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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Affirmation Tools Short Form Affirmation and Secrets of the Universe for every day from Monday, December 19 to December 15th Christmas Day!

MONDAYDecember 19, 2011

Make this your full day of forgiveness. Focus on forgiving what and who that needs your forgiveness.

Affirmation Tool The Extended Toothbrush Exercise

Get up in the morning and just before or after you have brushed your teeth, look into the mirror and say, “Hey Self, you are a mighty fine person. You are lovely. I now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me. I now forgive myself. I love, respect and approve of myself just the way I am.”
When you have finished go on about your day.


When you say ‘ever’ this goes right back to creation, to the time when you were in your mother’s womb. So if too many hurtful and negative memories surface at the same time just say firmly and with authority, "One at a time please!" This way you can deal with each negative memory on its own and forgive completely so you never have to do it again.

Short Form Affirmation
"I,(your name) now forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt me.I now forgive myself, I love, respect and approve of myself. I am free, joyous and happy."


This may be the time to forgive that family member or friend.

Secret<of the Universe/strong>

This one of the secrets of the great Universe—True and complete forgiveness benefits and gives healing mostly to the person doing the forgiving---and that would be you.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

TUESDAY, December 20, 2011

Focus on your thoughts today and discover and uncover where your thoughts are residing.

Affirmation Tool Thought Watching

Really think about what you think about! Purchase a small notebook and put three columns— (a)Same as yesterday; (b)Negative;(c)Positive

For today just watch your thoughts and record them under the appropriate column. This way you will soon discover and uncover just where your thoughts are taking up residency. Should you discover you have too many negative thoughts, you created them so you have the power to uncreate them and replace them with positive, happy thoughts.

Think about all the people you will be with this Christmas Season, family, friends, associates, etc. Also think about a family member and/or friend you may have negative feeling for from the past or now.

Bring the situation back into your memory, feel the pain momentarily and then slowly but surely release that negativity and let it go. You will feel so much lighter and better.

That person is dealing with his or her own challenges and life situations and that incident, event was them venting their own stuff. It is NOT your stuff so let it go completely.

Create a picture in your mind of you and that person enjoying a happy Christmas time together with family.

This creates happiness for all involved in Christmas gathering or Christmas dinners, etc. Change your thoughts and change your mind and change your life accordingly.

Short Form Affirmation

"I, (your name) now become aware of my thoughts and just where they are residing. I easily replace negative ones with happy and positive ones right here and right now!"

Secret of the Universe

This one of the Secrets of the great Universe. You are in complete control of your thoughts. No one can jump into your mind and think your thoughts for you, nor can you do that for another.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

WEDNESDAY, December 21, 2011

Focus on your wonderful, healthy and glorious mind today!

Affirmation Tool Mind Power and Self-Talk

Uncover and Discover Affirmation Tool

Go within, deep into your mind and check your thoughts and information therein. Are your thoughts happy and uplifting? Or are they negative and depressing? What words are you using when you speak to yourself about yourself? What words are you using when you speak to and with others? Are they encouraging? Or are they ‘put-downs’?

Whatever you are thinking and saying is setting up future events and conditions for yourself! Let’s do some ‘mind cleaning.’

To help you do this, get a pail or pot of dirty water. Place it in a sink where the water can overflow easily. Now turn on the tap just a little bit and allow the clean, fresh water to go into the pail or pot of dirty water. After a while you will discover that all the dirty (negative) water has disappeared and in its place is fresh, sparkling water. This is the way with your mind. Become aware of your negative thoughts and replace and fill them with positive, happy and constructive thoughts that become words that become your reality.

Your mind is now filled with happy and positive thoughts just as your pail or pot is filled with clear, sparkling water.

Short Form Affirmation

"I, (your name) am filled with peace, joy and happiness. I enjoy my new, happy and positive thoughts. I enjoy thinking wonderful, positive and happy thoughts!

Secret of the Universe

You and you alone have the power to replace negativity with positive, happy thoughts. You created them and you and YOU alone have the power to uncreate them.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

THURSDAY, December 22, 2011

Focus today on your blessings, naming them one by one!

Affirmation Tool Recording your Blessings

Purchase another notebook and write at the top of the page, “All my blessings.” Now write down all your blessings, naming them one by one.

Some Suggestions

I am grateful for the blessings and the wonderful gifts of health;
Thank you for my wonderful family;
Thank you for my career;
Thank you for my wonderful, creative mind;
Thank you for food, shelter and peace;
Thank you for my great friends;
Thank you for this day, etc.

Make up your own

Short Form Affirmation

"I,(your name) now live in an attitude of gratitude for all my many blessings. I say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” over and over during the day."

