her original concept of 'Initiation Art.'

Kimmel's book The Magic Gown won six awards including Book of  the Year for ages 8-12 Creative Child Magazine. Kimmel's  next young adult fiction co-created with Italian artist and author David Ceccarelli, The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle was released. It was been awarded a Nautilus Silver Award (BOOKS FOR A BETTER WORLD) and much more. She travels internationally giving workshops for children emphasing the connection between nature and creativity inspiring imagination, Teaching the Art of Storytelling and also Doorway to your Imagination, A wonderful Adventure into Illustrative Story Writing.

On a personal note: I wish to publicly thank Janine for her generous donations of her beautiful art - what I call the Affirmation Healing Tree. It is taken from her children's book The Magic Gown. It is a picture of a huge tree with branches and in the tree  trunk there is a blue doorway which leads into a lovely space with a table, flowers, etc. and chairs. There is a character Steevan, the Dancing Healing Tree man who comforted a little sad girl in the story. I took these beautiful paintings and gifted them to some of the chemo patients in my classes at the hospital and they just loved them. We all imagined that we could go into this private wonderful place and do our affirmations for healing and health. Some of the patients came up with wondrous and creative ideas and I created a beautiful soft, comfortable arm chair with a foot rest where I could go, relax, meditate and affirm for healing and health for myself and everyone in the group.

Janine is gifting some more and I am so excited to share them with these lovely people who are taking  chemo treatments.Thank you again Janine from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and absolutely fitting and unique Affirmation Healing Tree paintings. I think Janine calls them the Healing Tree and I have added the word Affirmation.  Please visit her website and/or email her at

See you there!