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Friday, January 08, 2016


So many people have requested that I publish information about the Relationship Train that is in my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Loving, Lasting Relationships in 2001- so here goes - - - -

This year 2016 may be the year that you have decided to attract, affirm (order up) your special love partner. You have made a decision to share this year 2016 with a loving partner to accompany you through life. 

Let's talk about the three Important Aspects of Love.                                                             The FIRST and most important aspect of Love is that of being Lovable, There must be love from self to self before it can be extended to others. You cannot give from an empty cup no matter how hard you may try. Fill your cup of Divine Self Love to overflowing. You are lovable in spite of any shortcoming and faults. No one is perfect and I believe we are all 'work-in-progress.'                              
The SECOND aspect of love is that of loving, whereby you give and express Love to others and self, Loving others comes naturally and easily when you fully love yourself.     The THIRD aspect of love is that of being loved. You need to allow yourself to be loved and to fully receive love from others.

When you strive daily to achieve these three states, you will come to understand the true meaning of Love. To achieve unconditional love in your life, all three of these aspects must be happening simultaneously. Everyone needs love no matter how independent, wealthy or successful a person may be. Without love, there is no self-actualization. Love is an element as essential to our well-being as air or water.

All loves begins with self-love. Loving self as you are ----gives you the permission and the ability to change. Acceptance is the highest force of love. Practicing acceptance in your daily life enables you and others to be themselves. On the other hand envying others, or comparing yourself to them inhibits self-love and acceptance. 

Say  "I, (your name). deserve and now love, respect, approve and accept myself just the way I am." Some people find it very effective to say this Affirmation while looking at themselves in the mirror.
 An unselfish, Divine Love of Self gives you a mystical power. This unconditional love represents total acceptance without any expectation of any return. When you give, the love within expands and you simultaneously receive. You experience inner, glorious peace when you are focused on unconditional love and giving to others. Love imparts vitality and fertilizes positive, loving thoughts

Remember those wonderful Passenger Trains?                                                                 Think of how those trains can be likened to the Relationship Train!

The Relationship Train is always on track, on time and dependable. To attract that perfect, lasting, loving relationship, you have to be in the market place. Boarding the Relationship Train is the process of placing yourself in the market place. You are never turned away. All are welcomed equally. The Relationship Train is like a passenger train with many cars. Everyone boards and disembark at will. You are free to move throughout the train at any time. The conductor is your subconscious mind or Higher Self that guides and protects you along the way. 

This is the place where all relationships begin. You are in a relationship with yourself at birth! You are even in a relationship with your car, your pencil, etc.  You are always in some form of relationship whether it is negative or positive. The physical part of all relationships is created in the Engine and it is fueled by the emotions of desire and passion. The Engine is the first car. It is called -- The Creation Car.

This is the comfort zone care. Your porters are fear and phobias and they are at your ‘beck and call.’ They provide you with clean, fresh bedding (excuses) comfortable surroundings (more excuses, blame, judgment and other explanations) that keep you safe in your comfort zone. Your comfortable surrounding is the process of blaming others for your misfortunes and never taking responsibility for your own actions. This could also be the ‘Sulking or Silent Area’ where one partner goes to Sulk! This is her or her secret room. This is -- The Sulking or Stuck Car!

(a)  For Single People Looking for that 'Special' Relationship
Here you meet many other single people that are also searching for that special person (relationship). Make yourself attractive to others. You may wish to take steps to improve your self-esteem. Remember to Love, respect and approve of yourself and that can make you magnetic! Become genuinely interested in others – One sentence that I have found very successful from letters, emails, etc. that I receive from my readers is when meeting a person that you find interesting, say these 10 powerful words, “You are so interesting, please tell me all about yourself.” People always love to talk about themselves and their interests.
(b) For Couples in Relationship
This Dining Car is a place to talk, communicate and resolve many issues. This is a fully functioning car that leads to growth, happiness, long, lasting, loving relationships and marriages. Stay here as long as you desire! Some people find loving, happy relationships and stay in this car for their entire lifetime. This is– The Fully Functioning Car

This car is for socializing, enjoying, relaxing; living in the present, meeting other singles, communication on a totally fun level. No long term commitments or marriages are made here. This is – The ‘Hang Loose – No Commitment’ Car

This is where all personal baggage is placed. You can leave your baggage there to be disposed of, or you may take it with you. The choice is yours. It may be the time to get rid of any unwanted and negative baggage. When leaving this car, be careful not to pick up another’s Personal Baggage! You may find it heavier or more troublesome that your own. This is –The Disposing of Baggage Car

This is the last car of the Relationship Train. It is the place of ending relationships that are negative or no longer working for some reason. People who want to end relationships enter and visit this car. This is a place of endings and brand, new beginning. This is --The Ending One Relationship and Beginning another Relationship Car

There are various boarding stations (choices, ways and paths) all along the way. People board these Trains and visit various cars at will and they stay as long as they wish. They can get off whenever they choose. This a Train of ‘free choice.’

Are you on the Relationship Train? Or are  you in the process of boarding it? What car will you stop at and for how long?  Every day men and women are deciding which Relationship Train to board, then which car to visit in every relationship. At any time you can visit the other cars or feel free to get off that particular Relationship Train and board another Train. This process is ongoing and you will always be boarding, staying or getting off the Train. It delivers everyone who chooses to board it, to his or her destination or choice. Choose your particular Train and retreat to the car of your choice. If your partner desires and chooses to get off your Relationship Train, allow him or her to do so. Release them with loving kindness and to the good of all. When one relationship is ended or finished and your healing and grieving process is complete, it may be time to board that Relationship Train where you can meet and attract that special romantic, loving relationship that is waiting just for you! 

You can apply this Train Exercise to any friendship or business relationship.

 Happy Relationship Affirming – 2016! 

And oh yes please remember that ‘Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! (sometimes not in our time frame or as we think they should).