Secret of the Universe

Did you know that gratitude is a part of the forgiveness and creation process? And that when we are thankful we open the floodgates of Heaven for even more blessings.

Please jot down how you felt about today.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

FRIDAY, December 23, 2011

Focus today on the power you have within to create your life as you wish it to be using the Affirmation Tool of Creative Visualization.

Affirmation Tool Creative Visualization

Use your power of Creative Visualization (Seeing in pictures).When you use Creative Visualization, you are creating pictures and scenes in the future—what you wish to happen in your life.

Affirmation Tool of Creation

Close your eyes and visualize in vivid color a movie of what you wish to take place in your life during this Christmas season. (a) First see the situation as it is in the present moment; (b)Visualize exactly how you wish it to be (that is in a‘perfect’ world) ---Oh yes, please add the safety clause, here (to the good of all parties and situations concerned);(c) What changed? (d) Did you need an attitude adjustment?(e) Did you discover that you were you somewhat to blame?(f) What did you do different? (g) Now you have successfully removed all the blockages so that that wonderful picture that you have created of now manifests in your life, it is time to place it into the present moment in your mind.

It is already created—Now step into it and enjoy!

You----people and situations have changed for the positive. And always remember that you cannot change another person, you can only change yourself and in doing that it affects the other person and/or situation for the better.

Short Form Affirmation

"I, (your name) now create a vivid, colorful picture of what I wish to see manifest in my life and I step into it and enjoy it!"

Secret of the Universe

We all have the power of change within us and the power to use our Creative powers to make our lives happier and harmonious. All we need do is become aware of it, access it and then use it to the highest good of all.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

SATURDAY, December 24, 2011

Focus today on Preparation and Celebration, remembering not to ‘sweat the small stuff.’ Never allow negative remarks or actions from another person to affect your happiness this Christmas Season or any time. You have the power to say, “Cancel, cancel, or delete, delete,” to that negativity so it cannot enter your computer (your mind). When you do not allow it in, you do not have to deal with it.

Affirmation Tool Hourglass

Preparing for Christmas Eve Celebration/Dinner or
Preparing for Christmas Day Celebration/Dinner

Some people celebrate Christmas Eve when they have their family dinner and exchange gifts and others celebrate it on Christmas Day. (Modify this information to suit your individual family tradition.)


Say the following Affirmation over and over, “I am too blessed to be stressed!” And really concentrate your energy on becoming this Affirmation statement.

The Faith of a Tiny Mustard Seed

Have FAITH that everything is working out perfectly for you, and it is! When you need to be reminded, just look at this tiny mustard seed attached and think, ‘that is ALL the faith I need! (and I have it now!)

Do ONE task at a time

Make a list of all the things you need for your dinner/celebration.


If you ask a family member or friend to bring cranberry sauce, just make sure you have some on hand in case that person is late or forgets.

Keep Your Faith

And remember your ‘Mustard Seed,’ knowing that that is the tiny amount of faith needed to move mountains!

My Experience

One Christmas Dinner we asked a family member to bring the buns and she was an hour late for the dinner so one of our group had to run out at the last minute on Christmas Eve and buy some dinner rolls (buns).

We had to hold dinner until he returned with the buns. Now we make certain that we have things like cranberry sauce, buns, pickled beets, pickles, staples, etc. on hand as a back-up plan.

Making a list of what you are making for Christmas Dinner/Celebration is always a good idea so you will not forget something important. It just takes a few minutes and pays off in dividends. Not only that you will feel better that you have your ‘back-up’ plan in place.

Don’t stress out that everything has to be perfect ---remembering--'It is what it is!' And it is perfect for your dinner, family and everything!


Always remember the greatest ‘gift’ (present) we can ever give a person is the gift of our time, listening and being supportive.

You can make place cards of where you wish your guests to sit. If you remember that Uncle Rueben and Cousin Ralph are argumentative, then simply set them at the opposite end of the table.

Make little cards and place under the plate with a special, individual message for that family member, friend, and/or guest. Say something like—

“I am so blessed to have you in my life! I love you.”
“Donna you are so helpful. Thank ho for all the help you gave me when I most needed it. I love you!”

And of course make up your own.

I suggest putting the messages in little envelopes so that the person can either open it up and read it then or put it away and read it later.

It is always nice to have a person say the Christmas Blessing/Prayer.
Make up your own traditions.

After dinner you can go around the table asking your guests what they are thankful for and what are their plans, goals for the upcoming New Year of 2012.

Make some home made gifts.

Do Random Acts of Kindness at the Holiday Season and all the time and encourage others to do so as well.

Don’t make Christmas all about gifts and what you receive, instead make it about the Christmas Story (whatever you believe in) and being together.

Don’t stress out about getting that ‘perfect gift’ for someone or worry that it won’t be what they like or want. Just do the very best you can do with what you have, then let it go and get on with the business of living your life now to the fullest!

And most of all E N J O Y that special Holiday Time with your loved ones. Also send happy, loving thoughts to people that are not as fortunate as you. Ones that have lost a loved one; are suffering; and having the Holiday Season alone. I believe that these loving, happy and positive thoughts stay in the area of their aura until the person you sent them to is willing and/or able to receive them.

Short Form Affirmation

"I,(your name) now easily complete one task at a time. I know I have time to complete everything I need to in the allotted time frame easily. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Secret of the Universe

You can only do successfully ONE thing at a time. Being overwhelmed is being in a state of unrest and frustration. Avoid it.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

SUNDAY, December 25, 2011

Make this your full day of celebration, harmony, joy and happiness.

Affirmation Tool Christmas Meditation

Assuming that you are celebrating Christmas Dinner on this day Christmas Day, after you have everything ready and under control, take time for yourself.

Do a short Meditation

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Now gently close your eyes. Clear your mind of all your worries and cares and just allow yourself to sink deep into relaxation.

Tell yourself than you will return to the present in 20 minutes.

Repeat over and over this two-syllable word

"Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful" until you actually feel that wonderful peace washing over your entire body, saturating every cell, tissue, organ and every part of your body.

Enjoy this time and in 20 minutes wake up and come back to the present--feeling alive, healthy, happy and full of wondrous energy!

And oh yes, please remember to enjoy every minute with your family and friends.

Short Form Affirmation

"I, (your name) now enjoy every minute of this wonderful Christmas celebration. I give thanks for this wonderful day, my life, family and friends."

Secret of the Universe

It is to important to really live fully in the now and enjoy every precious, God-given moment.

Please jot down how you felt about today

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!


Courage Have the courage to expect the best in everything

Happy Practice and make it a habit of thinking, feeling and being

Recognize Recognize the differences in everyone – especially at this
time of the year – the differences in family members.

Interest Show interest in others, what they are saying and give them
the gift of really listening and hearing what they are saying

Simple Keep it simple. Don’t stress out over small details. It is what
it is. Don’t struggle to understand it, or think it should be
different, etc. just accept things the way they are with the
family over the Holidays (and every day for that matter)

Treat Treat every member of your family with respect, dignity
and allow them to express their opinions. You don’t have to
agree with them. Just let it be. Does it really matter who is
right or wrong?

Merry Make is a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season
You have the power to change your thoughts, words and actions.

Appreciation Appreciate others and be aware of your attitude. Is it kind and
loving ---Or is it critical and unkind? Do you really
appreciate that family member? Really think about it. Even if
you don’t like the person, you can at least be civil to him or

Simple SMILE and spread joy and happiness. A simple smile can avoid
arguments and disagreements and ward off negativity. After all,
who can really resist a warm, loving,genuine smile that warms
the heart? Also keep it simple.


Peace Maker PEACE Make peace where there is none. Don’t sweat the small
stuff. Live and let live.

Unite Bring people (family members) together and encourage them to
be united in peace, joy and love.

Now Live in the NOW – This is really all we have.

Yesterday is History;
Tomorrow in a Mystery;
Today is a gift that is why we call it the present and

Yesterday is a cancelled check;
Tomorrow is a Promissory Note;
Today is all the cash we have.

Change Be ready to change and embrace change.Everything changes.
Change is good, once you get over the fear of the unknown.

Happiness Spread Happiness wherever you go. It is up to you to get up
in the morning and be happy or to get up in the morning and be
unhappy and depressed. It is your choice. Choose happiness and
spread it everywhere, Like Magic Happy Dust--–Practice smiling
instead of frowning. A smile is just a frown turned upside

Enjoy your Christmas Season and New Year!
Remember the best gift of all is the gift of YOU!


You cannot change the entire world, but you can change your corner of it, one loving, kind, peaceful thought at a time, one kind act at a time and one smile at a time and allow this kindness to ripple out in all directions. You can spread joy, courage and hope to many others through the ripple effect.

It has been proven than one person can make a difference. This Christmas Holiday Season, please make a conscious decision and effort to make a difference in your part of the world.

Let us challenge each other...

The Gift of a Smile!

S Simple
M Message
L Love
E Everyone

This my Christmas Gift to you, all wrapped up with my love, hope, joy and God's richest blessings for you!

Loads of Christmas and Affirmation Blessings

Dr. Anne Marie Evers



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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64 Tips to Make Your Holiday Season and Christmas happier and more peaceful.

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